Keuangan: tulang belakang perkembangan yang lebih besar
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Keuangan: tulang belakang perkembangan yang lebih besar

[lang=en]There are a lot of self-financing schemes and the entire working expenditure and income statement from the various schemes prove the effectiveness of such an option. In spite of providing a reasonable amount of money to cover the construction costs, the cost of land, infrastructure and even after allowing cross-subsidies up to 75 percent of the cost to the dwelling units for the original tenants in the reconstruction projects and also to the slum dwellers, very low selling rates for these types of costly constructions in the private area, the selling rates particularly for the integrated new projects, is still about Rs.125 crores. It will be available after all these very liberal provisions, both for the expenditures involved and for generating additional incomes has been made.

Properties in Kochi have witnessed greater developments mainly due to the inflow of investments from all parts of the globe. No other city in Kerala has been able to attract so much investment from other parts of India. In recent times, scores of realtors are making a beeline to this picturesque destination to be part of the phenomenal real estate boom. The flat business has thrived mainly due to the investments made by the expatriate population.

To sustain the real estate boom, more inflow of investments is a must. In spite of the global financial meltdown, it is interesting to note that lot of investors are still flocking to cash in on developments not seen during a property boom. Such a move closely resembles the options taken by the investors in the stock market. Very recently, the bold move of the state government has helped the genuine players better options to survive in the highly competitive real estate market. In the future major developments are likely to overtake the property sector in Kerala, when investments increase phenomenally.[/lang]
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