In Your Arms [fanfic]
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]

Dan ini keterangan untuk chapter 4.

Colonial One: passanger liner ship where they'd house government activities on board, as well as the President.

Skinjob: humanoid Cylons (organic type of Cylon model).
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]

Spoilers: Lay Down Your Burdens


"I heard Kara woke up this morning" Laura commented as she greeted Bill on board Colonial One.

"Yes, she did"

"How is she doing?"

"She's doing well. Definitely still being Starbuck… but a lot tamer thanks to Cottle's cocktail"

Laura gave a chuckle as she imagined how Starbuck could be considered tame, she'd kick up a fuss if she ever heard that. The two sat on the more comfortable chairs instead of at Laura's desk, it was after all, a late night visit.

"So what brings you here, Commander?"

"About the incident yesterday…" he paused as he shifted in his seat

"You think there are groups of people organizing more attacks?" she cut in before he could finish. Bill knew she'd catch on very quick, although it wasn't exactly what was in his mind, but she got it quite close.

"Not necessarily, this may just be one man behind the shooting, self initiated… but what I'm saying is, he may not be the only one who would do such thing… Somewhere down the line, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else would make an attempt to hurt Helo and, or our Cylon prisoner"

"We are keeping a very tight lid on it" Laura assured him.

"I'd hate to see more people get hurt" he added.


"It has been eighteen hours… What the frak are they up to?" Lee talked to himself as he kept watch. Karl stood from where he sat and went to stand next to Lee, taking a peek from a narrow hole of whatever was left of the building they took shelter in.

The Cylons had them, they were cut off from their way back to their raptor, and forced to take shelter in the remains of what seemed to be like a destroyed fort, providing minimal cover from the attacks. When they thought they would never see Galactica again, the shooting stopped, and eighteen hours of silence later, they seemed to have disappeared.

"They could've hit us easily during the night" Lee mumbled again.

"What do you think?" Karl asked.

"I don't know, we'll put a recon team together and we'll see what's going on"


"So what's the verdict?" Kara threw Cottle a smirk. She looked and felt better than yesterday, at least this time she had the energy to be angry.

"You'll live, Starbuck" he put the clipboard back to the slot at the end of the bed.

"Three weeks?" Kara repeated what he said yesterday.

"Make that four if you're being reckless"

"I'm stuck with the damn paperwork for three frakking weeks? To hell with painkillers, Doc, I'd need anti-depressant" perhaps it was the pain that made her extra grumpy, or the constant worry for Lee and Karl… or perhaps the anxiety about meeting Sam again… or maybe it was all of the above.

"Rest, Starbuck. You'd need it if you intend to get back into your viper faster" he injected another fluid into her IV line and hoped that it would work fast before she wreck havoc in life station.


"What do you see?" Karl stopped on his track behind Lee. Three marines were crouching in front of them, keeping their eyes out for any sight of the enemies… but there was only that eerie stillness of the woods. The resistance fighters had followed them out of their hiding place and started to scan their surroundings. They saw nothing but trees. No Centurions, no skinjobs… just trees…

"They left" Lee said in disbelief, his gaze went from Karl, then to Sharon who looked as confused.


"No! No! No! Lee! Don't leave!" Kara screamed as she woke. The curtain drew open immediately, a nurse grabbed her hand firmly, trying to prevent her from hurting herself during her trashing.

"Lee!" She kept calling. Her eyes started to focus, the fluorescence light, the smell, the humming sound were all familiar, a moment later the nurse's words started to make sense, and she soon realized where she was. The nurse gently squeezed her arms before she let go, Kara only nodded, while trying to get her breathing back to normal.

It was only then, she noticed another figure standing next to her bed. Karl? No, that wasn't him. Lee? Wasn't Lee either

"Sam?" her coarse voice came out almost a whisper as she finally recognized the tall figure standing next to her bed.


To be continued
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]

Keterangan buat chapter 5.

C-Bucs: short for Caprica Buccaneers, a professional pyramid team from Caprica.

Pyramid: a Colonial sport.

CAG: Commander, Air Group. A senior officer, responsible for pilots and air operations.
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]

Spoilers: Lay Down Your Burden



The man looked rather hurt that she had been dreaming about and calling another man's name, Lee's name none the less… the man who rescued him, but he managed a smile. He missed her while they were apart, and before that day he thought that he would never laid eyes on her again.


Kara smiled back at him. They did it, she thought. Praise the Lords of Kobol, they are back! She said a silent prayer. Wait! They're back? How long was I out?

"Sam! You… You're here!" she tried to sit up, but he moved to prevent her, and gave her a hug instead. He clutched onto her for a moment, just taking it all in, the fact that he finally reunited with her. Kara let out a sigh of relief, holding onto Sam, simply grateful that he was there.

"Hey… you okay?" Karl asked when he saw Lee standing around the corner near the exit, looking towards Kara's bed, witnessing the two reunited. He just finished de-briefing from the Caprica rescue mission, and was just about to see her, to let her know that they were back, but the C-Bucs Captain had beaten him to it. Sam, in Kara's arms, the place Lee wanted to be, the embrace he had been longing for, it has started. There was agony in his heart as he watched the two. Lee finally turned to face his friend, Karl could see the hurt in his eyes, which he hid with a shrug.

