What the Future Holds [fanfic]
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[Cerita Bersambung] What the Future Holds [fanfic]

Hi semua, ini fanfic gw yang selanjutnya... lanjutan dari In Your Arms... Cerita ini udah gw tulis dan di post di fanfiction.net lewat pen name gw Tomato-cheeks di http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7555845/...e_Future_Holds

Seperti biasa, mohon baca pengumuman dan peringatan berikut sebelum membaca cerita

Title: What the Future Hold - sequel to In Your Arms
Genre: Drama & Romance
Category: Fanfiction (Fandom: Battlestar Galactica - re-imagined, 2003)
Pairings/characters: Kara Thrace (Starbuck) & Lee Adama (Apollo), friendship between Kara Thrace (Starbuck) & Karl Agathon (Helo), Karl Agathon (Helo) & Sharon Agathon (Athena)

RATING: M - source - in other words: NOT FOR KIDS (UNTUK DEWASA).

This is a story that I wrote under my pen-name Tomato-cheeks on fanfiction.net To view this story in fanfiction website please go to http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7555845/...e_Future_Holds

Please note that I've edited this version to fix spelling mistakes and grammatical/wording errors I spotted (but remains unfixed on fanfiction.net - I will get to it sometimes soon)

DISCLAIMER: I don't own BSG and/or its characters. I'm just borrowing them. The following story is based on Ron D Moore & David Eick's re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, 2003.

Time line: Takes place after the exodus from New Caprica. In this story Galactica finally met Pegasus after events in "In Your Arms", and eventually found New Caprica during one of their missions to scout for food supply.

Spoilers: From all around. Please read warning for specific spoilers on the beginning of each chapter (if there’s any)

Summary: Kara and Lee had each other, but forced apart during the occupation of New Caprica. Now back on Galactica and reunited once again, Kara underwent some changes.

You may not post this story somewhere else without my permission.

If you are posting this story somewhere else (with my permission) you must put in the original link http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7555845/...e_Future_Holds

Author's notes:
There are less action in the first chapter as I'm covering a lot of background stories. From chapter 2 and beyond the writing in Italics indicates flashbacks. If you haven't read In Your Arms you may want to read that first as the character building and background were done in it, and I also have a few references to that story.

Selamat membaca, semoga enjoy
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]

Seperti cerita gw yang sebelonnya, ini latar belakang tv seri Battlestar Galactica (klo mau baca dulu sebelon baca fanficnya):

The story arc of Battlestar Galactica is set in a distant star system, where a civilization of humans live on a series of planets known as the Twelve Colonies. In the past, the Colonies had been at war with a cybernetic race of their own creation, known as the Cylons. With the unwitting help of a human named Gaius Baltar, the Cylons launch a sudden sneak attack on the Colonies, laying waste to the planets and devastating their populations. Out of a population numbering in the billions, only approximately 50,000 humans survive, most of whom were aboard civilian ships that avoided destruction. Of all the Colonial Fleet, the eponymous Battlestar Galactica appears to be the only military capital ship that survived the attack. Under the leadership of Colonial Fleet officer Commander William "Bill" Adama (Olmos) and President Laura Roslin (McDonnell), the Galactica and its crew take up the task of leading the small fugitive fleet of survivors into space in search of a fabled refuge known as Earth. – source

Specific background that relates to this fanfic for those who haven't watched the series:

Galactica crew met with Battlestar Pegasus and joined forces. They found a habitable planet and decided to settle on the planet, called New Caprica. A year after, the Cylons found them and started the Occupation. During the Occupation Kara Thrace was captured and kept in a cell replicating her apartment on Caprica by Leoben Conoy (Cylon model #2), and forced to play happy family with him and Kacey, a little girl he claimed to be Kara's daughter from her ovary (taken while she was at the Farm). Bill Adama launched an attack to free the Colonials on New Caprica, leaving Lee in Command of the fleet onboard Battlestar Pegasus.

Main and supporting characters in this fanfic that I need to mention (warning: these are characters' descriptions from the series. Contains spoilers - I'll try not to reveal too much):

William "Bill" Adama (Husker)
Commanding officer of Battlestar Galactica, call sign Husker when he was a young Viper pilot. Father of Lee and Zak Adama.

Lee Adama (Apollo)
Son of William Adama. Originally came from Battlestar Atlantia. Became Galactica's CAG Commander, Air Group) after the Cylon attack. He married Anastasia Dualla/Dee after Kara ran off to marry Sam despite their love for each other.

Kara Thrace (Starbuck)
Galactica's top gun. A very talented pilot, hard drinker, avid card player. Was engaged to Zak Adama before his death. Later married to Sam Anders despite the mutual attraction between her and Lee Adama.

Samuel Anders (Longshot)
Captain of C-Bucs (Caprica Buccaneer, a pyramid team), who became Caprican resistance leader. He met Kara on her mission to retrieve Arrow of Apollo on Capica and became romantically involved. After he was rescued from
Caprica, he married Kara and later became Galactica's viper pilot with the callsign Longshot to follow Kara's footsteps.

Zak Adama
Son to Bill Adama, brother to Lee Adama. Killed in his first viper mission. Was Kara's fiance.

Laura Roslin
President of the Twelve Colonies. She started out as Secretary of Education.

Karl Agathon (Helo)
Kara's bestfriend. Sharon Valerii (Boomer)'s ECO (Electronic Countermeasures Officer). He met another copy of Sharon (Athena) when he was stranded on Caprica. Later become Sharon (Athena)'s husband, and father to Hera Agathon.

Sharon Valerii / Sharon Agathon (Athena)
A "copy" of Cylon humanoid model number Eight. Her initial mission was to seduce Karl Agathon on Caprica and be impregnanted by him. She changed side when she realized that she loved Helo and ran away with him. She has the memory of Sharon Valerii (Boomer). She was sworn in to serving the Colonial military force, and took the position of a Raptor pilot (like Boomer did), married Karl Agathon and later took up the callsign Athena. Mother to Hera Agathon.

Hera Agathon
The daughter of Karl Agathon and Sharon Agathon, the first successful human-Cylon hybrid.

Kacey Brynn
A little girl who lived with Kara and Leoben on New Caprica.

Sharon Valerii (Boomer)
A "copy" of Cylon humanoid model number Eight, who was planted a sleeper agent aboard Battlestar Galactica before the attack, where she became a Raptor pilot, and was involved in a romantic relationship with Chief Galen Tyrol, going against the frat regs. She was killed by specialist Cally Henderson (who later married Galen Tyrol) after she shot William Adama and critically wounded him. She was "downloaded" into a new body.

