Paket Tutorial Lengkap Membuat Website dengan Joomla
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[Jual] Paket Tutorial Lengkap Membuat Website dengan Joomla

Paket Tutorial Lengkap Membuat Website dengan Joomla

Anda ingin membuat website sendiri ?

menggunakan Jasa pembuat website mahal ??

Bisa edit website sendiri di setiap waktu tanpa bantuan orang lain ???

Sedang ingin berjualan online dengan menggunakan Webstore Online ????

Ingin membuat Profile pribadi atau Produk usaha anda ?????

Saya jual dalam satu paket lengkap, semoga berkenan:

1.Fundamentals of Joomla Video Training

9+ Hours of Video Instruction

Lesson 1 Content Management Systems and an Introduction to Joomla! [00:16:11]

Lesson 2 Downloading and Installing Joomla! [00:26:03]

Lesson 3 Joomla! Administration Basics [00:29:58]

Lesson 4 Organizing Your Content [00:37:28]

Lesson 5 Menus and Navigation [00:30:12]

Lesson 6 Extending Joomla! [00:41:32]

Lesson 7 Expanding Your Content: Articles and Editors [00:50:54]

Lesson 8 Getting Traffic to Your Site [00:29:17]

Lesson 9 Creating a Pure CSS Template [01:11:59]

Lesson 10 Creating a School Website [01:34:22]

Lesson 11 Creating a Restaurant Website [00:39:09]

Lesson 12 Creating a Blog Website [00:37:50]

Bonus Lesson 13 Creating a Membership Website [00:51:03]

2.Joomla! The Beauty In Design and beautifull template 7 CD

A. Joomla! for Beginners
01. Introduction
02. Downloading Joomla!
03. Creating your Database
04. Uploading Joomla! to your site
05. Installing and Configuring Joomla!
06. A Walk around the Front End
07. It's all about Content
08. The Back End - Administrator
09. Creating Sections
10. Creating Categories
11. Creating Content Items
12. Linking to Menus
13. Installing Templates
14. Worked Example - An online shop
15. Worked Example - A membership site
16. Worked Example - A magazine
17. Support and Conclusion

B. Building a CSS Template for JOOMLA
1. Lesson One – Slicing a Photoshop Image
• Planning the Layout
• Slicing Images
• Naming Slices
• Saving for the Web
2. Lesson Two – Creating the Foundation
• Files and Folders
• Linking the CSS into the PHP Document
• Getting Setup in Style Master
• Creating the DIV tags
3. Lesson Three – CSS Layout I
• Styling the Body
• Styling the Container
• Styling the Header

4. Lesson Four – CSS Layout II
• Styling the content DIV
• Working through browser bugs

5. Lesson Five – Finishing up and JOOMLA Integration
• Install JOOMLA Plug-in from
• Placing the Header Code
• Placing the Content Code
• Prepare the XML file
• Zip and Upload

C. Increasing User Experience with Javascript
1. Introduction
• Overview of the series
• Showcasing the javascript effects

2. Lesson Two - De-Cluttering the Membership Page
• Attaching scripts
• Considering MooTools as a solution to a cluttered layout
• Using the Fx.Styles of Mootools to change element properties

3. Lesson Three - Using MooTabs to Condense Related Products
• Understanding how MooTabs works
• Implementing MooTabs to condense the related products of a shopping cart

4. Lesson Four - Using a MooTools 'Light Box' to Create a Friendly Gallery
• Understanding the problem with the existing gallery
• Fixing the gallery with the MooTools Light Box

5. Lesson Five - Using Fx.Styles to Control Font Size
• Selecting an area to change
• Implementing Fx.Styles to change fonts

6. Lesson Six - Creating a Sliding Sub Menu with MooTools
• Analyzing the main menu and sub-menu for implementation
• Implement some simple MooTools effects to reveal sub-links

7. Lesson Seven - Implementing Reflection Javascript for Images
• Downloading and using reflection.js for images

8. Lesson Eight - Creating a Sliding Image Menu
• Understanding how the Sliding Image Menu works
• Implementing the Sliding Image Menu

9. Lesson Nine - Using AJAX with the Sliding Image Menu
• Creating an updated area for changing content
• Implementing AJAX links with the Sliding Image Menu

D. Joomla Optimization
1. Lesson One - Validation
•CSS Validation
•XHTML Validation
•Correcting incorrect markup

2. Lesson Two - Improving Module Output
•Different types of module output options
•Optimizing the template (continued from the JOOMLA Template Series)

