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Jual Dvd Adventure Lengkap



1. email ke cow431@ymail.com diisi dengan nama pemesan (sesuai KTP), barang yang dipesan sesuai dengan judul yang ada di cover film, alamat pengiriman.

2. transfer ke rekening BCA rekening BCA 7210136066 atau rekening BNI 0121171026 dan Mandiri 1420006797871 a/n CANDRA PONCO

3. konfirmasi transfer ke 081 331 270 122

4. Kunjungi juga http://candraponco.com

5. ya udah order yuuuuukkkk

HARGA RATA RATA 35.000 - 50.000 / JUDUL


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Bls: Jual Dvd Adventure Lengkap


French Team DK in Ouganda, riding the White Nile.
This 40min movie deals with Uganda, the white Nile and the experiences we got there during 7 months! It’ll contain lots of bonuses and pictures…

90 minutes of detailed instruction on playboating from the ground up. Twice as much instruction as the 2003 version of EJ?s Playboating, this DVD is worth adding to your library. The videos were filmed on location in Uganda on the White Nile River and in Zambia on the Zambezi River. Whether you want to learn to get vertical in flatwater, spin in a hole, back surf a wave, or do your first loop or cartwheel, this video is for you. Advanced boaters will benefit from the basics program by learning the rules and fundamentals that are needed for a strong foundation of playboating skills that will break through any plateau and allow you to dive deeper into the Advanced moves quickly. There are four main sections to the instruction, each with separate chapters that allow you to get right to the move you are interested in easily. Flatwater moves, hole moves, wave moves, and downriver moves.

This video contains footage from five television shows that followed Tao Berman, Josh Bechtel, Erik Boomer, and Todd Anderson around the Americas looking for huge waterfalls and first descents. Tao’s own footage shows the team having fun and pulling off stunts that only the best extreme athletes seem to get away with. Shot in Chile, Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Washington, and Oregon.

The legendary Sydney to Hobart yacht race crosses one of the most dangerous stretches of water in the world. We follow the fortunes of the 66-foot Grundig, a fast, lightweight racer, as she takes on huge maxi yachts. The 630 nautical mile route takes competitors down the Australian coast and across the notorious Bass Strait to Tasmania.
The Grundig is the brainchild of Australian skipper Sean Langman, who breaks all the conventions and decides to take a DILARANG KERAS. He is joined by world champion David Witt for this epic battle. In true Sydney to Hobart race fashion, disaster is just around the corner and heavy seas in the Bass Strait cause the hull of the Grundig to start breaking-up. It is a long night as she limps back to the mainland and eventual safety.
The race is over for Grundig, Sean Langman, David Witt and their crew. Their quiet landfall at the tiny fishing village of Eden contrasts sharply with the wild and noisy greeting that awaits the race winners in Hobart. Heartbreaking proof that David cannot always beat Goliath.

Downunder the Horizonline follows three Aussie kayakers and their mates on their travels around the globe, cameras in hand, proving that you can live your dream without having a dream bank account! Skippy Films presents this entertaining DVD about grabbing a boat and getting out there.
The rivers of the world are waiting to be paddled!
Downunder the Horizonline includes footage from Canada, USA, Norway, and has more Australian whitewater footage than has ever been seen before.

The story of Andrew McAuley?s attempt to become the first person to kayak 1600 kilometres from Australia to New Zealand across one of the wildest and loneliest stretches of ocean on Earth. Featuring actual recordings from the fatal adventure and some heart-wrenching personal footage supplied by family and friends, Solo is a stunning portrait of man versus nature and is an investigation into what drives a person to participate in such dangerous sports

A film of the epic first descent into the deepest river gorge in the world, the Yarling Tsangpo River gorge, in early 2002. Surrounded by 24,000-ft snow-capped peaks on either side, seven young kayakers, with the support of a ground crew, did it, to the amazement of all!
Led by Scott Lindgren, the others running the river, which drops 9,000 feet in 150 miles, were Johnnie & Willie Kern, Willie Kern, Dustin Knapp, Steve Fisher, Mike Abbott, and Allan Ellard. This is the story of their remarkable journey.

Without warning, the world's deadliest tsunami hit the coast of Thailand on December 26, 2004, causing widespread death and devastation and triggering fears around the globe. Now a team of leading scientists is investigating whether a similar phenomenon could strike America. The scientists embark on a journey many miles below the ocean's surface, obtaining new data from an ocean ridge taller than the Alps. Millions of lives may hang in the balance as these intrepid specialists race against the clock to learn whether another tsunami of such gigantic proportions could happen again-and where

A tale of personal loss, survival and hope, this HBO mini-series focuses on the harrowing aftermath of the tsunami that devastated the coast of Thailand on December 26, 2004. Filmed on location in Thailand, Tsunami, The Aftermath follows a group of characters whose lives are irrevocably transformed by the cataclysmic natural disaster. Among those whose stories are followed are: a young couple searching for their child; a Thai survivor who loses his family and tries to prevent developers from seizing the land his village is built on; an Englishwoman whose husband and son are missing; an ambitious reporter; a relief worker; an overwhelmed British official whose faith in the system is torn apart; and a leading Thai meteorologist, whose earlier report detailing the inevitability of a tsunami hitting the affected area was ignored.

When the rising water levels combine with a deadly tidal wave, the Thames Barrier is powerless to defeat of flood of biblical proportions. With the lives of millions in the balance, a group of experts are called upon to deliver London from total devestation.