"I see that she knows we're back" he simply said before leaving life station. Karl watched the man walked out. He sighed, and returned his gaze back to Kara and Sam, they have parted then, only Sam was looking disappointed, and Kara put her head down before saying something… something that looked a lot like an apology from where Karl was standing, followed by a slump of Sam's shoulder. The man took something off from around his neck, a dogtag, Kara's dogtag. He placed it in his hand and held onto it briefly before putting it back around her neck. With no further words, the man turned towards Karl. As he was nearing to Karl, he nudged his head towards Kara,

"Make sure she's okay, will you?" he said with a genuine concern before he turned towards the exit. Karl raised an eyebrow and what he just witness, and walked towards Kara's bed like what he intended to do.

"Hey… so the plan worked, huh?" she said as Karl got to beside her bed. Karl's eyes were still fixed at where Sam just disappeared into.

"What just happened?" he turned to face her, but finger was pointing towards the exit, ignoring Kara's previous question. Her hands were playing with the dogtag she just got back.

"I can't keep it up anymore" she simply said, her eyes held sadness that only Karl could understand.

"You broke the man's heart" it was a statement, not a question. Karl dragged a seat and planted himself there, while leaning forward to park his elbows on the edge of Kara's bed.

"I feel better" she said before Karl even asked.

"The wound or Sam?" he asked almost jokingly. Kara threw him a glare, and he knew she meant Sam.

"Are you going to do anything about Lee?" came the much dreaded question. He expected another death glare, but she just sighed, used her pillow to support her back, and repositioned herself to a more comfortable position. She was more awake then, perhaps the sleep inducing medicine had finally worn off.

"I just booted Sam, I don't really want to think about what to do with Lee yet, and he's with Dee in case you've forgotten"

"Fair enough"



"I'd like to keep this quiet for now, the last thing I need right now is people gossiping"

"You have my word. If people know about it, they didn't hear it from me" he added a smile. Kara frowned, studying her friend's expression, there was worry, there was… Trouble…

"What actually happened down there, Helo?"

He sighed, so he was that transparent in her eyes, he almost laughed.

"They had us, Kara. The Cylons…" he paused for a heartbeat, "We were cornered, cut off from the raptors. They could have taken use easily"


"That's it… they didn't"

"And now you're worried that it was the Cylon's plan after all?"

"Not worried, I know. Since when did they leave us alone after they had us within their grip?" he sighed again. He questioned Sharon over and over again about it, why did the Cylons left, but she didn't know, if anything, she was terrified and suspected that it may have something to do with their unborn baby.

"Are you okay?" Kara asked, concerned for her friend.

"Yeah… I will be. We're here. The resistance fighters are here. They have you to thank for that" he went quiet for a moment. He just needed someone to talk to, but more importantly, he needed to take his mind off things even just momentarily. His hand went to his pocket and took out a deck of cards. Kara's eyes gleamed at the sight of it.

"Fancy a game?" he asked while holding the deck up.

"Be prepared to lose, Helo" her lips curled into a smile.


Eat! Lee willed himself to put food in his mouth, it had been three days since they got back from Caprica, and he had been overworking himself, burning his candle on both ends in order to divert his mind from missing Kara. Lee had been staring at his food for awhile. He no longer had the appetite, everything since he came back tasted so bland. No matter how hard he tried to be angry at the scene he saw at the life station and came home to Dee, he couldn't. The vision of Sam in Kara's arms played in his head over and over again. It wasn't fair, he longed to be in her arms.

Why did he even agree on continuing the mission without Starbuck? When his father pointed him to lead, he had asked why not her? It was Kara's plan after all, why did he need to lead? In truth he felt like a little kid throwing a tantrum over something he didn't agree on. His father told him it was because he needed them all to come back alive. It was a highly dangerous mission, he wasn't going to send any team out there without the best man to lead. He was the only person who could keep Kara's insane ideas in check, and she was the only person who would challenge his judgment. When Kara got shot, he had requested the mission to be postponed, but was protested by Karl, who believed that she had fought far too long for this to be approved, she wouldn't want them to stop because of her, she couldn't let them die. Karl knew the plan as well as Kara did, he helped her wrote the plan. He was down in Caprica for longer than her, and he knew the resistance fighters as well. People's lives were depending on them. Karl wouldn't let the shooting stand in the way of the mission, he owed it to her.

A nudge to the table as someone sat down across from him brought him back to reality. He looked up and found the very person he had been avoiding in front of him.

"Hey… what are you… you're not supposed to be here"

The woman sat across from him, ignoring what he just said.

"If I don't come here, I don't get to see you at all"


"Don't you dare" she snarled, enough to make other officers turn quiet.

"Do you really want to have this conversation here?" he lowered his voice. She just stared at him, her eyes were filled with anger, jealousy and distrust.

"Would you have it anywhere else?" she finally asked.
Lee stood from his seat, and waited for her to get up before making a move outside of the mess hall.

"What was that?" Lee asked once they reached an empty hallway.

"I didn't hear a word from you since you got back. I looked everywhere for you, I even went to your office and someone would always passed on the word from you, telling me that you're busy"

"Well that's probably because I was! I am the CAG, in case you've forgotten!" his patience was wearing thin. His head pounded as his heart pumped faster.