Caprica Six
A "copy" of Cylon humanoid model number Six. Her mission was to seduce Gaius Baltar in order to gain access to Colonial defense mainframe and sabotage it before the attack. She was "downloaded" into a new body and eventually worked together with Boomer.

D'Anna Biers
A "copy" of Cylon humanoid model number Three, who posed as a reporter from Fleet News Service.

Leoben Conoy
A "copy" of Cylon humanoid model number Two, who showed obsession towards Kara Thrace. He believed that Kara would show them a way to Earth.

Galen Tyrol
Referred to as the Chief, responsible for the maintenance of Vipers and Raptors on Galactica.

Sherman Cottle
Galactica's medical officer.

Saul Tigh
Galactica's XO, Bill Adama's old and best friend.
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]

Keterangan untuk Chapter 1

R&R: military slang for Rest & Recuperate

XO: Executive Officer - second in command

Battlestar Galactica: one of the first twelve battlestars constructed. Galactica represented the planet Caprica.

Battlestar Pegasus: also refered to as the Beast. A mercury-class battlestar. One of the two remaining Battlestars that survived the initial attack of the 2nd Cylon war. Helena Cain was the Admiral who was in command of the Battlestar Pegasus, she was killed by Gina Inviere (a Cylon humanoid model number 6). Commander Jack Fisk, who was Pegasus' XO took the job as Commander after her death, but he was killed when he was involved with the fleet's black market. Fisk was succeeded by his former engineer, Barry Garner, who became the Commander of Pegasus, but his rash judgement and lack of experience eventually led Pegasus to an ambush, and he died saving the ship. After Commander Garner's death, Admiral Bill Adama promoted his son, Lee Adama as Commander of Battlestar Pegasus.

New Caprica: a (barely) habitable planet discovered by the Colonials, a save haven from the Cylons (until the radiation signature from the nuclear explosion on Cloud 9 was detected by the Cylons).

Dogsville: also known as Camp Oil Slick, a temporary lodging set up for civilians rescued from New Caprica.

CAG: Commander, Air Group. A senior officer, responsible for pilots and air operations.

Mellorak infection: a disease known to the Colonials

CAP: Combat Air Patrol

Nugget: a slang for trainee pilot

Viper: Colonial's fighter craft

Raptor: a versatile craft used for various purposes. Used a lot for recon, scouting, rescue missions, and shuttle.
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]


"You'd be great, Starbuck" Karl stared at her with pleading eyes.

"Oh no, you don't get to do that… not on me" Kara threw her gaze away.

"I really need your help here, I have no one else to ask" he pleaded.

"How about Cally?"

"She's on duty"

Kara sighed and turned to face her friend again. He was telling the truth, he had no one else to ask, not anyone he could trust anyway.

"I wouldn't be asking if it wasn't urgent. Athena only found out this morning that she'd be going on a mission. Not enough time to find a replacement"

"Gods! You're stubborn. Have you asked Lee?" she stomped her feet.

"No, I wanted to ask you first"

She drew her hands to the side of her hips, and held her gaze at her pleading friend.

"Fine" she caved in.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I owe you one" he squeezed her hands.

"BIG one" she reminded him.

"This is a one off, Helo" she warned him before he could say anything else.

"Hera is going to love you" he smiled sweetly at her, but his eyes were apologetic.

"Doubt it" she murmured under her breath, and said a silent goodbye to her R&R.


"What the frak?" Lee came into their quarter welcomed by the wailing sound of a crying toddler.

"Good! You're home. Here! Take it! I need to take a walk before I go insane" she handed the little girl in her arms to him before stomping off, leaving Lee confused, standing by the hatch with a toddler in his arms.

"Wait! Starbuck?" he called out to her, but she quickly disappeared around the corner.

I don't do kids! Her mind screamed. She felt the frustration when Hera wouldn't stop crying, she just wanted some quiet time. But all effort had failed. She tried feeding her, singing to her, reading to her, playing with her, but nothing worked. By then her frustration was at a dangerous level and she couldn't be in the room for much longer.

"Captain" the Chief nodded at her as she entered his office. One look at the pissed off Starbuck, he poured a serving of his brew and handed it to her. Without delay she knocked it back and asked for more.

"Do I want to know?" Galen was careful.

"Hera" she simply said.

"I'm surprised Helo managed to convince you" he gave her that knowing look.

"Couldn't say no" she knocked the clear liquid back. Karl would have come to help her no matter what if she asked. She couldn't say no to him, especially after he had exhausted all his other possible options.

"Where is Hera now?" Galen asked while silently offering another, but Kara shook her head.

"With Lee. I just needed some air before I…" she couldn't finish her sentence as guilt washed over her. Hera had not done anything wrong to her, so why was she this angry?

"It's normal… the anger and frustration… it's expected" he told her.

"I'm a pilot, for frak's sake. I fly vipers and shoot Cylons! Heck! I turned down the job as XO, didn't I? I wouldn't be able to handle it…" she continued on with her complaints. When she finished, she took another shot of the Chief's brew and went back out after saying thank you to the man.


"Feeling better?" Lee asked from across the room as she entered. There was no more crying, Hera was asleep in the little corner she made up for her this morning.

"Much. Thanks" she muttered. Lee grabbed her hand and sat her down next to him.

"Want to talk about it?" he kept his hand on hers while looking into her eyes. Kara's eyes shifted to Hera who was peacefully asleep by then. She rested her head on Lee's shoulder as she sank into the curve of his arms. She didn't want to talk about it, but Lee knew that already, he was asking just in case she needed to.

It had been three months since the battle of New Caprica, since she broke free from the gods forsaken hell of hers, and the endless nightmares Leoben had put her through. If only she wasn't doing supply run on that fateful day when the Cylons found them, she'd be aboard Pegasus with Lee, and she'd be fighting to free her people instead of being the one in need of rescuing.

The death of Admiral Cain, Commander Fisk, and Commander Garner had landed Lee the responsibility of the Commander of the Pegasus. Soon after the Colonials settled on New Caprica, Kara transferred to the Beast to be with Lee. The position XO was offered to her, but she politely refused, having loved flying more than anything else. She took the role of Pegasus CAG instead, and did a good job despite the lack of enthusiasm for paperwork that came with the title.

At the event of Exodus, Lee had sacrificed Pegasus and gave his people and Galactica a fighting chance, successfully escaping New Caprica, and once again made home in Galactica and be reunited with Kara. But the time she spent locked up in Leoben's frakked up cell had done damage to her, she barely function when Sam once again saved her life and took her aboard Galactica.