DEEP WATER tells the story of Donald Crowhurst, who entered the first Sunday Times Golden Globe solo, non-stop, round-the-world, boat race in 1968. His boat began its journey slowly but, as the race progressed, reports of his position at sea showed that electronics inventor Crowhurst was covering great distances every day. The news made headlines across the world but as the world waited for Crowhurst to cross the finishing line, the shocking truth was revealed. DEEP WATER includes interviews with Donald Crowhurst’s family and is narrated by actress Tilda Swinton.


1. email ke cow431@ymail.com diisi dengan nama pemesan (sesuai KTP), barang yang dipesan sesuai dengan judul yang ada di cover film, alamat pengiriman.

2. transfer ke rekening BCA rekening BCA 7210136066 atau rekening BNI 0121171026 dan Mandiri 1420006797871 a/n CANDRA PONCO

3. konfirmasi transfer ke 081 331 270 122

4. ya udah order yuuuuukkkk

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Bls: Jual Dvd Adventure Lengkap

Even if you don’t surf, the music and beautiful cinematography in this film will draw you in and make you feel good. The film follows then virgin filmmaker Jack Johnson and his friends on a surf trip around the globe, beginning where they first set foot on a surf board, and circling back to end there as well.
This film was co-produced by brothers Chris and Emit Malloy, makers of the film “Out Cold.” Their excellent taste in editing, as well as Johnson’s sharp eye for a good shot, provide a unique experience. The soundtrack combines tracks from established artists like G. Love and Special Sauce as well as some of the first recorded works of Jack Johnson’s music career.
The extras on the DVD are enough to justify buying it–smart, funny commentary and an unreleased music video of an acoustic version of Johnson’s “Holes to Heaven” are highlights.
In short, this movie encapsulates much of what is good about surfing, symbolizing growing up, but not really ever growing up. This is a great first film for Johnson

This third film by Ali Marshall and Si Tapley documents the adventures of four British kayakers on the second ever whitewater expedition to Greenland. The focus of their expedition is to kayak the mighty Isortoq River and its tributaries.
Before the team even makes it to the river, they must battle their way over 90 km’s of hard going, bug infested terrain with 120lb of equipment, while knowing that 18 polar bears had been spotted nearby.
Experience their massive highs and lows as the team works to achieve one of the greatest first descents of our time.

Clear H2O Films embarks on the Final expedition for the Filming of Hotel Charley Vol: 4 set to hit paddle shops this spring. In the final days of 2008, Ben Stookesberry, Rafael Ortiz, Chris Korbulic, and Phil Boyer put up one of the most significant big water expeditions to date with an 11 day, 11 portage descent of the mighty Rondu Gorge of the Indus River in Pakistan. Now Stookesberry, Ortiz, and Korbulic are joining forces with with expedition juggernaut Jesse Coombs and the high hucking Brazilian Pedro Oliver on the exact opposite side of the earth in the jungle covered mesas of Central Brazil to search for the tallest runnable falls on earth.
Last year Stookesberry, Coombs, and Oliver found the veritable “North Shore” of big waterfall kayaking near Brazil’s Capital, Brasilia, with Stookesberry putting up a high-water free fall of 2.7 seconds translating to 105 to 115 feet of free fall. Unfortunately do to the flooded conditions the falls, the team was unable to get a truly accurate measurement of the falls and Stookesberry was forced to swim after an imploded skirt left him stranded deep in the base of the flooding falls.
This February these five Pro Team Jackson Kayak Paddlers return to the Rain swollen falls of Central Brazil in search of a new benchmark in whitewater kayaking: the 3 second freefall. ??In addition to pushing the boundaries of the their sport, the team hopes to raise awareness of agriculturalization that is threatening much of the high Brazilian Plateau, reducing vast regions of tropical mesa land to an Iowa esque peneplain of Soy and Bean plantations. The waterfalls and canyons of the regions in some cases represent the last refuge of the unique semi arid echo-system that are home to some of the most spectacular creatures on earth including the 7-meter giant yellow Anaconda.

Cackle TV Productions brings you sea kayaking at its most exciting! Thrilling footage taken in big surf and roaring tidal races lets you feel you are in the boat with expert paddlers. Watch their eyes bulge and hear them scream in excitement as they meet the challenge of big water!
Hear personal insights from the world’s top sea paddlers including expedition paddler Chris Duff, Greenland Kayak Champion Malligiaq Padilla, and world leaders Nigel Foster and Nigel Dennis. Locations are as far afield as California, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Greenland, Wales and Russia. See footage from daring and difficult sea kayaking expeditions, including a 650 kilometre journey along the eastern coast of Russia with a novice paddler. The team encounter 6 foot surf, brown bears in their campsite and are arrested by Russian soldiers. Justine Curgenven, award winning adventure videographer, has had footage aired on BBC, Sky and National Geographic. She shoots her footage directly from her own kayak, following paddlers through crashing surf, exciting tidal races, and fascinating sea caves and arches. You can’t get any closer to the action without actually being there yourself!

In the summer of 2004 a team of kayakers set out to run the seven premiere multi-day expeditions in the California Sierra Nevada mountain range. Never in the history of kayaking had these seven rivers been paddled by one group of kayakers all in the same season. Being called a truly bold endeavor the seven rivers represent the most significant whitewater undertaking in the United States over the past 20 years” Experience the compelling documentary of this historic expedition.

The annual spring gathering of the world’s top big wave freestylers has now become known as the ‘Stakeout’. Our goal has been to find bigger, faster, and more dynamic waves, and our whole mindset has changed – we don’t need eddy service and we don’t mind sketchy moves to get that one epic ride in a session. A lot of the time we have been skunked, hiking and working hard only to find something that is simply a mess. That’s Quebec! The massive unrunnable rapid and long flats punctuated but the most awesome benders with the boys. that’s the ‘Stakeout’.

