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[Jual] Tutorial 3ds max - Mantap & Harga Terjangkau

Makasih mau berkunjung kemari..
Saya menjual bbrp tutorial 3Ds max..
ini dia..


28 DVD ( Termasuk software 3ds max 2009+2010+2011+Plugin)
Harga : 160 rb

  1. 3D Palace - Advanced Car Modelling - The Lotus Elise
  2. 3D Palace-Stormbringer DVD 1 & 2 For MAX
  3. 3D-Palace - Ultimax Armageddon
  4. 3dpalace-Architecture In 3dmax
  5. 3Ds Max Master Class Series - Advance Film Effects With 3dsmax,Pflow And Afterburn
  6. 3ds Max Tutorial - Bone Rigging A Face
  7. 3DSMAX Tutorial - Character Modelling
  8. Advanced Time Freeze
  9. Autodesk 3ds Max Techniques - Anaglyph Stereoscopy Techinques
  10. CG Experience - Learn 3dsmax
  11. Cgcookie - 3D Studio Max 2010 Tutorials
  12. Cgtuts- Modeling A Highpoly Car Rim In 3dsmax
  13. Create Flag
  14. Digital Tutor- Automotive Modeling In 3ds Max
  15. Digital Tutors - Motorcycle Modeling Techniques In 3ds Max
  16. Digital Tutors - Visual Guide To Animation
  17. Easy Exterior With Vray 1.5+Physical Sky Light
  18. Eat 3D - 3dsmax 2009
  19. Ebook 3DS MAX
  20. Eva Wild Series - Modelling Texturing Rigging
  21. Evermotion Car 4 Ever
  22. Evermotion Mental 4 Ever
  23. Evermotion Vray Video- Tutorials Collection
  24. Gnomon Gear Of War Creature Design
  25. Gnomon Master Classes - Digital Female Character Design And Creation
  26. Gnomon Master Classes - Environment Modeling For Production
  27. Gnomon Master Classes CG Survival Kit
  28. Gnomon Workshop - Architectural Rendering - 3dsmax\
  29. Gnomon Workshop - Character Modelling
  30. Gnomon Workshop - Environment Creation For Production
  31. Gnomon Workshop - Global Illumination Exterior
  32. Gnomon Workshop - Global Illumination Interiors
  33. Gnomon Workshop - Productivity And Mapping In Visualization
  34. Gnomon Workshop Character Detailing Production
  35. Gnomon Workshop Character Texturing For Production
  36. Gnomon Workshop Mental Ray Production Practices
  37. Gnomonology-Vehicle Rendering In 3dsmax 2009
  38. Gnomon workshop Robot Design With Josh Nizzi
  39. Gnomon Workshop -Creature Modeling For Production
  40. Hulk Modeling
  41. Interior Lighting With Mentalray For Architectural Visalisation
  42. Intermediate 3ds Max - Flashlight
  43. Intermediate 3DS Max 009 - Architectural Visualisation
  44. Lynda.Com - 3ds Max 9 - Modeling
  45. Lynda.Com - Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 Essential Training
  46. Lynda.Com 3ds Max 2009 Beyond The Basics
  47. Lynda.Com 3ds Max 2009 Essential Training
  48. Lynda.Com 3ds Max 2010 Lighting And Rendering With Mental Ray
  49. Lynda.Com 3ds Max 2010 New Features
  50. Lynda.Com 3DS Max 2010 Textures And Materials
  51. Lynda.Com Texturing And Lighting
  52. Making An Audi
  53. Mental Ray Concept
  54. Mental Ray Light Technics
  55. Modeling Tank Merkava MK II
  56. Official Autodesk Learning Tools - Mental Ray Concepts
  57. Sum 3ds Max Tutorial From Tensun3d
  58. The Emergence Of The Architectural Film Using 3ds Max In Architectural Animation
  59. The Gnomon Workshop Set Extensions And Lighting Effects
  60. The Modeling Of Chaos
  61. Total Training Introduction To 3DS Max Tools And Workflow
  62. Tutorial - Create Hydrant
  63. Tutorial - Create Metalic Helmet
  64. Tutorial - Create Smoke
  65. Tutorial Facial Studio
  66. Tutorials3D - 3D Ducati
  67. Tutorials3D - 3D Texturing Tutorial
  68. Tutorials3D - Audi TT Roadster
  69. Tutorials3D - Ferrari F430
  70. Tutorials3D - Ferrari F430 - Texturing
  71. Tutorials3D - Lamborghini Murcielago
  72. Tutorials3D - Rendering
  73. Vismaster Online - Vray Training For Architectural Visualization