"Ah! Of course… but not too busy to see Starbuck!"
Lee went quiet at that, he had gone to see Kara once since they got back three days ago, but they didn't talk much, he missed her, he just needed to see her, and she was in too much discomfort to care about the lack of words exchanged between them.

"Don't give me the 'She's my friend' speech. I saw you with her before your rescue mission!" it was a good day, he thought, that day she gave him what he needed to lead the rescue mission.

"And I know you've made time to see her between your shifts after you got back" her eyes were tearing up by then.

"So what, Lee? Am I just 'in the mean time' girl? Huh? I'm no pilot, but I am a good woman! So look me in the eye and tell me you want to be with me, that you have no feelings for her. Don't be with me when deep down you want to be with her!" she demanded. It was a side of Dee that he had never encountered before, it was just what he needed to confirm what he wanted.

When he stayed quiet, Dee closed her eyes and shook her head before moving away.

"Goodbye Lee"


To be continued
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]

Untuk chapter 6

XO: Executive Officer - second in command

Frat reg: fraternization regulation

Nugget: a slang for pilot trainee
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]



Not completely playing attention, Lee found himself staring at the glass of whiskey his Dad had poured for him. He muttered an "Oh" before he shook his head and started to pay attention again.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah... Yeah, I'm fine... Sorry, I'm just exhausted" he quickly took a sip out of his glass.

"Understandable, I hope you're feeling better after what happened. Just make sure you're back on top shape for duty soon"

"What happened?" Lee frowned at his father.

Bill stared at his son's eyes, within seconds, Lee knew he was referring to his quarrel with Dee.

"This is still my ship, Son. I know what's going on... Plus, half the ship probably heard your argument whether they wanted to or not" he answered before Lee had the chance to ask. Lee's face turned red as he took another sip from his glass, no, make that a gulp.


"Word of advice, next time, make sure you're in somewhere private" Bill paused as he studied his son's expression.

"Now... about the other matter..."

"What other matter?"

"Darius Harmon" Bill sighed as he opened his record in his hands. Such young soul, lost... angry... wasted... Bill's heart wept at the reality of it.

"We need to make sure this doesn't happen again" he added, Lee nodded in agreement.

"Noted" Lee understood the gravity of the situation, if words got out of control, they'd be dealing with more than just a single man on rage. He had started running through pilots' histories and psychological records, hoping to catch them early and avoid it in the future.

"One more thing, Lee" the fact that it wasn't a formal conversation made Lee nervous, especially when his father used that tone with him.



"She's doing fine, Dad. I went to see her a few days ago"

"I did too, and that's not what I wanted to talk to you about"

Here we go. Lee knew where his father was going with this. The frat reg had been changed only a few weeks back, allowing relationships between officers, but the Commander and his XO clearly showed how they felt about the matter. Just because it was approved, didn't mean that he had to like the change.

"Nothing happened between Kara and I" he cut him off.

"I didn't say anything did, but whatever it is, it was enough to cause the quarrel"

Lee gulped the rest of his drink and put his glass on the table before he stood. He couldn't stand this anymore, he just split with one woman, and already he was at the receiving end of a lecture about another. He needed a break, a time for himself, time to figure out what he really wanted and how he was going to move on.

"She was Zak's..."

"Look Dad... You don't have to worry. I won't jump another man's woman. She's with Anders now. So if you'll excuse me, I have some errands to run. Thank you for the drink" he really didn't want to get into the Zak topic.

Bill sighed and watched his son left the quarter.

"Well... she gave Anders the boot" Bill whispered to himself. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. His fingers went to massage his temples as he tried to take it all in. He didn't have to like the frat reg change to agree to it. The crew needed it, it was a piece of freedom they had left. Most of them had lost their loved ones, and to that Bill felt lucky that he still had Lee and Kara. As much as he was against the change, he knew he'd have to move forward. Zak was another matter, Bill loved Kara like his own daughter, but to have Lee taking Zak's place in Kara's life was something he would need a lot of time adjusting to.


"Good news, my lady... You're out of here" Karl added a wide smile.

"Did you hit your head? Since when did you consider me a lady?" Kara cringed as she tried to put her tanks back on. Karl moved to lend a hand straight away.

"Never too late to start, don't you think?"

"You're in an awfully good mood this morning. What happened?" she gave him a suspicious look. Karl tugged her second layer of tank down and got closer to her ear.

"We're having a girl" he whispered, his eyes gleamed as he pulled back and faced Kara again, and a wide smile seemed to be plastered permanently on his face since the second she saw him that day.

Seeing how happy he was, Kara couldn't help but to be excited. She had not seen her bestfriend in such a happy mood since the end of the worlds, then she got shot, she was afraid that he'd spiral down to depression, so seeing him happy was a real blessing.

"Gods! That's amazing! Congratulations!" she moved to give him a hug, carefully, while making sure she didn't hurt her shoulder. The man hugged her back, savoring the rare moment of joy for awhile.

"So let's get you back to your bunk" he helped her put on her sling.

"Have you seen Lee?" she asked as she pocketed the vial of pain killers from the Doc. It would be her bestfriend for awhile.