Join the Young Gun crew on this heart-pounding global kayaking adventure.
Launch into the White Nile’s legendary Hypoxia rapid. Experience first descents on the thundering rivers of Madagascar. Witness the first ever Hail Mary off Marina Falls in New Zealand. Watch awestruck as the best and brightest kayak stars stick fresh Big Wave tricks and radical new Down River moves.

SOURCE provides unique insight into the lives of some of the biggest names in kayaking while following their global journey to experience new cultures, meet new people and push their
limits in spectacular whitewater. You’ll journey across Vietnam, travel to the remote canyons of the high Sierras, explore new heights in freestyle, and witness the descent of the
tallest waterfall ever paddled. STATE OF THE ART is a film that showcases the new school kayaking movement and the athletes that drive the sport to unheard of levels.
Featuring: Charlie Center, Tyler Bradt, Rush Sturges, Marlow Long, Brooks Baldwin, Evan Garcia, Anthony Yap, Ben Marr, Logan Graying, Tanya Shuman, and Patrick Camblin
Shot on location in: Patagonia, Vietnam, California, Uganda, Madagascar, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil

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Bls: Jual Dvd Adventure Lengkap


The theory in the name of this film, according to Big Up, is that behind every breakthrough in the progression of climbing, there's a true story of doubt and determination, perseverance in the face of failure. From boulders, to big walls, to competition podiums, the climbers at the top of the game share a commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve their vision.
Chris Sharma applies his bouldering power to a new batch of hard sport routes in Spain, while training for his nemesis, a project at Clark Mountain, CA (featured in the film King Lines). Later he returns to Clark Mountain to complete the route and establish one of the world's hardest rock climbs, Jumbo Love (5.15b).
Tommy Caldwell continues to break new ground in Yosemite big wall free climbing, with the first free ascent of Magic Mushroom, and a glimpse of his latest El Cap super project, Mescalito.
Kevin Jorgeson pushes highball bouldering to a new level with his terrifying ascent of Ambrosia, in Bishop, CA.
Patxi Usobiaga (Spain) and Johanna Ernst (Austria) train like Olympians to become champions of the World Cup competition circuit.
Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson rip the hardest problems on the fantasy boulders of Rocklands, South Africa.
Alex Honnold and Matt Segal bring a fresh attitude to the legendary scary grit routes in the English Peak District.
Adam Ondra, the 16 year old Czech phenom, shows why he's turning the climbing world upside down, with a fresh style and lightning fast repeats of high-end routes.

Highlights from one of the "best gritstone seasons ever", filmed and produced by award winning film maker Alastair Lee.
Featuring Jordan Buy's second ascent of the coveted Widdop Wall, followed by what has been touted by gritstone guru John Dunne as 'the hardest route on grit' as Ryan Pasquill makes the first ascent of the outrageously difficult 'Gerty Berwick'; the blank wall to the left of 'The New Statesman' at Ilkley, Yorkshire. Then Lucy Creamer stars in the hardest UK female ascent of a gritstone route as she tries her luck on 'Slab and krack' E8 at Cubar, Peak District. Another main attraction is one of gritstone's unsung heroes Ben Bransby with his first ascent of a stunning highball boulder problem at Rylstone, Yorkshire.

A film about climbing in Ireland - and considerably more entertaining than many more professionally produced offerings. Features footage from Crystal Methods E8 6c, Tolerance E8 6c, Idlewild E6 6b, Faith E7 6c, The Power of the Hobo E7 6c, A Bad Skin Day E7 6c, Jokerman E6 6b, Mushroom Boyz E7 6c, We’re All Learning E7 6c, Pressure Point E6 6c, Wall of Prey E5 6b, Eazy Now E6 6c, The Complete Scream E8 6b and plenty of banter (ie lots of rudeness - you have been warned!)

"Thomas and Alexander Huber rank as two of the best mountain climbers of our time. Now the Huber brothers have set out to break the record in speed climbing at the wall of all walls, the 1,000 foot vertical Nose of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, California. Featuring breathtaking footage of the mountains of Patagonia and Yosemite National Park, Academy Award® winner Pepe Danquart follows the Huber brothers to locations never before reached by a film crew."

Alastair Lee's new film exploring the challenge of ground up on sight climbing (mainly in the UK) at the top end of the grades. Winner of Best Climbing Film and the Grand Prize at Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2008!
From the sleeve: "On Sight is a gripping adventure into the world of cutting edge rock and ice climbing, documenting what is possible with a ground up, no pre-practice approach resulting in raw, compelling and sometimes frightening footage."

Award winning film of Dave MacLeod's ascent of his mega-route Echo Wall on Ben Nevis. Although it is ungraded, Echo Wall is perhaps the hardest trad route on the planet. The film follows Dave in the months up to the first ascent as he tries to maximise his strength by audacious ascents and solos of other top routes - all fimed by his wife Claire.

The latest block buster climbing movie from Sender Films, starring Tommy Caldwell, Steph Davis, Matt Segal, Lisa Rands, Dean Potter and many other climbers at the top of their game.
To quote the blurb on the box: "The Sharp End is an adrenaline-soaked journey up the world's most challenging walls: the French Alps, the Eiger, the Utah desert, the Diamond of Colorado, Indian Kashmir, Yosemite granite and the sandstone spires of the czech Republic. Run-out routes, scary high-ball boulder problems, ice-covered alpine walls and all-or-nothing free-solo ascents will keep your palms perspiring."

