Samsung Ultrabook NP 535U4X Reviewed.
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[Laptop/Notebook] Samsung Ultrabook NP 535U4X Reviewed.
Type: Review
Tonality: Positive
Notebook with Trinity APU comes with a slim design and lightweight, while still includes general notebook-style completeness.mSince the presence of Llano in 2011, the emergence of APU-based notebooks (Accelerated Processing Unit) AMD more intense. Especially after presenting AMD Trinity APU Llano successor who has a better performance, in terms of processor and graphics. Coupled with the emergence of ultrathin platform is slim notebook ultrabook to rival. Samsung NP535U4X-S01ID this is one of ultrathin products that use the latest AMD APU, Trinity. This notebook comes with a sleek design, thin, and light. With a thickness of about 2.5 cm only, NP535U4X-S01ID Samsung notebook is quite thin. In addition, the weight of the notebook is also light enough which is only about 1.8 kg. This notebook is equipped with AMD APU A8-4555M quad core processor speed of 1.6 GHz. APU also has a Radeon HD 7600G graphics chip is only about 17 watts of power takes a relatively highly efficient batteries. In addition, this notebook also has a capacity of 8 GB of RAM DDR3 1333 MHz to handle a variety of daily needs. As a thin and light notebook, Samsung NP535U4X-S01ID has decent performance for consideration. Performance is sufficient for daily activities, even for gaming. This is because the notebook is powered graphics chip which is quite good. Using efficient processor should make NP535U4X-S01ID Samsung's battery life is longer. In terms of performance, this notebook has a pretty good, especially in terms of graphics performance.
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Re: Samsung Ultrabook NP 535U4X Reviewed.

inggris ku jeblok
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