25 DVD ( Termasuk software 3ds max 2009+2010+2011+Plugin)
Harga : 150 rb

  1. 3ds Max Games Development Series
  2. 3ds Max Master Class Series
  3. 3ds Max Tutorial - Bone Rigging A Face
  4. 3dtotal Hard Surface Essentials By Grant Warwick
  5. Advanced Time Freeze
  6. Assembly Disassembly With Particle Flow In 3Ds Max
  7. Autodesk 3ds Max 2011 - CAT, Slate, Viewport Canvas, Rendering,
  8. CG Toolkit Art Of Rigging (3 Vol)
  9. CG TUTSPLUS Collection - Video Tutorials FOR 3ds Max
  10. Cgarchitect All New V-Ray Products Presentations
  11. Character Rigging With 3ds Max And Biped - Paul Hormis
  12. Character Skinning - Skinning A Low-Res Character For Animation
  13. Collecton Tutorial Maxafter +Project Files
  14. Creation Of Animated Transformer Autobot Tank 3dmax
  15. Digital Tutors - 12 Principles Of Animation In 3ds Max
  16. Digital Tutors - Exploring Animation Principles In 3ds Max 2011;Appeal
  17. Duber Studio - Portrait Of A Girl - Organic Modeling, Uv Mapping, Texture Painting
  18. EAT3D - Next-Gen Texturing Techniques
  19. Eat3d Low-Res Character Production - Constructing A Character For Next-Gen Games
  20. Explosion Of Helicopter
  21. Fumefx Essentials
  22. Hulk Modeling
  23. Joe Gunn 3D - Hair 3DS Max Out Of The Box
  24. Lynda.Com - 3DS Max 2010 Textures And Materials
  25. Lynda.Com - 3ds Max 2011 New Features
  26. Making Of Q7 Autobot ; Transformer Animation - Rendering - Compositing
  27. Modeling And Texturing A Car NISSAN GTR In 3ds Max 2010
  28. Simulation Of Fire And Smoke In 3D Max 2010
  29. Sum 3ds Max Tutorial From Tensun3d
  30. Teachshop - Modeling Vip Clock In 3Ds Max 2010
  31. Teachshop - Modelling BMW X5 In 3ds Max 2010
  32. Turbo Training - Particlefx For Film
  33. Turbosquid Training; Advanced Cloth Workshop
  34. Tutorial Facial Studio
  35. Tvart Official Video Tutorial Autodesk Maya & Autodesk 3ds Max Real
  36. Warrior Tutorial (3d Max Photoshop, With Project Files)
12 DVD
Harga : 90 rb

  1. 3d Tutorials Production Instruction with 3ds Max 2010 Vol. 1-3
  2. 3D-Place - Venerable Dreadnought 3ds Max
  3. 3DATS - 3ds Max 2011 - One Project from Start to Finish
  4. Beatframes - Making of 3D Sportcar Tutorial DVD
  5. Cartoon Character Modeling With 3Dsmax 2011
  6. Create A Complete Architecture Scene in 3DS Max
  7. Digital Tutors - Creating Game Characters with 3ds Max 2011 and ZBrush English
  8. GDC 2011 Autodesk MasterClasses
  9. Lots of Robots DVDrip 1&2 Video Training
  10. Lynda com 3ds Max 2011 Particle Effects
  11. Lynda.com 3ds Max 2011- Getting Started with Reactor
  12. Stylized Character Modeling for Production with Alessandro Baldasseroni
  13. The Secret training book from Evermotion
Harga di tawarkan dalam bbrp jenis :

Harga Paket
1. Harga PAKET 1: Rp 160.000(28 DVD)
2. Harga PAKET 2: Rp 150.000 (25 DVD)
3. Harga PAKET 3: Rp 90.000 ( 12 DVD )
silahkan pilih

Kalo mau beli perjudul juga bisa
Harga Per DVD : Rp 8.000 ( judul tutorial di hitung perkapasitas file, misalkan ada 5 judul , setelah di hitung maka totalnya 2 DVD.. maka harganya jadi Rp 16000 )

download listnya

Cara Pemesanan

SMS KE : 081374948400
EMAIL : superuser1945@gmail.com

* Sebutkan lokasi/daerah anda ketika transaksi
* Sebutkan paket yang anda inginkan
* kalo mau perjudul silahkan kirim listnya ke email saya

makasih atas perhatiannya.