"Not since yesterday evening, he looked rather distracted. Has he come to see you?"

"He did a few days ago, didn't talk much though, I thought he may have said something to you"

"Nope. I only saw him yesterday just as I was turning in, I didn't have a chance for a talk"

The two made their way out of life station when another man almost bump head to head with Karl.

"Hey... ah... I heard you're discharged today..." Sam stopped them in their tracks, "Well... I... was... I thought I'd come to see you if need any help at all" he added. Karl turned to Kara before turning back to Sam, while Kara just stared at him.

"Well... I see that you have everything under control..." he turned away, a little disappointed, but relieved at the same time. He wouldn't deny that he still loved her despite what happened, but he genuinely wanted to help her.

"Thank you... Sam" Kara quickly said before he walked away. She waited until he was far enough away before she turned to Karl with a question,

"What is he doing in uniform?"

"He enlisted yesterday apparently... something about making himself useful. I was going to tell you this later, but since we're on the topic, you'll have the joy of training him to be a pilot"

"Oh gods... good thing I'd be stuck with paperwork..." she paused for a moment, "On second thought, I'd take him as my nugget than the paperwork"


Kara had twenty four hours off before she had to report back to duty, and take over some paperwork from Lee while she was grounded. She never thought she'd miss her little bunk, but she did. The life station reminded her a little too much of the farm. Karl dropped her and her belongings off and kept her company before he had to be on duty. She learned more about their mission on Caprica then, and found that how Sam had lost many men that morning, which Kara regretted for not coming sooner.

After all day of walking around and doing a bunch of nothings, she retreated to her quarter, thinking she'd catch some quiet time. The metal clanking sound startled her as she was deep in her thoughts. She was about to draw her curtain closed, but her hand stopped at the sight of the person entering the quarter. She didn't expect to see him just yet, somehow a part of her screaming for her to run before she frakked it up, but as he walked in, his blue eyes traced her from her toes to her eyes, where he finally rested. The urge of running dissipated as soon as their eyes connected, she no longer wanted to run away from him, she wanted to run to him.

"Are you coming in?" Kara asked, noticing that Lee had been standing with the hatch still opened, and staring at her.

"Huh? Oh... Yeah..." Lee sheepishly closed the hatch and walked towards his bunk, across from Kara's.

"You're looking better" he commented.

"Thanks, pain killer helps... a lot"

Kara looked at the man, he was exhausted, dark under eye circles were more visible since the last time she saw him, she could tell with one look that he had been stressed.

"Are you okay?" Kara hated to see him like that.

"Just tired" he lied. He was beyond tired. After his breakup with Dee he had been working non-stop, trying to keep his mind off things, mainly from Kara and the reminder of how much of a jerk he was to Dee. On any other day he may push Kara away, but that day he could use her company.

Kara went towards his bunk and plopped herself on his bed, sitting at the edge of it. Still standing, he looked down at her, and a little smile formed on his face. Lee dropped and sat in his bunk, legs stretched behind her. She moved and pulled her legs in, stretching them next to him, and let his arm dropped over them.

"I'm bored" she chirped.

"I can give you my paperwork" he answered with a smug.

"No thanks. That's tomorrow's problem" she stood and walked towards her locker. Lee watched peacefully as she rummaged through her things. He was simply happy she was there with him.

"Aren't you on painkillers?" Lee commented at the bottle of Chief's brew and the couple of glasses she cradled, having a sling made it a little more challenging, but she managed.

"And? It didn't stop me before" she casually sat back down where she was before and handed him the glass. Karl would have a fit if he saw her with the bottle in hand. Lee sighed as she opened the bottle.

"If we're going to do this, at least do it with the good stuff" he took the bottle of her hand and replaced the cap. Helo is so going to kill me for this.

"My locker, top shelf, under my clothes" he said. Kara stood and went to his locker as he instructed. Her hand reached under his clothes, but didn't find anything, she just shot Lee a questioning look.

"Towards the back of it" he added.

Kara reached further until her hand came in contact with something cool, a bottle of something. She pulled it out and this time she shot Le an amazed look as she closed the locker door.

"Lee Adama! You have a secret stash!" she took the bottle of whiskey to his bunk and sat back down. Lee grabbed hold of the two glasses as she poured.

"Cheers to you for surviving the shot. Please do not repeat that again" he leaned forward and brought his glass up. Kara smiled and leaned towards him, bringing her glass up close to his, but not touching it.

"Cheers to you for your successful rescue mission" she tapped her glass on his. Lee twitched at it, the rescue mission. And to make matters worse, Anders was in the pilot training program, but he didn't care then, she was there with him at that moment, no Anders, just Kara.

"Oh that's good stuff" Kara savored the taste.


The two sat quietly again, he had been doing that lately, just enjoying her company without saying a word. Perhaps he was afraid that if they talked, the conversation would drift to Anders.

There was another metal clanking sound again as the hatch opened, a few pilots came into the room having just finished their CAPs. Lee leaned further and grabbed the side of the curtain and pulled it towards him, encasing them in the small confined of his bunk, lit by only a single lightbulb. Kara bit back a smile as he looked at her with that possessive look. Didn't matter, if he had not pulled the curtain, she would have. She just wanted to be with him, perhaps not necessarily to talk, but just to have his presence.