3. Lesson Three - Improving JOOMLA Accessibility
•Better font usage
•Using CSS compression to better file sizes

4. Lesson Four - Using ARTIO SEF Component
•Getting JOOMLA ready for better URL's
•Around ARTIO

E. Template Migration for Joomla Tutorial Series
1. Lesson One - Introduction and Re-Ordering the File Structure
• Introduction to the Template
• Moving the template files to the correct location for Joomla

2. Lesson Two - Optimizing the Template
• The Dreamweaver extension from
• Inserting the php tags, header code, and various other code

3. Lesson Three - The Template Details XML File
• How the template_details.xml works
• Assigning files, images, css, etc.

4. Lesson Four - Re-naming and Styling the Main Menu
• Understanding how the Main Menu is styled
• Re-assigning existing menu styles with the Joomla selectors

5. Lesson Five - Migrating Styles for Use with Modules
• Latest news module changes
• Main menu module stylings in other positions

6. Lesson Six - Custom Module Styling Using Class Suffixes
• Styling the Newsflash module similar to the static template
Using class suffixes in Joomla

7. Lesson Seven - Styling Various Joomla Elements
• Style matching the titles, paragraphs, etc. in the template
• News component styling

F. MooTools for the Rest of Us
1. Lesson One - Ideas and Resources
• The Purpose and Format of this series
• Where to get ideas from/documentation
• Getting MooTools

2. Lesson Two - Setting up the Document
• Javascript insertion
• Testing out an effect

3. Lesson Three - Creating a "Drag & Resize"-able Window
• Finding ideas
• Implementing an idea
• Duplicating several windows

4. Lesson Four - Opacity Fades for various windows
• Recognizing windows to fade
• Implementing the code
• Custom Options

5. Lesson Five - Using Moo.Ajax for the JoomlaOS Template
• Some benefits
• Creating an Ajax link for the JoomlaOS Template[/spoiler]

3.Lynda Joomla 15 Essential Training

•Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL to support Joomla!
•Setting article access, ordering, icon, and metadata display parameters
•Using the login, breadcrumb, and syndication modules
•Inserting contact, poll, and search components
•Managing users and permissions
•Adjusting templates with the HTML Editor
•Managing languages on the site
•Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) Joomla Creating and Editing Custom Templates

•Building a design in Photoshop
•Converting Photoshop design to HTML and CSS
•Setting up MAMP on Mac and WAMP on Windows
•Moving HTML and CSS into a WordPress theme
•Building navigation
•Using custom fields
•Creating a commenting system
•Using javascript and plugins (SEO) Joomla Advanced CSS

1. CSS in Joomla!
Introducing the Firefox Web Developer toolbar 02:50
Reviewing the CSS that Joomla! provides 02:03
Reviewing the module insertion code 04:13

2. CSS and Menus: The Basics
Styling menus horizontally 08:08
Styling menus vertically 07:05
Styling the tertiary navigation 05:57

3. CSS and Menus: Advanced
Styling each link individually 12:16
Building image-based menus 07:00
Tabbed navigation using the sliding doors technique 08:18

4. Module and Content Settings and Styling
Styling breadcrumbs 05:20
Styling multipage articles 09:27
Styling a search box 07:57
Styling banner ads 08:08
Styling the login box 06:28
Creating rounded corners for a module 14:38
Embedding a module in your content 10:11

5. Managing CSS Across Several Templates
The theory of working with more than one template 11:01
Working with a template based on the default 10:14
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Re: Paket Tutorial Lengkap Membuat Website dengan Joomla

6.VTC Joomla 1.5

01. Introducing Joomla!
Course Introduction (02:05)
About Joomla! (04:09)
Licensing (01:46)

02. Joomla! Capabilities
What Joomla! Can Do for You (05:45)
Example Sites (04:07)

03. Getting Joomla!
Joomla! Download (02:56)
XAMPP (02:48)

04. Local Installation
Requirements (05:43)
Local Install pt. 1 (03:12)
Local Install pt. 2 (02:50)
Local Install pt. 3 (05:00)

05. Remote Installation
Remote Install pt. 1 (02:58)
Remote Install pt. 2 (01:14)
Taking Local Install to Remote Site (03:31)

06. Joomla! Basics
Workspace Front End (05:36)
Workspace Back End (05:48)
Lingo pt. 1 (05:44)
Lingo pt. 2 (03:04)
Help with Joomla! (05:22)