Lee, Sam and Karl had somehow came with a silent agreement to keep an eye on her. It frustrated her to no end that they felt the need to babysit her that she gave Lee a black eye when he hovered a little too close.

"I don't want to" she finally answered, letting Lee's arms enveloped her body as she watched Hera. Lee kissed the top of her head as he held her.

Kara understood why they left, why they jumped away when the Cylons came. Heck, the Admiral had them run emergency drills so often that when DILARANG KERAS hit the fan, she was sure everyone went on autopilot mode and performed the emergency procedure spotlessly. She would have met them at the rendezvous point if she wasn't captured while trying to get to her raptor. She didn't blame anyone when it came to it, not even Showboat, who was supposed to be down there instead of Kara. It was Showboat's shift that put Kara on the planet side that day, she was ill and Kara took her shift.

When Kara didn't come within 48 hours of the emergency jump, Lee feared the worst. There was not a day went by without him begging the gods to bring her home safely. He formed a unique friendship with Karl over this mutual friend, and shared their worries. By then Karl took the position of Galactica's XO and was promoted to Captain. He married Sharon, who was sworn in to serve the Colonial military and later took after the callsign Athena.

Starbuck came back on Galactica an angry woman, she was bruised and beaten, but feistier than ever. Sam had described their escape from the tower to the raptor as gruesome. Kara had no mercy on those skinjobs, when her guns ran out of ammo, she'd impaled them with whatever sharp or dull object she found around her, and no matter how many times she was hit, even with the superior power of the Cylons, she kept coming back at them like a woman possessed. The only model she hesitated to kill was the eights, in relation to Sharon, but she only hesitated for a second before she brutally killed them.

Lee had held her close when she came back on Galactica, repeatedly saying he was sorry, and once again thanking Anders for saving her. Kara didn't say much, she turned quiet most days, and taking out her anger on punching bag and alcohol. She had slept on separate bed from lee for the first two weeks, not trusting herself being around people without hurting them.

And then there was Kacey…. The only person who managed to break Kara into tears everytime she thought of her. Kara missed her, and she hated Leoben for what he did, well… hate was an understatement. There was nothing she could do, Kacey was back with her real mother, where she supposed to be. All Kara was left with was a gaping hole in her heart as she learned the truth.

Lee's arms around her reminded her that Lee was not aware about what happened down in New Caprica. He asked, numerous times… so did Karl, and so did the Admiral, but each time she pushed back harder, not exposing any details on her capture. Even on her official report she only gave the Admiral the basic rundown of what happened. Taking back the role of CAG, Lee had grounded her for the first four weeks, until at least she didn't have the urge to deck her fellow pilots for no reason.

By the sixth week, Lee stopped asking, he figured she'd tell him when she was ready. But it didn't escape his attention that despite her lack of interest on Hera, she held a longing look when she watched her.

"Why don't we?" he whispered.

"Why don't we what?" Kara met his gaze and followed the trail to the sight of the sleeping toddler.

"Not now, Lee. We can't possibly start now. It's not a good time with the Cylons chasing us"

"There will never be a good time, Kara. Cylons will always be chasing us"

"People need us. We can't abandon our duty" she quickly replied.

"And we never will! It doesn't mean that we're throwing away our responsibilities. If we let the Cylons hold us back from what is rightfully ours, then why are we still fighting?"

She stared at him, searching for something in that captivating blue eyes. They had conversations about their future when they were still orbiting New Caprica, the possibility of a family was there. Starbuck made it very clear that it was still a possibility, but it wasn't beyond reach.

Her mind went back to Kacey, oh the little blonde beauty who stole her heart. She grew to love the little soul, only to lose her again. No, she couldn't, not now

She withdrew herself from Lee, keeping her head down, but keeping one hand on his thigh.

"I'm not ready, Lee" her voice softened before she went to sit by Hera.


"Thanks again, Kara" Karl expressed his gratitude when he picked Hera up. It was the second time Karl had asked Kara to babysit.

"What did I say about this being a one-off, again?" she smirked.

"I know… I know… Trust me, I wouldn't have asked if I could ask someone else" he took the sleeping Hera from her arms, gently rocking her as the toddler made a little noise.

Kara symphatized him, he looked exhausted, worn… stressed… not the usual Karl she knew.

"Is everything alright?" she was concerned. He sighed, his shoulders slumped slightly as he squeezed his eyes before opening them again.

"Exhausted. There's something going around in Dogsville… people are getting sick"

"I'm sorry to hear that, Helo"

"Thanks" he added a smile.

"Hey…" she paused for a second, "If… you know… IF you can't find anyone else to babysit, and I'm free… You're welcome to bring Hera around" Karl was going to tease, but he was too tired.

"Thank you… I really appreciate it"

Kara pursed her lips together and nodded before parting with them.


"What were you trying to prove?" Lee was half shouting. They haven't even made it into the CAG's office yet and an argument had erupted.

"Nothing! It was an accident!"

"Then tell me why your nuggets and my two raptor pilots are in the lifestation?"

"Stop being a drama king! They passed all my ground tests!" she raised her voice.

"Enough!" they only just realized then that the Admiral had entered the office. Both of them snapped into position at the sight of the Old Man.

"Now someone tell me why I have damage birds and three pilots in lifestation?" he demanded.

Both Kara and Lee started to speak together but another bark from the Admiral shut them up.

"I want you to explain, Captain. You were there when it happened" he held his gaze at Kara.

"There was an avionic problem with Racetrack's raptor, Sir. It spiraled out of control towards us. I ordered my squad to break, which they did, apart from Amber, who froze. I had to push her out of the way so I shot her, she propelled towards Sonic and hit him, but both nuggets ejected before the collision. Racetrack and Skulls managed to get their raptor back under control, but Skulls was injured during the ordeal. The nuggets are uninjured, Sir"

"A pilot who froze…" Bill repeated. Kara twitched it was as bad as it sounded.

There was a tense moment as the three of then stood quietly in the CAG's office before siren blared loudly throughout every corner of Galactica.

"Action stations! Action stations! Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill"

All three cursed as the voice blared through the speaker, followed by the deafening horn. Without delay, they ran out of the office.


"What happened out there?" Kat demanded answers as Kara exited her viper.

"What? I saved your ass"

"You almost frakking kill me!" Kat advanced towards the taller woman. Lee immediately grabbed onto Kat's arms as she put another step forward and ready to throw a punch.