"Thank you… Lee…" she whispered, "For going ahead… and for being here" she added.

He twitched again, he didn't deserve that. If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have found the courage to save Anders. He grabbed Kara's hand instead, and gave a light squeeze.

"I'm glad you're here, Kara" he whispered back to her.

As the two drank quietly, enjoying the peaceful environment the curtain provided them, Kara started to remember why she shouldn't drink while on medications. Damn it! Already? She cursed silently as she started to feel tipsy.

She sat still for awhile, then with some effort she secured the empty glass on the ledge above Lee's bed and went to give him a bone crushing hug to Lee's surprise. He stared blankly as the woman cradled in his arms. He put his glass aside and hugged her back, one hand went to her head, caressing her blonde hair.

"Are you okay?" he asked, whispering to her ears. Kara nodded slowly, nuzzling into his neck. Maybe it was the alcohol and medication reacting, or perhaps it was just the comfort of Lee's arms that made her felt so secure and relaxed.

The pilots rampant soon became somewhat a blur as they listened to each other's breathing pattern, feeling each other's heartbeats against their skin.

Tomorrow she'll go back to Sam. It hurt him like a million needles piercing his heart even just to think about it, but he needed to face it.

Let me have just this one night, tomorrow he'll be back with Dee. Kara cried in the inside as the thought came.

For now, we could just stay like this. No Sam, no Dee… just Lee and Kara, needing each other's comfort for a moment.


To be continued
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]

Notw: Btw, in case you're wondering... I used the words "gods" instead of "God" because the Colonials believed in multiple gods.
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]


"Frak!" Kara put aside a stack of folder before pulling another towards her. Kara Thrace hated paperwork, it was one of the main reasons why she'd avoided the role of CAG at all cost. Since Lee had been picking up her shifts, he had been very behind on his paperwork, and as much as Kara was thankful that he did that for her, she'd still prefer taking on CAPs one armed.

A light knock gave Kara the perfect excuse to get away from the mountain of hell in front of her, she was grateful to welcome other matter into her hands, anything to get her away from those evil paperworks, not to mention the flight schedule… Frak! Flight schedules!

"Bad time?"

Kara looked up at the man she considered a father, standing quietly by the hatch, she could tell he was holding back a smile. It wasn't every day the Commander saw the almighty Starbuck defeated by a stack of paper. She sighed in relief, finally, someone to whisk her away from the boring task.

"Good time as any, Sir" she answered with a smile. Bill stepped in and took a seat on the empty seat on the other side of the desk.

"How are you doing?"

Kara leaned back in her seat and took a deep long breath as she looked at the mountain of work still to be done.

"Swamped. I'd take on Cylons anytime. Paperwork is a whole different level, Sir" she ran her fingers through her hair. Not to mention almost everyone was being weird to me, she mentally added. Since she reported for duty this morning some of the pilots had been looking at her in a way that she couldn't decipher. Was it pity? Was it hatred? She couldn't put a finger on it. Hotdog was nice to her, helping her carry things to the CAG's office, but when she asked, he just shrugged and told her it may be because of Spikey. Kara took his word on it.

A chuckle came from the Commander,

"Yeah, sorry Starbuck, until your shoulder is sorted, you're…"

"Stuck with it" they said in unison.

"I know… Good way to keep my mind of things, I suppose" she admitted.

Bill leaned back as he studied her expression.

"I read your report on the incident" he paused and looked at her in the eye.

"You gave a nice report for someone who put a bullet in you"

Kara took a deep breath as she leaned back on the chair, she knew the question was coming.

"He was… a blip on the radar. I had one look at his record, and I put it aside. He wasn't fit to be a pilot, I saw that. But I failed to see the growing unhealthy rage in him. I should have noticed, and I think it was my fault that he got that far. I should have picked up on it sooner" she put her head down. Kara did feel responsible for what happened. Had she paid more attention at his relentless tries to talk to her, had she paid more attention to his snide remarks against Karl, she could have done something. He may not have anything to say that would change her mind about his flight status, but she could at least listen. But no, she didn't think he was worthy of the wings, hence he was no longer her problem. Why he stuck around, perhaps because no one had told him to leave and he had nowhere to turn.

"It wasn't your fault, Starbuck" he feared that she might felt that way.

"Was it not? If it was you, he'd still be alive right now"

"You've done your best. I trust your judgment, and if you didn't pick up on it, I doubt any of us would" he reached and gently laid his hand on hers.

"You're the finest pilot I have ever seen, Kara. Don't forget that, and I trust that you will make good pilots out of them" Bill pointed at the nuggets' records. Sam was filed in there somewhere.

Kara smiled, both father and son invested a lot of faith in her, and sometimes she wondered if she deserved it after what she did to Zak.

A knock on the hatch made her look up at the man who bore a resemblance to the Commander. Lee stood by the hatch, still in his flight suit just came off his CAP.

"Sorry to interrupt"

Bill turned to face his son and stood.

"You didn't, we're done" he said with a smile. He turned back to Kara and pointed at the stack of files again,

"You'll do great, Starbuck"

"If you're after flight schedules, I've only done tomorrow's one" she quickly said as soon as Bill disappeared behind the closed hatch.