Six short films including truly amazing deep water soloing in Mallorca, bouldering at Fontainebleau, New York, and Illinois, and some world class sport climbing in Rumney. Featuring Dave Graham, Chris Sharma and Klem Loskot. Winner of several best film awards.

Bouldering & Climbing with Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Klem Loskot, Lisa Rands, Jason Kehl and others. From the makers of Rampage.

Big UP's Dosage series documents climbing's state-of-the-art, capturing the spirit of the sport, and some of its most spectacular moments. Volume V has the series's biggest line-up ever of the world's top climbers, including: Chris Sharma, Dave Graham, Beth Rodden, Tommy Caldwell, Dani Andrada, Patxi Usobiaga, Michael Fuselier, Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Daila Ojeda, Ty Landman, Jason Kehl, and many more.

Big wall freeclimbing in Yosemite with Tommy Caldwell, bouldering in Switzerland with Dave Graham and Chris Sharma, plus the same pair in action in Squamish, and Lisa Rands on our very own Gaia (E8) on the grit. Plus bonus bits and bobs.

Long awaited new DVD, featuring some of the big climbing scenes of 2005, including Chris Sharma bouldering in Arkansa, Beth Roden on the Optimist (5.14) at Smith Rock, DWS in Vietnam, bouldering in Switzerland, first ascents in Utah, and Ron Kauk in Yosemite. Plus bonus bits and bobs.

HARD XS is the eagerly anticipated collection of short films by Richard Heap and Ben Pritchard. It follows some of Britain's best and most entertaining climbers on unbelievable climbs throughout the British Isles.
Over three and a half hours long this film is reckoned to be THE climbing film of the year.

Climbing road trip following Aaron Black and friends around such well known areas of North America as El Potero Chico, Hueco, Indian Creek, Bishop, Yosemite and the first ascent of a 23 pitch new route on Canadian granite.

Tremendous - Al Lee profiles Steve McClure, sport climber extrordinaire, Andy Kirpatrick and Ian Parnell attempting something ludicrously unpleasant in Patagonia in winter and gnarly Lakeland legend Dave Birkett making the first ascent of Skye Wall (E8) in the centre of the Cuillins.

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Bls: Jual Dvd Adventure Lengkap

Josh Lowell and Pete Mortimer's new climbing film which follows Chris Sharma in his search for the greatest unclimbed bits of rock in the world.
One of the top climbing films of the year. Brilliantly filmed and a nice insight into Sharma's upbringing and what it took him to get to the top (and not just of the routes)!

Hot Aches say, "A year at the cutting edge of hardcore trad climbing, featuring Britain's best rock climbers, plus top overseas visitors, Committed packs in over 200 'E' points of action: The hardest and most dangerous ascents that have been grabbing the climbing headlines across the world. It examines the diversity of climbing style and locations that together, make the British Trad scene unique and respected around the world. The featured climbs include numerous hard first ascents, audacious repeats and bold solos. From the sea cliffs of Scotland, to the gritstone test pieces of England, to the mountains in Ireland and Wales... Consistent is one theme: Committed."

Lake District living legend David Birkett as seen through the highly innovative lenses of Al "Saving Private Land" Lee and Dave "I want to be Jean Done" Halstead. See the trailers on the Posing Productions Website - it's brilliant! David repeats (or in one case attempts to repeat) nearly all his famous hard climbs, many of which remain unrepeated by anyone else. Fantastic footage too of the Lakeland Fells, combined with the Posing team's usual quirky commedy touches

Scottish living legend Dave McLeod on the first ascent of the UK's first E11, Requiem at Dumbarton Rock. Judging by the pre-release version that's going the rounds at present this is going to be an awsome film with some real on the edge of your seat whippers that leave you reeling with amazement at one man's total dedication to his project. Some of the final work on this film is being done by Posing Productions

Award winning yank film maker Peter (Front Range Freaks/Return to Sender) Mortimer brings his impressive arsenal of camera equipment to bear on some of the hardest new routes and ascents being done world wide. Includes the usual suspects like Timmy O'Neill and Dean Potter doing what they do best (ie acting like lunatics!), plus impressive climbing footage from the States, Thailand, Himalayas, and wonder of wonders, a Swiss climber, Didier Berthod, climbing "Greenspit" 5.14 (8b+/9a) in the Orco Valley in Italy - without bolts!!

Climbing in ScotlandReleased in October 2005 this film features some of Scotland's fiecest climbers, attempting new routes and repeating old ones.
Dave MacLeod, Joanna George, Niall McNair, Dave Redpath, Mike Tweedley and many others strut their stuff.

The creators of the multi-award winning Front Range Freaks are back, this time featuring mind-blowing climbing antics from around the globe. Renowned freak and urban ape Timmy O'Neill leads the adventures in a 90-minute documentary that chronicles cutting edge exploits in the vertical world..

Stunning film of state of the art Gritstone climbing that will have you totally gripped without leaving your armchair! If you've never watched a climbing video before, this is the one to buy.

Adventures in Yosemite, from climbing El Cap, to bouldering, to slack-lining the Lost Arrow Spire. Stars include Alex Huber, Lynn Hill and Jim Bridwell.

American climbing mayhem. Two hours of climbing action from Yosimite The Needles, Smith Rock, etc starring a whole gammut of famous yanks (Ron Kauk, Todd Skinner, Bobbi Bensman etc).
Originally two videos (Masters of Stone and Hard Rock), now only available on DVD.

