Komodo Dragon Flores
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[Tempat Rekreasi] Komodo Dragon Flores

Komodo National Park is inhabited by the giant dragons and other rare animals and is now as one of the world 7 wonders of nature. It is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province, belongs to West Manggarai Regency. Komodo Island is one of the islands in the national park, located to the west of Flores Island and to the east of Sumbawa Island. Since 1980, the area of 1,812sqm has been aclaimed as one of the national parks in Indonesia. It is also as one of the World Heritage Site, recognized by UNESCO in 1986. Together with two other islands, Pulau Rinca and Padar, Komodo Island and several small islands becomes one of the word national park that needs to maintain its habitants.

The government and local communitis has preserved this National Park. Travlers may come and have a closer look to the life of the Komodo Dragons. The dragons have up tp3 meters lenght and up to 1000 pounds of weight. The Komodo Dragons likes hot and dry place in the tropical rain forest or savanna. During the day time they scatter around the forest or run around the beach. In the night time, the dragons nestles in a hole to keep their body warm. Komodo Dragon is the animal cannibals who prey on children can newly hatched Komodo dragons.
This animal can smell the stench of blood and as far as 9 kilometers. They prey on wild buffalo, goats, deer, birds and other wild stars in the vicinity. There are many bacteria in the mouth of Komodo dragons that can paralyze its prey after biting. Bacteria from the saliva will kill their prey within a few hours after the bite. The dragons can swimm and run 20 kilometers per hour.

Like other reptiles, the Komodo dragon reproduce by laying eggs. However, studies prove there are other ways to regenerate dragons by means of parthenogenesis. It is possible a female to produce Komodo dragon egg without fertilization by a male. Partenogenesis allegedly save the dragons from extinction since thousands of years ago.

Enjoy a tour to Komodo Island National Park observing the life of Komodo dragons may not be enough for you. For those who like watersports, scuba diving is the option to explore the beauty of underwater world around the national park. Various types of coral reefs alive and become the life for many fish species as well as providers of marine life system. Many divers have witnessed the beauty of under waterworld around Komodo islands and other islands in the National Park.

To explore the nature of Komodo National Park, there are various type of tours available. From 2 days Komodo Tours to 7 Days Komodo LiveAboard Cruises and Dive Safari are tailor made to meet your expectation. It is your turn to see and witness the life of Komodo Dragon. Just 2 hours from Labuan Bajo to Rinca Island and is 4 hours to Komodo Island.
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The Real Komodo Adventure - West Flores

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Re: Komodo Dragon Flores

Ada paket tour yang murah ga ya buat ke pulau komodo?
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