07. Content
Content Plan (04:44)
Sections pt. 1 (03:12)
Sections pt. 2 (05:57)
Categories pt. 1 (03:21)
Categories pt. 2 (02:25)
Articles pt. 1 (05:44)
Articles pt. 2 (05:42)
Removing Articles (02:34)
Front Page (02:49)
Changing the Logo (03:11)
Logo Sizing (01:46)

Types (03:22)
Management pt. 1 (05:30)
Management pt. 2 (02:55)
Contacts (04:39)
Contacts Page (04:54)

09. Menus
Working with Menus pt. 1 (05:11)
Working with Menus pt. 2 (05:17)
Working with Menus pt. 3 (03:25)
Working with Menus pt. 4 (05:07)
Submenus (05:03)
Menu Item Order & Removal (02:20)

10.Working with Pages
Order (03:12)
Filtering/Sorting (05:39)
Images pt. 1 (04:32)
Images pt. 2 (04:24)
Images pt. 3 (05:31)
Multimedia (03:24)
Tables (05:29)
Table of Contents (03:12)
Article Submissions (04:55)
Tracking Page Hits (02:56)
Article Title Linking (01:35)
Hiding Authors (01:29)
Linking Article to Article (01:49)
Article Ratings (02:20)

11. Components
Polls (04:17)
Make a Poll (06:02)
Weblinks (06:03)
Search (05:12)
News Feeds pt. 1 (02:25)
News Feeds pt. 2 (03:19)
Banners pt. 1 (06:06)
Banners pt. 2 (03:22)

12. Extensions
Modules (04:27)
Most Read & Latest News (02:28)
Banner Ads (06:06)
Archives (03:08)
Breadcrumbs (02:35)
Custom HTML & Feed Display (02:58)
Footer (03:05)
Random Image (03:19)
Search (02:04)
Statistics & Sections (04:47)
Syndicate & Who is Online (05:48)
Related Articles (05:45)
Newsflash (06:09)
Wrapper (03:03)
Plugins (05:26)
Templates (05:06)
Installing Templates pt. 1 (04:06)
Installing Templates pt. 2 (02:24)
Editing Templates (04:10)
Languages (03:58)
Installing Languages (02:43)
Installing Extensions (02:14)
Installing Extensions Examples pt. 1 (02:56)
Installing Extensions Examples pt. 2 (03:00)

13. Media Manager
Using the Media Manager (03:36)
Images for Articles (02:34)
Media Extensions (05:15)

14. Tools
Mail (04:22)
Global Check In (06:23)
Cache (02:08)
Global Configuration Site (05:38)
Global Configuration System (05:04)
Global Configuration Server (03:11)

15. SEO
SEO Explained (04:16)
SEO & Site Tips pt. 1 (04:54)
SEO & Site Tips pt. 2 (05:57)

16. Upload Local to Remote
Activating Local Joomla! Site to Remote Host (05:52)

17. Tips
Custom Error Pages pt. 1 (01:27)
Custom Error Pages pt. 2 (01:40)
Custom Error Pages pt. 3 (01:21)
Custom Error Pages pt. 4 (00:51)
Facebook Link (03:11)
Twitter Link (02:51)
Convert an Existing Site (02:19)
Uninstall XAMPP/Joomla! (01:11)
Backup & Administration pt. 1 (02:03)
Backup & Administration pt. 2 (02:18)
Security (01:58)
Future Publishing (01:04)
Website Planning (03:23)
Tiny MCE pt. 1 (02:18)
Tiny MCT pt. 2 (03:12)
Tiny MCT pt. 3 (01:47)
Wrap Up
Joomla! Summary (03:48)
About the Author (02:30)

18. Wrap Up
Joomla! Summary (03:48)

19. Author
About the Author (02:30)

7. VTC MasterClass Joomla Template Editing

1. Introduction
Course Overview

2. Getting Started with Joomla Templates
Templates Overview
Download & Install Templates
Template File Locations
Assigning More Than One Front End Template

3. Template Files
Template Directory Files pt. 1
Template Directory Files pt. 2
File Specifics templateDetails.xml
File Specifics index.php
HTML & CSS Files

HTML Codes pt. 1
HTML Codes pt. 2
HTML Codes pt. 3
HTML Codes pt. 4

5. CSS
CSS Explained pt. 1
CSS Explained pt. 2

6. Customizing a Template

7. Customizing HTML
Editing HTML in Templates

8. Customizing CSS
Body Font
Links Decoration
Template Width
Footer Link
Article Dates & Read On
Page Background
Link & p#ll Menu
CSS Files