"That will do, thanks"

Lee sat where his father was before and folded his arms in front of his chest, a smile formed on his face again, he couldn't seem to erase it that day.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Kara slammed the piece of paper in front of him.

"Every second of it" he grinned at her.

"Watch it, Lee"

"I couldn't feel my arm when I woke up this morning and I found a wet patch on my tanks, I assumed you were drooling. Paperwork seems to be a suitable repayment, don't you think?" Kara's eyes widened and her cheeks turned red. Drooling?

"I'm joking, Kara!" he laughed as he grabbed the piece of paper and started walking towards the hatch.

"Sorry about that night…" Kara didn't exactly know what to say. 'I just wanted to be with you'? Seemed inappropriate… she mentally slapped herself for blurting out without thinking. Good thing she was able to stop herself before saying anything she wasn't suppose to say. She woke up that morning disoriented, forgetting where she was. It took her a few seconds before she realized she was on Lee's bed… they fell asleep… fully clothed. Lee had gone to work, but she found a bottle of water and her vial of pain killers on the ledge next to their empty glasses.

"It's okay, Kara. It was… nice" he wanted to say that he wished every night he'd fall asleep with her in his arms, and woke up each morning beside her, but it seemed inappropriate. He spent a full five minutes just watching her sleep in his arms that morning, savoring every seconds of it. He had to force himself to leave his bed. As much as his heart protested, he was still the CAG, and the fleet needed him to function.

"About the new pilot training… how do you want to do this?" she quickly asked before the silence settled in.

"You take the theory class, I'll take the field until you're fit to teach. I'll leave the assessment to you. Is that satisfactory?"

"You're overworked, Lee" she warned him.

"No one else is fit to give the field training until you're back on duty"

"Then give the extra CAP to someone else. The pilots need their CAG. They can't count on you fully if you're exhausted and overworked"

"I can handle it"

"Have you looked at yourself lately?"

"I said I can handle it" he tensed and suddenly became defensive. Both stopped talking and stared at each other, wishing their lives could be simpler… a lot simpler.

It was another knock on the hatch that broke the silence. Both Kara and Lee cursed silently as they found out that the one who knocked was Sam.

"Sorry I'm late" he blurted. Twenty frakking minutes late! Kara growled mentally.

"Anders, don't forget where you are" Lee warned him.

"Yes, sorry Sir" he snapped into position.

Lee paced towards the hatch with flight schedule in hand, not wanting to be in the room any longer. Kara just sighed, trying her hardest not to snap at Sam, he was only there at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

"Here's the document you needed" he indicated at a folder in his hand, his medical file from Cottle.

Their breakup made things a little tense between Sam and Kara as well, she almost forgot how breakup could be like… more reason why she needed a bit of time for herself, to recuperate.


When night fell Kara found herself staring at the empty bed where she had slept in the night before. Lee was not back yet. Her curtain was drawn closed, with a little gap left opened so that she could keep an eye on Lee. She longed for his warmth against her skin, the heartbeats, the breathing rhythm falling into sync with hers, his scent, the security of being in his arms.

Karl had turned in after checking up on her earlier. He had been on recon mission and was unable to see much of her, but she was thankful that he made the time to see her. The rest of the pilots, however, didn't seem to know when to stop talking. Kara tuned most of it out, until Lee's name was mentioned followed by Dee's.

"Yeah, that was one hell of a fight" Kara recognized Kat's voice, but didn't know what they were talking about. What fight? She wanted to know more, but a growl came from Karl's bunk.

"Shut the frak up! Take the gossip elsewhere! Some people are trying to sleep!" Karl barked at them.

As the pilot moved out of the room, Lee walked in. Finally. She somehow felt much more peaceful knowing that he was home and safe. Safe? Who was she kidding? They were in a battlestar, in the middle of a war. Safe was a luxury. But she felt safer with Lee close by, and was finally able to close her eyes and let sleep took over.

Lee laid awake, was still unable to sleep. Kara was right, he was overworked, his mind was constantly on the move despite the exhaustion the body was undergoing. He turned to his side, staring at the dark curtain, but in truth he was looking past that, and straight at Kara's sleeping form. He could almost hear her breathing. No matter… just knowing she was there had calmed him down. Unbelievable. The woman turned his life upside down, and yet, he still craved being with her.


Karl woke to the sound of grunting and struggle, he frowned as sleepiness was still overriding his system. Forcing himself awake, he listened. At first he thought someone was being inconsiderate to their bunk mates, but soon realized it was a sound of nightmare… Kara's nightmare. Not again! It had been two weeks since the last nightmare, the longest period without it, he'd have thought that it may not return.

As Karl approached the front of Kara's bunk the grunting stopped. There was a sharp intake of breath followed by quiet sobs replacing the struggle. Karl sighed, he hated that this was happening to her, that she kept reliving her experience over and over again in her dreams. At least it wasn't as frequent as the first few weeks. Their bunk mates were either ignorant, heavy sleeper, or use to the situation. Slowly, he put his hand on the edge of her curtain and pushed it open a little.

"Kara… it's me" he whispered. He waited until she turned to face him before he put his hand on her arm, letting her know that he was there.

"You're okay… you're safe" he whispered again until her breathing regulated.