"Cool it, you two! I'm not in the mood to send anyone to the brig! We're alive, leave it at that" Lee stood between the two furious women.

"Kat, she did save you. Might not be gentle, but she did, just be thankful" he turned towards Kat before he went to seek Kara's eyes.

"And you… what the frak is going on?"

"We're all alive, leave it at that? Wasn't like that an hour ago" she spat back at him before turning away. Lee grabbed her arm before she had a chance to leave. It only visible to him then, the exhaustion in her face, the growing bag under her eyes, the tiredness overlooming her, how could he miss it?

"Kara… are you okay? You've been… different" his voice softened.

"I'm fine" she quickly said.

"Get yourself to Cottle…"

"I'm fine" she snarled.

"There is a Mellorak infection going around in this ship, Kara. Please get yourself to Cottle" he insisted.

"Stop it, Lee. I have CAP in half hour and I'm planning to get a bit of rest beforehand" she moved away from him. She knew by the time they turn in that night things would go back to normal again, it always had.


"Yo Captain! Join us for a game?" Hotdog yelled out from his seat. Kara gave him a weak grin, she just finished her CAP and somehow feeling more exhausted than usual. She could barely sleep last night, and by the time she finally managed to doze off, her alarm woke her up.

"Not today, kids"

"What's the matter, Starbuck? Scared we'd beat you?" Kat remarked. Kara stopped and turned towards the younger woman.

"Not in a million years. Deal the cards" Kat snorted, which didn't go unnoticed. Kara went to grab a seat from the next table, but as soon as she lifted it, she put it down again as her knees wobbled, her hand went to the back of Sharon's chair to support her weight.

"Frak!" she cursed under her breath.

"Hey, you okay? Not drunk already, are you?" Sharon turned in her seat.

"Nope… I'm good" Kara whispered. Perhaps I really should visit Cottle. She shook her head and made another attempt at lifting the empty chair, but she never made it. As soon as she bent to lift, her world went black, a thud followed as she hit the ground.

"Starbuck?" Sharon dropped her cards and rushed to her side.


To be continued...
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]

Warning - just another warning for this story, this is for mature readers. Contains violence.

Berikut ini keterangan untuk chapter 2

Julia Brynn: Kacey's biological mother, a survivor rescued from New Caprica.

Lifestation: medical facility on Battlestar Galactica.

I've decided that for the flashbacks the writing would be in Italics and different colour.
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]


"I love you" he whispered to her ears, Kara closed her eyes as he planted a soft kiss on her ear, his body pressed against her, pinning her to the wall. She felt his hand moved to her side as her back met the solid coldness behind her. She opened her eyes to meet his as he pulled back, she was unmoved, unresponsive, but then there was a spark in her eyes as his widened. He stepped back and looked down, hands bloodied by his own blood, Kara had driven a fork into his stomach, and without mercy, she ripped the fork out and drove it to his throat.

"I hate you" she finally said as Leoben's lifeless body met the floor.

Kara's eyes fluttered opened and she immediately recognized that smell. Lifestation. What the frak happened? Her brain still lingered in the dream she had moments ago, but snippets of the events prior started to come back, she remembered the triad game, and she remembered the chair… other than that her mind drew blank.

"Where is she?" Lee rushed to lifestation as soon as he finished his pre-flight briefing. Kat came in with the news that Kara experience light headedness and collapsed in the mess hall.

"Still with the Doc. She's fine" a nurse assured him and insisted that he waited until Cottle finished with her.

"What?" Kara's eyes jumped out at Cottle, her hands clenched into a tight fist, ready to deck whoever pissed her off.

"Are you sure it's not Mellorak?"

"I'm sure"

Cottle wisely kept his distance in case the angry woman decided to use him as target practice for her knuckles. Kara squeezed her eyes before shaking her head. She stared at him sternly before he turned away.

"Miracles happen sometimes, Starbuck. Let's just hope it doesn't stop at you. We all need it" he took out a cigarette from his pocket before moving away from her bed. Kara watched Cottle's back for a moment as she sank into the bed.

"Frak!" she cursed under her breath.

"Hey… I came as soon as I heard" Lee barged in. Kara froze as the man walked in, taking her hand in his.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah…" she managed.

"Gods! Everyone is getting sick. I was so worried…"

"It's not Mellorak. I'm not sick" she cut him.


"I'm not sick, Lee… I'm pregnant"


Kara felt her stomach turned as she saw the little body lied face down on the cold floor. Blonde hair sprawled around her as she stayed very still. Panic seeped through her as she took in the scene laid in front of her.

What have I done?

"Sweetie… wake up…" her hand hesitantly touched her back.

"Please… wake up…" her voice trembled as tears started to blur her vision.

"Kacey, honey… please wake up, sweetie…" she pleaded again.

"There you are! Are you okay?" Karl nudged Kara as he took a seat next to her in the observation room, not noticing the glazy eyes before she turned to face the other way.

"No" she quickly answered. She had gone to visit Kacey and Julia, staying with them to get some "thinking" room for herself. It had been refreshing for her, but she wasn't ready to face Lee just yet, and decided to see the stars and the passing patrol before she had to.

"Is it safe to say congratulations?" he earned a glare from her.

"Lee told me" he explained.

"Of course he did… I was gone for a few months and now he tells you everything"

"I…" he paused and cleared his throat, "Are you jealous?" he was half mocking and half in disbelief. Kara threw him a death glare before her face softened.

"A little" she said quietly. Karl almost laughed.

"You're still my best friend, Kara" he assured her, looping one arm around her.

"So what are you going to do?" he asked as he squeezed her shoulder.

"I don't know, Helo. I took the shots religiously, I didn't miss! How or why I still got knocked up is beyond me" she sighed before turning to face her friend.

"And I need Lee not to be freaked out to start with"

A low chuckle came from Karl.

"Lee? Freaked? He's not freaked out… Well, maybe a bit since you've done a goner. Just talk to the man, Kara. You both made it this far without killing each other. I'd say you both can handle a talk"

Kara laid her head on Karl's shoulder. She sighed as the vipers on CAP went past the observation room window. She knew she'd miss flying.

Kara couldn't help but to kiss Kacey's bandaged head and kept her within arm's reach. It was her way to assure herself that it was real, she was there with her. It was only then that she realized how much she cared for her, how far she'd go to keep her away from harm's way.

"I'm here, Kacey… Mommy's here" she whispered from Kacey's bedside, and for once, it felt natural and right to her as she said it.

"So… congratulations?" Karl asked again. A small smile formed on Kara's lips and she bumped her shoulder to Karl's side.