9. Templates from Scratch

10. Wrap Up
About the Author [/spoiler]

8. - Blogger Essential Training

1. Preparing to Blog
what's a blog, really?
gathering your thoughts

2. Setting Up Your Account
creating your account
naming your blog
choosing a template

3. Switching to a Host Server
upgrading to FTP
adding the FTP information
republishing your blog

4. Determining Your Blog's Settings
setting appropriate time and date
document encoding and alternate languages
line breaks, fields and the post template

5. Setting Up Blogger Comments
understanding comments
determining who can comment on your blog
configuring comment notification

6. All About Archives
exploring archives and archive frequency
enabling post pages
setting the archive location

7. Syndication Feeds and Email Features
the site feed feature and atom syndication
considering short vs. long feeds
configuring a unique URL for your feed
about BlogSend
emailing posts to your blog

8. Posting, Editing, and Modifying Posts
understanding the post interface
creating your first post
editing your post

9. Formatting Your Posts
selecting and sizing your fonts
differentiating text with bold and italics
adding text color
adding links to text
aligning text
adding numbered and bulleted lists
using the blockquote feature
removing formatting
spellchecking and publishing your document

10. Working with Images
about Blogger and web images
adding your upload path
inserting an image
width, height, and alternative text
linking your blog image to a detail image

11. Adding Your Blogger Profile
about your profile: privacy and identity
adding your photo to your profile page
adding an audio clip to your profile
location and work
extended info
viewing your profile
checking out your profile

12. Putting Your Blog to Work
exploring the comment system
adding pings
turning on your directory
viewing your newsfeed

13. Team Blogging and Multiple Blogs
uses for team blogs
inviting team members
restricting administrative access
restricting post and comment privileges
posting to the team blog
removing a team member
adding and deleting blogs

14. Getting Daring with Your Blog
HTML, CSS, and Blogger tags
changing the header color
adding a background image
removing the footer
changing text
adding favorite links section
completely changing your blog's design

15. A New Trend: Audioblogging
about audioblogging
setting up your audioblogger account
phone your blog home

16. Getting Help
blogger help
blogger status
known issues
blogger knowledge
contact support
for developers

17. Advanced Issues
more about templates
add-ons and third party software
beyond blogger

9. Joomla Templates Collection (2 dvd)

a.Template Monster 14000 Series FULL

b.Template Monster 15x-18x-19x-22x Series
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Re: Paket Tutorial Lengkap Membuat Website dengan Joomla

Harga Paket Tutorial Joomla :
Rp 100.000 (5dvd)
Buat yang mau pesan:
1. Silahkan sms ke 0857 6874 8622.

2. SMS Nama Paket TUTORIAL yang dicari dan alamat lengkap

3. lalu transfer uang Ke Rek BCA setelah melakukan kesepakatan dengan saya. saya akan memberitahukan No rekening nantinya.

4. DVD Akan saya kerjakan setelah uang sudah di transfer maka Anda harus Sms kembali kepada saya setelah transfer, biar bisa langsung saya kerjakan.

5. Barang akan saya kirim lewat jasa JNE, bisa cek di

*harga belum termasuk ongkir

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Re: Paket Tutorial Lengkap Membuat Website dengan Joomla

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Re: Paket Tutorial Lengkap Membuat Website dengan Joomla

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Re: Paket Tutorial Lengkap Membuat Website dengan Joomla

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Fitur baru : iTrader, yaitu catatan Feedback/Testimonial positif atau negatif, dari pembeli atau penjual yang pernah bertransaksi sebelumnya untuk masing-masing member, hanya untuk di forum Jual & Beli dan sub forumnya.

Berikanlah iTrader untuk penjual atau pembeli yang pernah melakukan transaksi dengan anda. Langkahnya :
- Klik link iTrader pembeli/penjual yang dituju untuk masuk ke halaman iTradernya
- Pada halaman iTradernya, klik "Submit Feedback For Username"
- Selanjutnya anda sudah dapat memberikan Feedback positif atau negatif pada iTrader nya

Dapatkan dan kumpulkan iTrader, semakin banyak semakin terpercaya untuk bertransaksi.
Jika iTrader anda masih nol (0), dapatkanlah iTrader pertama anda dengan melakukan transaksi pertama anda di forum Jual & Beli ii

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