More American climbing mayhem. A further two hours of climbing action from Yosimite The Needles, Smith Rock, etc starring a whole gammut of famous yanks (Dan Osman, Ron Kauk, Todd Skinner, Bobbi Bensman etc etc).
Originally two videos ("Third Stone from the Sun" and "Pure Force"), now only available on DVD.

Yet more American climbing mayhem. Speed big wall soloing by Dean Potter, Dan Osman's world record rope jump, slack lining. Awesome dude!

Subtitled - "Breakthrough" this, the sixth instalment of the series, aims to push the limits of rock entertainment:
El Cap speed record...High Ball Bouldering...Speed Free Solo Racing!.....Highest Slackline....Norway wingsuit action...Parkour and lots more.

From the makers of Hard Grit, 52 minutes of the UK Neil Bently and Richard Heap attempt to free climb the Salathe Wall, a classic Yosemite aid route. Also contains the 4 minute short "Splinter" showing Malcolm Smith on the "hardest boulder problem the UK" - how do they know?!.

Bouldering and rock-climbing film starring "the best American Players of the modern rock-climbing era", Dave Graham, Chris Sharma, Emily Harrington, Daniel Woods, Lisa Rands, Joe Kinder, Alex Puccio, Chris Lindner, and Ethan Pringle. Directed by Brian Solano

One of the first (and some would say the best) full length bouldering films ever made. Ben and Jerry (Moon and Moffat that is, not the ice-cream) do the Peak and Fontainebleau. With guest appearances from German rock legend Kurt Albert, Britain’s Sean Myles and French master Marc Le Menestrel, this is the real thing!

"19 extraordinary climbers - on 3 continents - with no ropes!"
This is the latest film by Chuck Fryberger and is totally awesome - according to our resident bouldering expert.

New awesome British bouldering film - the cutting edge of hard grit bouldering.
"Using footage gathered over two winters it includes a diverse range of stories set to an awesome soundtrack. Highlights include Ben Moons first assent of voyager (8b) followed by fifteen year old protégé Tyler Landman's second ascent. Also featuring Sam Whittaker, Jerry Moffatt, Jon Fullwood, Ben Bransby, Adam Long and many more..
Winter Sessions is a feast for the eyes and ears as these climbers set about repeating old classics (The Ace, The Joker, Deliverance to name but a few) and establishing new instant classics..."

Two classic American bouldering films from 2003 starring Chris Sharma, Joe Brooks, Chris Liinder, Dave Struthers, Tyson Atwell and Lisa Rands. By Paul Dusatko.

Apparently bouldering is "climbing's most mysterious discipline" according to the blurb on the back of the box. Shot in High Definition which maybe account for the high price. Starring: Daniel Woods, Lisa Rands, Andy Raether, Fred Nicole, Cedar Wright.

Yanks go cranking down under - in the famed Castle Hill Basin of New Zealand. Starring Boone Speed, Chris Sharma, Nate Gold and others.

Chris Sharma, Leo Houlding, Steve McClure, Tim Emmett et all plus some jolly attractive young gals all pile aboard some-one or other's yacht and go deep-water soloing on idyllic Croatian islands in the Med. Guaranteed to have you seething with jealousy.

From the makers of Hard Grit, 55 minutes of the UK Bouldering scene (North Wales, The Lakes, The Peak, Dartmoor, Northumberland and Yorkshire) featuring some of the top performers.

The popular video is now back on DVD. Bouldering in the Wild West with Chris Sharma and others, plus a bonus film of Sharma. Winner of the best rock climbing film at Vancouver Film Festival.
76 mins.

Bouldering in the exotic location of Hampi, India with Chris Sharma, Kate Brown and Nate Gold.

Kirkpatrick and Parnell on spiffing form as they make a winter ascent of the Lafaille route on the Dru. Needless to say, the route aint easy (A4 and Scottish VII), and they're on it for 13 days with all sorts of things going wrong - highly entertaining when viewed from the comfort of your armchair!

Alan Hughes's excellent portrait of Johnny Dawes - lots of gritstone action plus the spectacular Quarryman in North Wales. Now has the original soundtrack. 25mins.
20 years after Stone Monkey was made, it is still widely regarded as one of the best climbing films ever. The star, Johnny Dawes is one of the most exciting climbers ever to emerge on to the British scene. His incredible balance and composure while putting up gritstone masterpieces and the famous Quarryman Groove are awe-inspiring.

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Bls: Jual Dvd Adventure Lengkap



Snowy Mountains rise high above the untouched jungle of New Guinea, breaking through heavy rain clouds. A limestone pyramid, known as the Carstensz Pyramid, soars above them as the most exotic, but also the most inaccessible mountain in the world. The peak of this mountain was conquered for the first time, by Heinrich Harrer, in 1962. Access to the foothills of this mountain lead through the territory of the legendary Damal native tribes and still belongs amongst the most adventurous expeditions. Apart from obtaining the necessary permits, the biggest problem lies is in persuading the naked natives to help us with the transport of equipment from Beoga, across wild rivers and mountainous jungle, up to the snowy glaciers below the Carstensz Pyramid.

Kanchenjunga. A magic mountain, 8 586 m high. But it is not only this height which guards the mountain but also the weather, as well as the steep walls, protecting it against bold fellows with huge avalanches and ice barriers. “80 Meters Below the Summit”, this film will take you on the adventurous trek of the Slovak expedition to the third highest mountain in the world. Perhaps this film will open a way for you the mountains, you will admire the work of nature and of people in that nature and perhaps you will understand why they love mountains so much.