Kara knew she couldn't keep avoiding Lee for long, she had been gone overnight, she knew Lee would be worried. She snorted a laugh at the though of it. Pregnant and domesticated? Great one, Thrace! She shook her head as she exited the observatory room. Karl had left awhile ago, leaving her alone to collect her thoughts.

"Hold her!" Kara passed Kacey into Sam's arms and took the riffle off him.

"Kara?" he didn't know what to make of it. He came in to break her free, carrying the unconscious Kara over his shoulder, but only to have her running back once she came to, and grabbed the little girl by the name of Kacey. Galactica had launched an attack to free the Colonials on New Caprica, and Sam knew they had to leave the planet soon or Galactica would jump without them.

"Kacey, sweetie, cover your ears and close your eyes. Hold on tight to Uncle Sam, okay sweetie? Do you understand?" her voice was soft and soothing. Kacey gave her a smile and brought her hands to her ears, and buried her face on the curve of Sam's neck.

"Good girl"

"Kara!" Sam tried to get her attention again, but she ignored him and charged forward. He followed.

"Don't do this, Kara… we belong together" Leoben appeared before her, a Centurion was with him, firearm displayed and pointed at her. Without warning she fired at the machine, and didn't stop until it fell and no longer able to operate. The Leoben charged forward at an inhuman speed Kara had seen before, but she knew he'd make the move, and with a little movement, she shifted her weight and delivered a shot to Leoben's left eye, killing him instantly.

"Let's move" she told Sam coldly.

A Six came into view, but before she could do anything, Kara shot her down. That left her the two Centurions behind the fallen Six. Kara's hand squeezed the trigger and let stream of bullets passed through the barrel and met the offensive force in her way.

One down, though not dead yet, but her ammo ran out. With some effort she maneuvered and grabbed the fallen Centurion's arm, and shot the other with their own weapon, before she drove her empty riffle into the base of the fallen robot's neck and disabled it.

"How far do we have to go?" she asked without looking back.

"To the gate. A raptor would be waiting"

Kara nodded at the answer. She lifted the Centurion's arm and brought her knee up before driving her foot into the joint, repeating the action several times until the arm was severed from its chrome body.

She faced another Six near the exit with a bit of a struggle. The Six shot at her, and the bullet grazed the side of her thigh, but she didn't flinch. Sam wondered if she even felt the shot. Kara charged forward, carefully dodging the direction that the Six's gun was pointing at, and got close enough to her before she tackled the other woman down to the ground, knocking the gun in her hand away.

"Die, DILARANG!" Kara hissed at the skinjob, before brutally impaling her with the severed Centurion's arm she picked up before. Sam watched in horror as he no longer recognized the woman before him


"Let's move, Sam" Kara turned to face him and he relaxed a little as he saw the glint in her eyes, and knew that Starbuck was still in there. But the relief didn't live long as a Three came from Kara's side and launched an attack. Sam was about to let go of Kacey, but Kara screamed "no" at him that he halted.

The two women fell to the ground and grapple. D'Anna pinned Kara to the floor and put in a mean left hook to her ribs, followed by an elbow to the head, which Kara managed to evade. She brought her hands up and snapped her palms hard against the Three's ears. Sam cringed as D'Anna let out a scream of pain and pulled back, giving Kara a chance to stretch and took a hold of the discarded gun before putting a bullet in the skinjob's head.

"For frak's sake, Kara!" he rushed to her, offering his hand and helped her up as she clutched one hand to one side of her body, trying to ease the pain emanating from her ribs somehow. She eyed the exit only meters away and nodded towards it.

"C'mon, not far to go" he tugged on Kara's arm.

"When you see the raptor, go. Don't look back, I'll cover for you" she took a deep breath as she brought the gun in her hand forward.

"Don't be stupid, Kara. We go together"

"I'll be right behind you. Whatever you do, keep Kacey safe"

Both of them made it to the exit, and just like Sam said, a raptor was waiting, two Marines were outside of the vessel, shooting any enemy in sight. Kara took a careful look around their surroundings and signaled Sam to go. As he ran across towards the raptor, Kara ran behind him, eyes darting back and forth for any enemies.

"Frak!" Kara cursed as a shot went pass her. Sam slowed and looked back, making sure she was okay.


Kara brought her gun to where the marines were pointing at, they were retreating as Sam told them that they were the last ones.

"Kara! Get your ass in here!"

"C'mon c'mon c'mon focus!" she muttered under her breath as her eyes focused on a figure she was familiar with. Sharon… just for a moment Kara's finger eased its grip on her trigger, but one look at the Eight, Kara recognized the determination to kill, and decided to beat her to it.

"Kara! Get in here NOW!" Sam shouted again, this time with more urgency.

Without a word, Kara complied and ran towards the raptor, leaving the gods forsaken land behind.

Lee had been walking back and forth in their quarter for awhile. He stole a glance at the clock… Where the hell is Kara?

So perhaps his reaction wasn't expected. He wanted to jump, to hug, to cheer, but after what Kara had told him only a week prior, he wasn't sure if it was a good idea. Oh gods, what if she doesn't want to keep the baby? He started to panic. It was illegal to have an abortion, but there were ways around it, and he knew Kara would find one should she decided to cross that bridge. She had been gone for over twenty four hours since they received the news, she didn't come back to their quarters last night, he knew because he almost didn't get any sleep waiting for her. When morning came, Lee's mind had gone haywire with unpleasant thoughts. He searched almost everywhere, deploying Karl and some nuggets to different ends of the ship to cover more grounds.

Lee shook his head. Don't think about it. He bit his lips before he stomped around again, his mind was thinking so loudly that he missed the sound of the hatch opening.

"Damn it, Lee! You should've just said what's in your mind! Oh what? I love you, this is great news? She just told you she wasn't ready, and you're just gonna jump on it? Have you lost your mind?" he talked to himself, complete with hand gestures.

"Clearly you have" Kara answered as she stood against the wall of their living area, arms crossed in front of her chest, and there was a Starbuck's trademark grin decorated her face.

"Kara! Thank gods you're alright!" he rushed to her, but soon stopped, "Gods… how long…" Lee only just realized that she had caught him in the middle of a conversation with himself.

"Are you happy?" she asked before Lee could for a sentence. He paused as he studied her unreadable expression. He finally sighed and moved to take her hands in his.

"I'm happy, Kara. I'm sorry if it's selfish of me… but…" she stopped him, capturing his lips with hers.