Karl heard movement from behind him and realized that Lee had gotten out of bed. There was a look in Lee's face that made him realized how heartbreaking it was for Lee to witness Kara in that state. It wasn't the first time Lee had woken up to Kara's nightmares. When Karl wasn't around, Lee would be the one to comfort her. He'd ask what it was about, but every time he'd get the same answer, she didn't want to talk about it. Not even to Karl. He only knew what the farm was and that she was there, but Karl never found out what actually happened to her in there.

Karl shook his head, telling him to go back to bed, especially that Lee was in desperate need for more sleep than anyone else. When Karl turned back to Kara, she had pushed her blanket aside and propped sat on the edge of her bunk.

"Thanks, Helo. I'm fine now" she whispered, trying not to wake anyone. She turned her gaze to Lee who was still watching her, eyes full of worry, she smiled at him and whispered again, "I'm okay, go back to bed" before she stood and walked to her locker, putting her track pants on.

"Where are you going?'

"I can't go back to sleep, I'm going to take a walk. You two go back to bed"

Lee watched as she disappeared into the hallway, Karl took a deep breath before he went back to his bunk, knowing she'd be okay. Lee, on the other hand, couldn't go back to sleep as well, and decided to go after her.

By the time Lee reached the hallway, she disappeared already. He had an idea where she may be at and headed towards the mess hall.

"Look, I know it's hard… You still love her, I get that. But you gotta pull yourself together. You're going to be a pilot, if you let this affect you, you're done for" Lee overheard from outside the door.

"I know… I know…" Sam sighed in response. Lee's eyes widened as he listened.

"You knew this would happen. I think it was only decent of her that she ended things with you and not let it dragged out" the other person said again. Lee assumed she was one of the resistance fighters as he didn't recognize her voice.

Was that… Did Kara and Sam split?

"She didn't waste any time… beaten by the almighty Starbuck… hey, it could be worse. We could still be stranded on Caprica"

"I wonder if it had anything to do with Apollo" the other person paused, "I heard rumors that Apollo and Dualla had a fight, they ended things. Seems like Starbuck was the center of it"

"Who knows… she woke up screaming his name and kept calling for him when I first visited her in life station" Lee heard his heavy breath as Sam leaned back on his seat.

Lee had heard enough, there was a little spark of hope after the new bit of information he heard from that conversation. He backed his way where he came from, clearly Kara wasn't there anyway, so he headed to the second place Kara may have been in.

"Evening… Captain" Galen greeted him, looking a little confused as of why Lee was at the hangar deck at that hour.

"Evening Chief" he greeted back, eyes looking around the almost empty hangar for the blonde beauty, but she was nowhere to be found, not even by her own viper.

"Ka… Starbuck didn't come this way, did she?"

"Sorry Sir, I only just got here, is everything alright, Sir?"

"Yes, thank you, Chief" he darted out towards the hallway again.

Gym, maybe? Before long he arrived at the gym and found it empty. By then he had ran out of ideas and finally started to feel tired. Given his body had been alert for quite sometimes by then, Lee took advantage of his tiredness and headed back towards his bunk.

Save it for another day, he cheerfully thought.


To be continued...
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]


"So… what were you doing out there this late?"

"I could ask you the same question" she grinned at the Old Man, while they both shared a knowing look. Sitting on his comfortable couch at that hour for a social call was a special occasion. The Commander had seen Kara by her viper, only minutes before Lee came looking. She had that yearning look Bill recognized all too well, and decided to invite her in for a chat.

Bill chuckled, he took a seat next to her and set two glasses of whiskey Kara liked so much on the table.

"I know you're still on medication, but I also know it doesn't mean a thing to you" he slid the glass over to her side. He had carefully measured the amount to a sum that shouldn't do any damage to her. Kara beamed and gladly took the glass into her hand.

"You sure know me, Boss" she added a smile.

"How are you doing?"

"Ah… you know… Good, I guess. Trying to adjust being a handicap… again" she remembered her time when she was on crutches.

"You'll be back in top shape in no time. Now… I heard something about a certain Captain"

Kara's heart almost stopped when the Commander mentioned it. Oh gods.

"C-Bucs Captain is fine" she tried to hide her nervousness, and hoped that he wasn't talking about the CAG. Bill let out a light laugh and took a sip out of his glass.

"I heard you left him. I hope this is not going to affect him being under your Command"

How did he know? Oh wait… of course he knows!

"If he makes pilot that is. But I won't let it interfere" she assured him.

"It's not you I'm worried about, it's him"

"He'll be fine, if now, I'll remind him who's in charge" she took a sip from his glass.

Bill leaned back, pressing his back to the couch, at least she had relaxed a bit more.

"So, was it the nightmare again?" he asked carefully. The sudden sullenness in her face confirmed that he had guessed right.

While Kara didn't talk to Karl or Lee about it, she had, in confidence, talked to the Commander about her experience at the farm. Perhaps it was the father figure in him that she needed, the confirmation that she'd be safe and protected under his wings. Bill would take a walk before turning in most nights, usually just to have a feel of his ship. But on one particular night he found her below the wing of her viper, staring at the underside of it. When she didn't respond to his call, he approached her, thinking she had hurt herself and no one was around to help, but he realized the horror in her eyes when he laid eyes on her. It was something he could never explain to anyone if asked. Horrified, he took her in, and it took a couple more weeks before she finally started talking about it.