His name evoked respect. Human as well as professional. At home as well as abroad. Jozef Psotka, nicknamed "Juzek", or "mountain worker". One of the most notable figures of Slovak mountaineering. A man who conquered the summit of Mount Everest. Now we have the chance to recall his noteworthy life, which was a great story of conquering the world's highest summits.

Big nail – that is the Inuit word for North Pole, the axis around which the Earth revolves. This imaginary point has attracted brave polar explorers as a powerful magnet. Crossing the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada through the North Pole remained the last, almost impossible dream of Arctic explorers for many years after the North Pole was conquered by humans. Reinhold Mesner called it the last great challenge of this millennium. This film presents an authentic story of four Slovak and Russian polar explorers who tried to make this dream come true, using only their own strength and without any aircraft support. The expedition started from the Severnaya Zemlya, a place well known for an abundance of polar bears and strong drift which were the cause of several dramatic events. The North Pole was reached after 75 days on May 8, 1998. From that moment on, the expedition fought with continuous return drift, large areas of open water and extreme weather fluctuations. The documentary film “118 DAYS IN CAPTIVITY OF ICE“ will draw you into as unbelievable a story as the life of polar explorers can offer.

Up there, above the clouds, one can feel a mysterious alliance with the universe... It strikes so much that one begins to come out of oneself and be able to perceive all of that mountain world, which weirdly intensifies mental and physical powers, supernatural and natural energy, and releases all of what resides somewhere in the depths of the human soul... All of what revives belief in one's own power... All of what allows someone to walk with their head up, and fresh blood in their veins when coming down to the valleys.

The film documentary TEPUY is a thrilling story that takes place deep in the middle of the Orinduik rainforest in Venezuela. Thank to its almost absolute inaccessibility, prehistoric forms of life have been preserved here that have survived for millions of years. In the gigantic labyrinth of the world’s oldest rocks, colonies of bizarre organisms have built the largest quartzite cave in the world. A team of Slovak and Czech cavers and enthusiasts set out on a risky expedition to this time depository that has never before been entered by humans... Inside massive underground spaces, they discover a lost world. However, they find more questions than answers...

The first day is calm. Deceitful sun shines continuously, day and night. Frightening silence in one's ears. It flows in from everywhere; it literally hurts. And the awful cold. It hurts too. Real and imaginable. Wherever you look there is just an endless white desert. Snow and sky. Nothing else. Just two colours: white and blue. And mainly the absolute purity. In your head, under your feet and everywhere around. A non-sharable experience. Twenty four million square kilometres of ice and them. Alone, somewhere in the middle of the world's coldest continent. They decided to walk on foot from the edge of the Antarctic continent as far as its highest point.

The old Slavs named the mountains full of wild beasts and superstitions, The Tatras. Join us for a peek into their amazing kingdom. Look around quietly and let your thoughts be carried away by the grandeur of nature. You may be led to feel that all things in life are connected.

Auyan Tepui... The highest table mountain in the Amazon... Indians believe that demons live on the top of it... Becko Ondrejovič managed the first complete traverse. He was so fascinated with its vertical lines that he decided to come back with his friends, so that they could climb up this totally virgin wall. Amazonia vertical is a film that presents the power of nature and adventurous discovery of a lost world. A film, which will affect the emotions in all of us...

New Guinea is the largest tropical island in the world. In the era of satellites, this country of mysteries, myths and undiscovered secrets hides behind green walls of impenetrable deep forest. In a labyrinth of dark swamps, people live high in the trees, in primitive conditions that have changed little since the Stone Age. The natives had not yet come in contact with white people, or with the conquests of our civilisation. Entering their territory is a dangerous adventure. These places are discussed quietly and with respect. According to the missionaries, the natives practice cannibalism...

The past of the human race lies in African history. It was somewhere there, on the banks of the Ethiopian River Omo, far from the civilized world, that the oldest bones of primaeval man were found. For millions of years, however, the history of human civilization avoided this territory. Thanks to that, tribes have survived which can take us back into the past, so that we can better understand where we have come from and maybe also, where we are going. Six daring people set out for the unknown on a raft through the dangerous canyon of the River OMO. They fought their way through wild rapids on this river flowing through no man's land, encountering large numbers of hippopotami and crocodiles, to discover not only people living naturally along the lower reaches of the River Omo, but themselves as well.

Thanks to its inaccessibility, both natural and political, Irian Jaya is the only remaining place where civilized man can come into contact with the primitive world. Until now no expedition had managed the march from the centre of the country to the River Mamberamo, which hides its secrets from the white world. This is the dream of all explorers and adventure-seekers.It was here that two friends entered an unknown jungle on a march a thousand kilometres long. They were looking for the most primitive tribes, in order to help us remember and learn how we used to live in harmony with nature. What awaited them was a journey full of hardship lasting a matter of several weeks. It led through the forbidden inland territory of New Guinea, in order to lift the veil of secrecy from this virgin river. They struggled with the snares of the jungle, malaria, hunger and with themselves, in order to find the real treasures. These are respect for people and humility in relation to the world and to themselves.

It's said that Bhutan was forgotten by people but never by the Gods. The natives call this ancient mountain kingdom, crowded between Indian Assam and Chinese Tibet, the land of the Thunder Dragon. Wandering through a forgotten country in which people worship all living things is a story of happiness. Internal peace is valued here more than a craving for worldly pleasures, and harmony with nature is the supreme principle. A good king cares for the wealth of his people. Instead of Gross Domestic Product, he promotes Gross National Happiness. It's like a fairytale world. In its fragile perception of happiness, this small Himalayan kingdom has chosen to follow a strange path. Maybe, its the correct one.