"Captain! Gods! I thought you were dead!" Galen greeted her as she exited the raptor aboard Galactica.

"Yeah, me too, Chief" she answered as she took Kacey into her arms and carried her off the raptor.

"Who's this little fella?" Galen asked with a confused look.

"Yeah, I was wondering that myself" Sam chirped in as he emerged from inside the raptor.

"This is…"

"Kacey!" a young lady stole the word from her mouth.

"Oh Kacey! You saved her! You saved my daughter! Oh Mommy missed you so much" the woman's eyes swelled in tears as the little girl in Kara's arm swung her arms towards her.

"Thank you… thank you so much. Gods bless you" she squeezed Kara's arm as she took Kacey away.

Kara could hear her heart shattered as the reality kicked in, Leoben had played her again, and this time she wasn't sure how she'd recover. She felt numb, even as Lee pulled her into a hug and apologies mixed with "I love you"s streamed out of his mouth.

Kara stared into the pair of blue eyes as she took a deep breath, it was real, he was there, she realized a long time ago that he was the only thing aside from flying that made her world made sense.

"That's enough for me" she whispered before pulling him into another kiss.


"She's pregnant… about seven weeks" Cottle confirmed the news to the Admiral. It sounded so strange in his ears. Moments ago he found out from Lee that he'd be a grandfather, and Cottle's confirmation had given him the concrete proof, making it more real.

"Congratulations" Cottle gave a grin.

"How's she taking it?"

"I stayed away from her, but I had no influx of injured soldiers, so I think it's safe to say that she's dealing with it"

"The baby?"

"So far I'm happy to say that everything is fine. Knowing Starbuck, that baby will have one hell of an attitude" Cottle chuckled at the thought, though he was horrified at the same time.

Bill sighed, the news did more good to him than he expected. He thought he'd have more problems with it, just as he did when the two just got together. But he was surprised to feel the warm feeling as he grasped the situation. A grandchild. He didn't think he'd live long enough to be a grandparent after the end of the worlds. The thought of it brought a smile on his face, and the smile grew wider as he walked towards a bed and drew the curtain open.

"Hey Grandpa" Kara greeted him. He liked the sound of it. Lee was by her side, hand in hers, looking very joyful. The Admiral didn't say anything but gave the two people he cared dearly a hug.

"By the way, Starbuck… don't even think about getting in the viper" he warned her.

"I'd chain you to the brig if I have to" Lee added. Kara rolled her eyes at the protective measures of the Adama men.

"I'm not fragile, you know"

"Raptor only. Doctor's order" the Old Man kissed the top of her head before lingered longer in the hug.


To be continued...
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]

Notes on Chapter 2:

I thought I should explain a few things for those who haven't watched the series, so here it goes Contains spoilers!

Abortion became illegal on the Battlestar Galactica universe in the episode "The Captain's Hand", with the human race on the brink of extinction, they (as Laura Roslin said in the pilot episode) needed to start having babies.

As for the Cylons, they can't die as they'd "download" their consciousness into a new body - in the series, Kara "killed" Leoben many times over and he kept coming back in a new body. When Kara was captured and held at the Farm on Caprica, her ovary was taken, and when Leoben held Kara in prison on New Caprica, he brought in Kacey and told Kara that Kacey was her daughter. Eventually Kara believed it but then was heartbroken when Julia revealed that Kacey was indeed her biological daughter, taken by the Cylons.
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]

Keterangan untuk chapter 3

Kat: Louanne Katraine (Kat) was a pilot aboard Galactica, one of Kara's nuggets. Galactica's CAG during the colonization and occupation period of New Caprica.

Hotdog: Brendan Costanza (Hotdog) was a viper pilot aboard Galactica, one of Kara's nuggets.

Seelix: Diana Seelix (Hardball) was a deckhand, and later became a viper pilot.

Knuckle draggers: slang for mechanics or deckhands

Joe's bar: a bar on Galactica.
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]


"Kara? Please say something" Lee sighed as he saw her curled at the end of the couch, knees to her chest. Lee had never seen her in such state that it made him panic. He wasn't sure if it was horror, panic, or anger in her eyes, but since she stepped foot back on Galactica, she had been different.

Yesterday he had held her tight when Anders brought her in, she returned the hug and clung tight to him as she broke into tears.

"You should go, you'd be late otherwise" her voice was flat, not bearing emotions, but she managed a weak smile. She missed him, and it angered her that she couldn't just be happy that they were back together. Lee stood and gave her a kiss, he was due to report in ten minutes.

"Sorry about earlier" she was referring to his encounter with her knuckles that morning. He brought his hand up and rubbed his jaw where she hit. Lee woke her up when she trashed around violently in the night from her nightmare, but she was still deep into her nightmare that she had mistaken Lee as an attacker and punched him instead.

"Don't worry about it, I'll see you tonight, okay? If you need anything… please call. You know where I'd be" he added a gentle smile.

Kara didn't say anything, she laid her head on the arm rest and took a deep breath. Lee left their quarter with a heavy heart, he wanted to be by her side, comforting her, but with the new situation the fleet found themselves in, duty called first.

Kara's mind flew back to the moment Kacey called Julia "Mommy", and before she knew it, tears streamed down her eyes. Somewhere between memories of Kacey, Kara could hear Leoben's voice ringing in her ears.

"Kara… Meet your daughter, Kacey" she shook her head to get rid of it, but instead, Julia's voice took over.

"I'm Julia... Kacey's Mom..." her memory was a little sketchy, she didn't think she even heard her introduced herself as at that moment all she heard was her heart breaking at the word "Mommy" coming out of Kacey's mouth.

She stood abruptly, her eyes scouted the quarter before she went over to Lee's desk and put her fist towards it, letting pain shot through her knuckles. At that moment physical pain was much better than what she was feeling inside. Her ribs were still sore, her face was still bruised, but it wasn't enough, she needed something to detach herself from the horrible memories swimming in her head. She went to her locker to grab her jacket before she finally dragged herself out of the quarter.

"Alright! Your asses are mine! And in case none of you have the guts to ask me yourself, yes, whatever rumor you heard is true, I am pregnant, and therefore since I cannot be out there, I will make sure you suffer on the ground. Call it Starbuck kind of love" she grinned widely. Kara took a good look around at the nuggets. She may not be allowed in the vipers, but she was still an instructor. The ready room was filled with pilot candidates, including the ones from Pegasus.

Kara sighed as she took a look around, she thought about the many nuggets she had trained since she became instructor aboard Galactica. Her finest yet was Kat, and although the women had their differences, they did look out for one another in their own way.