"It was slightly longer this time" she said, her thumb made circles on the clear glass, while her eyes fixated on the amber liquid in it.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

She took a deep breath before she looked up at the fatherly eyes of his, and shook her head,

"I'm okay this time, I think. I just haven't had it for awhile, and I've grown used to it. I think I made Apollo and Helo worried though"

"I'd imagine they would"

They talked a little longer about life in general on Galactica, just something to take Kara's mind off things. Bill too, enjoyed talking about daily life, it wasn't something he got to do very often.

Upon leaving, he gave her a hug, a gesture Kara appreciated very much.

Maybe it isn't so bad… Bill thought as he closed the hatch after Kara left. He saw the spark of life in Kara's eyes every time Lee was in the topic of their conversation. The attraction between them was so great that he could almost feel the electricity flowing through them, even when they were apart. Still, a part of him couldn't let go of Zak. He shook his head before turning out the light, and stopped himself thinking too much about the situation.

I'm too old for this.


Kara was proud of herself for being on top of the mundane desk job tasks. By day twelve she was used to it, and by some miracle her paperwork was actually a few steps ahead from Lee. She was off the pain killers, and she was doing well.

Perhaps not seeing much of Lee for almost two weeks had helped her compose herself a little better. He was still pulling double CAPs and taking the nuggets out for training, the only time she saw him was during reports time and sometimes just before she turned in. How he pulled it off, she never knew, but she noticed the change in him. He was somehow lighter, he was more patience, and more playful, which made his brief visits to the CAG's office for her reports more pleasant.

"I need…"

"Schedule" Kara handed a stack of paper to Lee before he finished her sentence.

"Yeah…" he flickered through the pages, "Wow! The whole week's worth?"

"Have you done the…"

"Nuggets training reports" she handed a brown folder. Lee took it from her hand, speechless. When she handed another one in, he frowned, confused, to be more accurate.

"This week's pilot training programs for you to approve" she told him.

He raised an eyebrow and added the folder to the pile in his hand.

"Okay, who are you and what have you done to Starbuck?" his confused look still intact. He barely recognized his workstation anymore.

"You hate paperwork" he told her.

"Still do. That's why I do it as fast as I could"

"I could get used to this" he grinned.

"Yeah, you're dreaming" she snorted. Her paperwork may be a few steps ahead, but she could only maintain it for a short period of time. Well, it was mainly because she was bored out of her mind, and there was nothing to do but paperwork and nuggets theory class.

"I'm done for the day" she told him as she rose from her seat.

"Oh, yes… of course. Thank you" Lee was still baffled by it. He watched as she turned and walked towards the hatch. He missed her, and wanted to talk to her, he had been waiting since the day he found out about Sam and Kara's breakup, but being a decent man, Lee waited, and kept his distance, giving her the time and space she needed to be by herself. He took a deep breath before he plunged to his next move.


She didn't say anything, but she stopped to face him with a questioning look.

"Would… would you go to dinner? With me?"

She gave him an uncertain look and took a step closer towards him.

"What are you talking about? I'll see you in the mess hall anyway" she gave a nervous smile.

He ran his fingers through his hair, and down to the back of his neck. This is harder than I remembered.

'No… I mean out of here… dinner out, off Galactica"

She frowned this time,

"I don't think it's a good idea, Lee. I'm sure Dee would be a good company" she bit back the bitterness. She had heard bits of rumors, which she assumed had something to do with the pilots' curious gazes, that she had caused a rough patch in Lee and Dee's relationship. She didn't know to what extent, as no one told her anything when it came to the topic, and Karl was in the dark about the matter.

This time it was Lee who frowned, confused by her answer.

"Huh? I thought you knew… well, seems like the entire ship know about it"

"About what?"

"Dee and I are over. It has been for about two weeks now"

Kara's heart skipped a beat. So that's the fight Kat was talking about, she remembered parts of the conversation she heard. I'm an idiot! How did I miss it? She soon connected the dots and realized why the pilots were curious.

"I'm sorry, Lee. I heard bits about it, but I didn't know the full story. No one told me anything. Are you okay?" maybe it was the reason behind Lee overworking himself, she thought.

"I'm fine. It ended before it even started. Are you? I overheard the other night that you left Sam"

Kara nodded, she knew Karl wouldn't say anything, so Sam must have been talking about it to his friends. There was a moment of silence between them before Lee moved closer to her.

"I'm fine. It was a long time coming" she answered.

"Come to dinner with me?" he repeated the question.

Kara's mind worked overtime to calculate the right answer to that question as his blue eyes pierced into hers. He was asking her out… on a date… A date!

"Only because you asked nicely" she slapped on Starbuck's trademark grin and walked out before he could see her face turned red. Lee couldn't help but smiled, which stayed for the rest of the day.

Maybe there is a chance after all, their mind said.

Only because you asked nicely? What the frak, Starbuck? She mentally slapped herself.

With some luck they'd survive the date without killing each other…


To be continued...
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Re: In Your Arms [fanfic]

Keterangan untuk chapter 9

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