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Review : 3D Palace-Stormbringer DVD 1 & 2 For MAX


This 30+ hour training set comes on two data DVDs, and shows you every stage of the process to go from a completely empty workspace to a completed scene, even adding in bonus sections to show you how to achieve an animated take-off, multiple assignments of complex procedural metal materials using Mental Ray, creation of environmental prefabs for scene setup, adapting an existing low poly mesh from your existing model and adapting it for higher poly use, creation of additional scene elements (the shuttles) and a lot more besides.

This tutorial includes:

- Polygon modelling (basic to advanced)
- Spline cage modelling
- Box modelling
- Basic to Advanced materials creation in Max
- Complex direct rigging of mechanical high poly objects for animation
- Scene animation of complex mechanical objects
- Creation of buildings using outside applications for import into 3ds Max

By the end of this tutorial there is no reason that you should not be able to create this entire piece. This tutorial is suitable for an intermediate use of 3ds Max and assumes that the end user has knowledge of the interface and functionality.

This tutorial is produced in accordance with the fair use policy as regards to the provision or creation of educational materials. We neither claim nor accept legal ownership of the IP "Serenity" or "Firefly" - "Stormbringer" is a creation based upon these works for the express purpose of showing the end user the necessary stages needed to produce a high grade model that would be suitable for consideration for Film and Telivision FX or Games cutscenes.

3D-Palace is the worlds largest 3ds Max video training site, also now focusing on XSI, Maya, Rhino, C4D and LW. We have over 1000 hours of free video training on site as well as a large collection of subscriber tutorials and a selection of in house produced training DVDs.
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Review : The Modeling Of Chaos


Application in focus: 3Ds Max 2009, Zbrush 3.1,

- This is a 20+ hours realtime video tutorial covering concept, modeling, texturing, sculpting, materials, lighting,
rendering and post - the whole process from start to finish.
- Applications used: 3dsmax, zbrush, ps and mr
The lessons show the progress from cube to fully textured, sculpted, rendered head.
We explore modeling techniques
easy and fast head production,
head texturing (normal, mutated and lava covered, in photoshop and zapplin),
sculpting (freestyle and based on texture detail),
model and utility map exporting (normal,cavity,displacement) and finally
rendering (displacement, sss, lighting, final gather settings)
Various stages and the final models,
textures are included in the lesson for further study and manipulation. Useful for both game and film cg.
This isn't a very strong piece of art, but while talking and showing the whole process without skipping steps I
sacrificed some freedom and experimentation so I consider it done and cool for the purpose it was made for.
I use Photoshop, 3dsmax, zbrush and mental ray. Some post in photoshop.
This tutorial takes you through the modeling and texturing of Chaos using 3ds MAX, ZBrush and Photoshop.
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Re: Tutorial 3ds max - Mantap & Harga Terjangkau

The ‘Visual Guide to Animation’ is a software independent course that provides a step-by-step approach to building a solid foundation tounderstanding and learning the basics of computer animation and covers fundamental animation terms and definitions as well as a variety of essential animation tips, tools, and techniques.

Key topics and popular highlights for ‘Visual Guide to Animation’ include: basics of computer animation, 3D space, transforming 3D objects,time in animation, keyframes, Animation Editors: Dopesheet, Animation Editors: Graph Editor, tangent handles, interpolation types and ghosting, repeating animation using cycling, camera animation and motion paths, rigging, constraints, deformers, bones and skinning,hierarchies and forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, expressions, character animation, morph shapes, non-linear animation, motion capture,and additional information developed for artists learning the fundamentals of animation.
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Re: Tutorial 3ds max - Mantap & Harga Terjangkau

sundul dulu..
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Fitur baru : iTrader, yaitu catatan Feedback/Testimonial positif atau negatif, dari pembeli atau penjual yang pernah bertransaksi sebelumnya untuk masing-masing member, hanya untuk di forum Jual & Beli dan sub forumnya.

Berikanlah iTrader untuk penjual atau pembeli yang pernah melakukan transaksi dengan anda. Langkahnya :
- Klik link iTrader pembeli/penjual yang dituju untuk masuk ke halaman iTradernya
- Pada halaman iTradernya, klik "Submit Feedback For Username"
- Selanjutnya anda sudah dapat memberikan Feedback positif atau negatif pada iTrader nya

Dapatkan dan kumpulkan iTrader, semakin banyak semakin terpercaya untuk bertransaksi.
Jika iTrader anda masih nol (0), dapatkanlah iTrader pertama anda dengan melakukan transaksi pertama anda di forum Jual & Beli ii

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