"Oh gods… do you think it's safe to leave them with her?" Karl commented as he and Lee watched quietly from the back of the ready room.

"She needs this… you must admit, she's the best. Plus, she'd drive everyone insane otherwise"

"Good point"


"If that's the first trimester… gods help me for the rest" Sonic was limping back towards his bunk. Kara grinned as she walked pass the junior quarter. She drove them to their limits that day. Lee may think that she was insane, but he was quietly glad that it was channeled through training instead of putting her comrades in danger.

"How are you doing, Starbuck?" Karl bumped lightly to her shoulder as he fell into step with her.

"Ah, you know… same old…"

"Uh-huh… now, are you sure you want to do this?" he asked carefully.

"Damn right I'm sure"

"Lee is so going to kill me. You do know he doesn't agree with this, right?" he muttered.

"Tough for him. I need this! And you and I both know I can handle it" she spun to her right and into the gym.

"Just do me a favor and take it easy, will you?" he followed.

"Aaaaw… what's the matter, Helo? Scared a girl might beat you?" she threw a pair of boxing gloves at him.

"C'mon! I need to get some steam off" she grinned before putting her gloves on. Karl just shook his head and put the gloves on before heading to the matt where Kara was bouncing lightly waiting for him.

Lee couldn't take his mind of Kara as the day went by, he had been at his father's side most of the day, having meetings with the president, organizing the refugees, before taking back the role of CAG.

"Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt, but your presence is needed" Skulls politely reported to CIC. Both Bill and Lee raised their heads to meet the pilot's eyes.

"It'll have to wait, Lieutenant"

"Sir, the XO requested your presence" he insisted.

Lee stood still for a moment before Bill nodded at him.

"You're excused, Major" Bill knew Karl wouldn't interrupt unless it was something very important.

Lee followed the pilot's footsteps down the hallway, and as soon as he made a couple of turns, he knew they were going towards the hangar deck.

This better be urgent, his mind told him even though he knew that for Karl to have requested his presence, something bad must have happened, and perhaps it was something to do with Kara.

Lee could hear a small crowd shouting as soon as Skulls opened the hatch. There were a few people in front of him but he recognized the voice that was yelling on top of the crowd noise.

"Stop it!"

The crowd parted and made way for Lee, it was then that he saw why Karl had requested him, and he could justify the request.

In Karl's arm was Kara, he noticed the blood on her knuckles, a cut on her upper lip, and there was another on her eyebrow, while her already injured thigh from the gunshot was bleeding through the fabric of her pants. On the other side was Hotdog, holding Kat in his arms. The younger woman was pissed, but she wasn't as beaten as Kara was. Her hands clenched into a tight fist, he saw redness on her knuckles from the punches she delivered, and she may have bruised ribcage from the hits she sustained, but she fought back good.

A smirk escaped Kara's lips, she spat blood on the floor, eyes were burning with rage.

"Is that all you've got?"

Hotdog managed to hold Kat back as she tried to advance.

"Kara! Snap out of it!" Karl held her tightly. Lee was horrified at what he saw, there was too much anger in one body that it almost bled through her skin, she was mad.

"Where the frak is the medic?" Karl turned to look for Galen who had requested medic to come with sedative.

"Coming!" Galen yelled out as he made his way back to the perimeter the knuckle draggers and some of the pilots had formed around the two fighting women.

"Kara, stop it please" Lee's voice was soothing, but it had no effect, it seemed like Kara didn't even hear him.

"You crazy DILARANG!" Kat screamed at her.

"That's enough!" Lee barked at her, and this time she listened.

"Let me go!" Kara demanded as Karl tightened her grip.

"Calm down" Lee tried again, but he didn't get through. This time Kara tilted her head forward before hitting Karl on the nose with the back of her head. Karl involuntarily let go of his grip as his hands went to his nose.

"Frak!" he cursed under his breath as his eyes started to water.

Lee moved forward to take her into his grip, but Karl quickly recovered and grabbed one of her shoulders.

"I am so sorry for this, Kara" he managed to say before he gave her a right hook and knocked her out. Lee watched in horror as Karl caught her in time before she hit the floor.

"Was that necessary?" Lee rushed to help Karl gently laid her down on the floor.

"Medics are taking too long with the sedative. If I let it go on longer, she'd do more damage than pissing Kat off"

"What the frak happened?" Lee threw his glance over at Kat.

"Ask her! That crazy DILARANG attacked me when I asked her about the little kid" Kat let herself go from Hotdog's grip. Karl rubbed the bridge of his nose where it was still sore. He had gone to see Kara on his break, just to catch up, but he arrived in the middle of a fist fight between the two pilots.

"What kid?" Lee was confused.

"She was with a little girl when she came back, Sir" Galen answered.

"I was only trying to make a conversation!" Kat told him, "It… she looked like she needed it" she added.

Lee sighed as he turned to face Karl, luckily his nose wasn't broken.

"Out of the way!" Lee heard from behind him. The crowd broke as the Chief told them to get back to work and the medics arrived at the scene, moving Kara onto a stretcher.

" You two get yourselves checked" Lee told Karl and Kat before he moved away, trying to make sense of it all.

"Chief!" Lee called out.

"Yes Sir?"

"What do you know about the kid?"

"Not much, Sir. The girl's name, if I remember correctly was Kacey, she was one of the civilians' daughter. I didn't stay around long enough to get the story. Try asking Anders, he was the one who rescued Starbuck from the Detention Center"


"What part of being careful did you not understand?" it was more of a telling off for Kara when Lee passed a bag of ice to Kara. She gladly took it and pressed it over her bruised cheekbone. Kara came late to their meeting to run through schedules and training program, and Lee was less than impressed when she turned up with a bruise. It had been three months of training with Karl since she found out that she was pregnant. Despite the fact that Lee disagreed strongly with it, Kara needed physical training to keep her going and sane.

"Oh relax, would you? I'm fine! Baby's fine! I got punch in the face, no big deal"

"No big deal? Kara, you're pregnant!"

"Bad time?" Karl knocked on the slightly ajar hatch of the CAG's office.

"What were you thinking, Helo?" Lee didn't wait for the man to close the hatch before he had a go at him. The taller man pressed the hatch shut to prevent their argument to be heard from the hallway before he stepped further into the office. It was only then that Lee noticed the bruise on the corner of his eye, and the cut on his lower lip. The two Captains shared a knowing look between them before Lee went quiet and asked "What?"

"A bar brawl at Joe's" Kara answered.

