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Paket Wisata KE CHINA Hanya 7JT rupiah >>>GK PERCAYA?

Paket Wisata KE CHINA Hanya 7JT rupiah >>>GK PERCAYA?

Gw butuh at least 3 orang karena Min keberangkatan adalah 10 org...dari keluarga gw adalah 7 orang..

Persembahan CHAN BROTHERS dari Singapore....

ini rutenya...naek china eastern airlines....dari singapore....


Destinations: to Shanghai Hangzhou Xiamen Nanjing Suzhou Beijing
11 Days 10 Nights

A tour to most Jiangnan cities and Captital Beijing

China Eastern Airlines

Prices shown are guideline and are not guaranteed until purchased is completed.
Prices shown are not inclusive of airport taxes and fees and other incidental.
Prices shown are in SGD.
Taxes and fees quoted are subject to currency flunctuation and are not guaranteed until air ticket issuance.


Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Shanghai(or Xiamen). Upon arrival, transfer to Hangzhou, take a leisurely cruise on West Lake and admire the scenic views. Continue to Huagang Park and Longjingwencha, two of the 10 scenic spots of West Lake. Thereafter, visit the Pagoda of Six Harmonies, which is over 1,000 years old. Ascend the pagoda for panoramic views of the vast Qiantang River. Today, you will enjoy the famous West Lake vinegared fish.

After breakfast, proceed to Nanjing, one of the 7 oldest cities in China. Enroute, you will pass the magnificent Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, standing tall and strong over the Yangtze River, the bridge is a majestic sight to behold. Visit Zhonghua Gate, it was the main south gate of Nanjing and faces south, looking out over the southern moat. Zi Jin Shan (Purple Mountain) Observatory, constructed in 1934, it is the first modern observatory built by Chinese in China. Confucuis Temple (Fuzimiao) was built during the Song Dynasty and is situated on the north bank of the Qinhua River, the entire area around the Temple consists of a series of tourist shops, snack bars, restaurants and entertainment arcades all done up in ?Ming? and ?Qing?style architecture.

After breakfast, proceed to Wuxi., an important city in Jiangsu, boasts gentle weather and fertile soils. Upon arrival, visit Three Kingdoms Park, the filming site of the TV drama ?The Three Kingdoms?. Next, take a cruise on the picturesque Taihu Lake. Continue to visit a zisha teapot factory. Enjoy Wuxi spare ribs for your dinner.

After breakfast, depart for Suzhou, it is famous for its landscaping art. The gardens of Suzhou are world-famous. Today, you will visit one of its most representative gardens, Ou Garden. Proceed to visit Cold Mountain Temple, or Hanshan Temple, to view paintings, inscriptions and other precious artefacts. Continue to a silk factory, where you will view a fashion show and learn how silk is made. Spend your time at Qilishantang walking street, experience the local customs.

After breakfast, proceed to Shanghai Bund, ascend Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Take a cruise to enjoy the various architectural styles of buildings on the Huangpu River bank and take in the charms of this vibrant city.

After breakfast, continue to the Chenghuangmiao Shopping Area, Nanjing Road and Qipu Road Market for shopping. Today, enjoy Shanghainese steamed buns.

Take domestic flight to Beijing, the capital of China. Upon arrival, visit the world-famous Tiananmen Square. In its vicinity are sights like the Monument to the People

After breakfast, ascend the Great Wall, one of manís greatest engineering achievements. It stretches across Northern China for 6,100km. After lunch, visit the Ming Tombs at the foot of Tianshou Hill.

After breakfast, visit the Forbidden City. Once home to emperors, it is the largest and most complete palace existing in China and the largest in the world today, filled with magnificent buildings, pavilions and pagodas. In the afternoon, visit the Summer Palace that is located within a lovely 12th-century park, once the Empress Dowager Ci Xi?s resort. Thereafter, proceed to Wangfujing Shopping Street for fantastic buys. Today, enjoy an Imperial Banquet.

Visit Temple of Heaven Park, the largest temple complex in China. This was where Ming and Qing emperors prayed to the heavens for peace and good harvests for the country. The main building is a cluster of temples noted for their exquisite layouts and unique structures. The Hall of Prayer for good harvests is a particularly interesting, lofty cone-shaped structure with triple eaves and a blue-tiled roof. After lunch, transfer to the airport for your flight home.
*If you are taking MU flight, via Shanghai to Singapore.
Breakfast/Lunch/Meals on Board

Date : 26Sep

Price : SGD708

Taxes : SGD375

visa 325000

Total BIAYASGD 708+SGD 375 +PPN1%(7.08)
sekitar 7.2jt rupiah

diluar viskal dan visa serta tiket pesawat dr dan ke sing

Flight details:

26Sep MU 544 SINPVG 0055-0550

02Oct MU5109 SHAPEK 1200-1415

05Oct MU5120 PEKSHA 1700-1900

05Oct MU 543 PVGSIN 2355-0500

Untuk hotel di shanghai bintang 3 sedangkan kota lain bintang 4...

Jadi KITA harus naek pesawat dulu ke singapore...tgl 25 september...

BAGI YANG PENGEN TANYA BS YM GW ATAU TELP nanti gw forward ke chan brother...

HP 083 88 127 628
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Re: Paket Wisata KE CHINA Hanya 7JT rupiah >>>GK PERCAYA?

Paket Wisata KE CHINA Hanya 7JT rupiah >>>GK PERCAYA?
ternyata murah ya kecina aja, kirain sampai puluhan juta
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berikan bintang penghargaan agar postingnya semangat

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Re: Paket Wisata KE CHINA Hanya 7JT rupiah >>>GK PERCAYA?

Oleh ubay View Post
ternyata murah ya kecina aja, kirain sampai puluhan juta
iya lumayan hrgnya
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Re: Paket Wisata KE CHINA Hanya 7JT rupiah >>>GK PERCAYA?

murah juga pake pesawat apa tuh? promo paket wisatanya sampe kapan?
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