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Bls: Jual Dvd Adventure Lengkap


Collection of 12 DVD's documentary program "Al filo de lo imposible" de RTVE.

[*]DVD 1: "La conquista del Everest"
[*]DVD 2: "Traves*a por el Taklamakán, el desierto de la muerte"
[*]DVD 3: "El misterio de las gargantas del Yarlung Tsangpo"
[*]DVD 4: "La tierra de la larga nube blanca: Nueva Zelanda"
[*]DVD 5: "Espeleobuceo: Los cenotes mexicanos y la fuentona de Muriel"
[*]DVD 6: "Ascensión al Annapurna: una trampa mortal"
[*]DVD 7: "Descenso del rio Zambeze"
[*]DVD 8: "Yo estuve bajo la estrella Polar"
[*]DVD 9: "K2 y Makalu. Dos ochomiles duros como el acero"
[*]DVD 10: "Isla Reunión, el tesoro del pirata"
[*]DVD 11: "La ola perfecta, retando al Naranjo de Bulnes"
[*]DVD 12: "Momentos de una vida Al filo de lo Imposible"

DVD 1: "La conquista del Everest"

After more than twenty years of filming, the team of Al Filo de lo imposible presents a documentary on the conquest of Everest through nearly a century of images that reflected what he represented to conquer the highest mountain Earth. To do this we have looked exceptional images and interviews, such as John Hunt, leader of the British expedition of 1953 to which is credited with the first ascent by Hillary and Tenzing, and other prestigious climbers and writers such as Maurice Herzog, the first man to hit a peak of over eight thousand meters, Chris Bonington, the head of some of the expeditions to Everest, and Reinhold Messner, who performed the greatest feat on Everest to climb in 1980 alone and without oxygen. One of the biggest innovations is black and white film in the reconstruction of the escalation of Irving and Mallory in 1924. The result of this unusual experience is a visual narrative that arise in considerations of the issue that symbolizes the passion of man for wanting to pass on further, climb higher and in particular by the highest of them all: the mother goddess of the earth, Mount Everest. Also shows a historical view of the climbs on this mountain, ending with an expedition trying to reach the summit without oxygen

DVD 2: "Traves*a por el Taklamakán, el desierto de la muerte"

Located within Central Asia, the Taklamakan Desert occupies about 300,000 square kilometers and is one of the most arid places on Earth. Called the Desert of Death for the Chinese, its name comes from the Turki language, meaning "if you go, not go out." Until the late nineteenth century no traveler had decided voluntarily enter this hell. It was the Swede Sven Hedin, one of the most notable explorers of Central Asia and Tibet, who decided to wage a relentless pursuit of mysterious buried cities whose echo has not vanished from the collective memory. A century later, an expedition of Al Filo de lo imposible, it is proposed to cross the desert in its center (hardly known except by satellite photos) linking the south branch of the Silk Road to the mythical river bed of the Tarim. The adventurers will travel over 450 miles on foot, accompanied by Bactrian camels and their drivers, the Uighurs in this area. The adventure reveals one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, a hard and not moving for nothing is the most feared Asian desert.

DVD 3: "El misterio de las gargantas del Yarlung Tsangpo"

At the edge of eastern Tibet is one of the few havens that remain unexplored in the world: the Yarlung Tsangpo Gorge. This great river, which is called the Brahmaputra to enter India, has one of the most curious geographical mysteries raised in the early twentieth century. The Yarlung born at the foot of sacred Mount Kailas, north of the Himalayas, and then flows parallel to the great mountain chain that feeds it. But when he reached the area on track turns sharply, from a huge pit two great mountains of the Himalayas, Namche Barwa and Peri Gyala and rushes on the plains of India fertilizing the fields of Assam tea before he died in the Bay of Bengal. While a group of the best climbers of Al Filo de lo imposible Gyala Peri tries to climb a mountain rotunda walls 7300 meters and 5000 meters of vertical drop, another team of explorers travels the more unknown and deep canyon on the planet. If some have to contend with snowstorms and falling rocks, the others must contend with a jungle of bamboo, which will have their way with machetes.

DVD 4: "La tierra de la larga nube blanca: Nueva Zelanda"

Rivers, mountains, glaciers, forests, volcanoes, lakes and fjords shape a landscape like few on the planet. A diverse team of Al Filo de lo imposible will take an unusual route through the seabed of the Barrier Reef of Australia, the world's most breathtaking rivers and wild waters of the highest mountain in New Zealand: the dreaded Mount Cook. From the hand of Donald Gould, one of the best kayakers New Zealand, a group of four Spanish paddlers will discover the largest rivers, the stronger and risky steps, the tallest waterfalls and daring. The tour begins in Rotorua in central North Island, known for its hot springs, then go for the South Island, which its inhabitants call "the Continent", the more lonely and wild places. But the greatest danger is lurking among the great blocks of ice from the east face of Mount Cook. For a moment the tragedy makes its appearance and the team of five climbers hit by an avalanche is to collapse a tower overhead colossal ice.

DVD 5: "Espeleobuceo: Los cenotes mexicanos y la fuentona de Muriel"

In the Yucatan Peninsula there are thousands of cenotes and hundreds of miles of caves, mostly unexplored. Claustrophobic in those waters, and assisted by U.S. espeleobuceador Mike Madden, the team enters "Al Filo de lo imposible" to end a long journey through the network of flooded caves largest on Earth. And in full Castilian plateau is an upwelling of water that for centuries has been the result of legend and mystery. The Muriel Fuentona in the province of Soria, is a siphon of more than fifty meters, the limit of conventional diving. But that water flooded tube is just one of the many wonders await explorers able to have cold blood in situations that many would find it of real dangers.