"And you're involved?" Lee bounced the question back at her, and he wouldn't be surprised if she answered yes.

"Stray punch, Apollo" Karl explained.

"I got punch, so I punched back, but Helo intercepted and got that before we managed to get away from it" she pointed at Karl's injuries.

Lee sighed and wiped his face with his palm before he shook his head.

"Get it in your head, Apollo. I'm pregnant, not fragile and useless. I know my limit" she sternly told him.

"Do you?" Lee quickly asked, remembering the numerous times she had gone over her limit.


Lee took a deep breath, knowing full well this is an argument he wouldn't win. He shifted his gaze to meet Karl's who nodded, silently telling him to let it go. With a sigh he placed his hand on each side of her jaw and pulled her into a gentle kiss.

"Just please… be more careful"

"Yes Sir" she answered with a mocking tone and added a grin.

"Sorry to interrupt, but can I have a moment with you?" Lee shot an apologetic look towards Seelix as he asked Sam to come with him.

"Sure" Sam nodded. He rose from the edge of his bunk and gave Seelix a kiss before following Lee out of the crowded quarter.

"I'll be right back" he told her before he disappeared behind the hatch. Seelix just nodded and gave him a smile.

"What can I help you with?" Sam asked as soon as they were outside.

"What do you know about the kid who was with Kara when you came back?"

"Huh? Kacey? Not much, I'm afraid. All I know is that Kacey was in the detention center with Kara, in the same unit. When I rescued her, she went back for the kid and took her with us. When we got here the mother saw her, apparently the Cylons took the kid, and Starbuck brought her back... Then the mother was thanking Kara continuously before she took Kacey away"

There was a quiet moment before Sam recognized the flicker of worry in Lee's eyes.

"Does this have anything to do with what went down with Kat?"

Lee took a deep breath as he combed his hair with his finger, his shoulder slumped slightly.

"I've never seen her that angry… it was like..."

"She was a different person" Sam finished Lee's sentence. Lee searched the man's eyes for answer as the words left his mouth.

Sam struggled to explain what he witnessed during their escape, Kara had not said anything to Sam about her time in the detention center, or what was her connection to Kacey, but at that moment, Lee would take anything to make sense of what just happened.

"Did you catch the name of the mother?"

Sam leaned back on the wall as he tried to remember.

"Julia… I think"


"Oh look who's here!" Sharon spoke to Hera as Kara came into their quarter.

"Hi Starbuck" Sharon offered her a smile as she took Hera into her arms.

"Hi" Kara replied with another smile.

"Thanks again for doing this"

"It's okay, I can't do anything anyway" she took the toddler from Sharon's arms. Since the news of her pregnancy Kara had been coming to see the Agathons a lot, and she grew more patient for Hera too.

"Oh aren't you getting heavy?" Kara teased the little girl in her arms.

"Tell me about it. I'm sure I'm getting enough workouts just by carrying her around. You look great, by the way" Sharon commented.

"Thank you" she gave her a smile. She turned to face Hera again and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"C'mon, let's go and play" she whispered in her ear.

"Karl will come by to pick her up after his shift. Thanks again" Sharon held the hatch open as Kara and Hera passed through.

"No problem. Have a great day"

"See you later, sweetie" Sharon planted a kiss on her daughter before she left for work.

There were 127 women by the name Julia in the fleet, which wasn't bad at all, Lee thought he'd have to go through hundreds more of Julias. On Galactica alone there were 42 Julias, it was a start though. He had crossed out five of them, and given that she was on board Galactica when she got off the planet, there was a good chance she'd still be on the ship.

"How are you going?" Karl startled him.

"Hey… well… five down, one hundred twenty two to go" Lee threw his pencil on his desk and leaned back on his chair as Karl took a seat on the opposite side of the desk.

"Go see Kara, I'll take care of it while you're gone"

"How is she?"

Karl shook his head and took the paper with the list of Julias into his hand.

"Not sure. She is still very quiet. Being in the brig doesn't help though" he paused and met the man's gaze.

"Has she talked to you about the detention center?" Lee had to ask although he knew what the answer might be.

"Not a word, I'm afraid" Karl paused for a moment, "Go on… I've finished my shift already, I can do this" he assured him. Lee nodded before he stood from his seat and headed towards the hatch.

"Thanks, Helo"

Karl nudged his head before he turned back to the list. Julia Briar… Julia Brynn… his eyes went to the location next to the name, Julia Briar was on Zephyr.

Julia Brynn it is, he murmured to himself.

"Hey Starbuck" the Admiral greeted her as she made her way to her quarter with Hera attached to her hip.

"Afternoon, Sir"

"Hello Hera" he gave the little girl a smile but she was more interested in Kara's hair, it had grown longer then.

"You're looking good, Kara. How's everything?"

"All great, Sir. Just babysitting for Helo and Athena" she grinned.

"And the training?" he carefully asked, not sure he wanted to hear the answer.

"Still going. Don't worry, Lee had given me the lecture about being careful so often that I could quote him in my sleep" she assured him. A low chuckle came from him, he'd give Kara the lecture himself too.

"I don't expect less from him" he paused at an intersection, "I noticed you dropped Amber completely from the pilot program"

"Yes Sir, her last test showed she's not cut out for it. I've given her a second chance, and she blew it. I cannot have my pilot freeze in action"

A smile formed in the Admiral's face, happy that she was somehow becoming more sensible. There were more pilots in the fleet with Pegasus crew joining forces, but that didn't stop them training new ones, they never knew when they'd need them, and it gave them a purpose.

"Very well,Starbuck. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon" he said as he parted ways with her, going towards CIC.

"Julia Brynn?" Karl greeted the woman. The sight of a little girl with blonde hair next to her was promising. They were in a small area with the other refugees, not exactly a great place for a kid, but there were nowhere else for them to go to.

"Yes, that's me"

"I'm Captain Karl Agathon" he extended his hand.

"Is something wrong?" she asked as she gave Karl a nervous handshake.

"Is your daughter's name Kacey by any chance?"

"Yes, this is Kacey…" there was uncertainty in her voice by then. Karl must have shown a huge relief on his face because Julia looked confused to say the least.

"Do you mind if I ask you and your daughter a few questions? It's regarding one of our pilots, Kara Thrace"


To be continued...
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Re: What the Future Holds [fanfic]

Notes on Chapter 3:

I thought about explaining gender and its role in BSG universe (it's one of the reasons why I found BSG to be one of the best series I've ever watched so far), and I thought this article explained it very well. Have a little read http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/01/sta...star-galactica
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