DVD 6: "Ascensión al Annapurna: una trampa mortal"

In 1950 a French group was for the first time in history the top of a mountain of more than eight thousand meters: Annapurna, in 8091 meters. This expedition was one of the greatest feats-and time of the most dramatic-the ones lived in the Himalayas. Maurice Herzog, the only one of those magnificent climber and chief of the consignment, re forty-nine years later to meet a Spanish expedition led by Juanito Oiarzabal, which aims to become the sixth person to scale the world's fourteen peaks over eight thousand meters. If for Herzog was the first to Juanito Annapurna is their last eight thousand. While Herzog recalls that feat, the Spanish begin the climb of the mountain most dangerous of all: giant landslides, kracks frightening, storms that turn the withdrawal into a deadly trap. Everything in the Annapurna is designed to defend against intruders. The Goddess of Fertility is the least promoted eight thousand and adventure of the man became one of the most beautiful reflections of the history of mountaineering.[/quote]
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Bls: Jual Dvd Adventure Lengkap

DVD 7: "Descenso del rio Zambeze"

The Zambezi is one of the great rivers of the Earth to the decline in whitewater. In this adventure, the team from "At the Edge of the impossible" initiates the descent of this legendary African river, where Dr. Livingstone left the exploration of its course: at the foot of the falls which he named the Empress Victoria. Its native name is "Mosi-oatunya", "The smoke that thunders", and between the Tonga tribe of mysterious legends circulate about the remarkable creatures that inhabit it. Both the waterfalls as the throat opening at his feet are the product of a tongue of lava created by a volcanic eruption in the Jurassic period. Edu Etxeberria Igor Mendoza, José Mar*a Miró and Jesus Ruiz de Erenchu form the expedition, which took place in the most propitious time, with a volume of water that was about 900 to 100 cubic meters per second when its maximum can reach 6000.

DVD 8: "Yo estuve bajo la estrella Polar"

The team of Al Filo de lo imposible has achieved the three poles of the Earth throughout its two decades of challenges turned into documentaries. These poles are the Everest, the geographic South Pole and the geographic North Pole. In this episode we review the various expeditions organized by the program to conquer these goals and gives special attention to the North Pole, in collaboration with the High Mountain Military School of Jaca. One of its components, Gan Francisco, became the fourth person in history to have reached the three poles. Within the program of preparation for the project of the Three Poles saw the first Spanish voyage to the magnetic North Pole in the Canadian Arctic coast, and other trips in Lapland and Norway. This documentary won the prize for best director of photography at the Academy of Television in 1999.

DVD 9: "K2 y Makalu. Dos ochomiles duros como el acero"

In the early seventies, it was practiced mountaineering in the Himalayas, suffered a concussion. The concept of a normal route gave way to the big walls. Those gigantic scale needed large artificial logistical and technical means, such as using oxygen and numerous support ends, as sherpas. From that time were great routes: the west wall of Everest's south face of Annapurna and the southern slopes of Nanga Parbat. Perhaps the most aesthetic of all, that rises like an arrow into the sky stone, is the pillar west of Makalu. The team of climbers of Al Filo de lo imposible try to undertake it by giving up the big groups and efficient team of oxygen in an attempt to unite the old idea of the big walls with the ethos of the times. Additionally, this disc includes another documentary on the ascent of K2. A summit that after several unsuccessful expeditions over eleven years, was crowned by the team of Al Filo in 1994, albeit at a heavy price, the death of mountaineer Atxo Apellaniz.

DVD 10: "Isla Reunión, el tesoro del pirata"

The team of Al Filo de lo imposible Meeting reaches for a new adventure, a different way of knowing nature that requires great skill. This French island east of Madagascar, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is what volcanologists call a "hot spot". Eruption erupting underwater mountain which caused the island was growing until three million years ago emerged from the water meeting between the lava and great clouds of steam. The "Piton de las Nieves" was the generator, the volcano mother. The team undertook the ascent of this volcano, which is the highest point of the Indian Ocean and then travels famous primitive forests. But what actually led them to meet face meeting is most savage of the island, where constant rain and erosion have been carving gullies that appear to descend to the confines of hell. The ultimate goal is the "Trou de Fer", one of the world's most magnificent canyons.

DVD 11: "La ola perfecta, retando al Naranjo de Bulnes"

For a hundred years, Naranjo de Bulnes has become the ultimate symbol of rock climbing in Spain. At this time the greatest generations of climbers have been measured in their vertical walls and elegant. Each step represented a challenge, a struggle, an attempt to go further. Since the first ascent, made in 1904 by the Marquis de Villaviciosa, Don Pedro Pidal, and Gregory Smith "The Cainejo" El Naranjo has been one of those "peaks copies," one of those perfect peaks. One hundred years later, two young Spanish climber at the same time are two of the world's best climbers, Iker Pou and Josune Bereziartu, wanted to take another step in that direction, motivated by the same spirit as those surfers looking for the wave perfect. Thus have undertaken a vertical dance in a vacuum from the hand of the team of The Edge of the impossible, for the most elegant of the movements in a line that represents the purity of perfection: the Pillar of Biscay.

DVD 12: "Momentos de una vida Al filo de lo Imposible

Seas or mountains, or desert skies, the physical setting of the adventure is only an illusion. Because the real journey, the only adventure, is at the head of the adventurer. Is this program a tour of some of the most magnificent scenery on the planet. It's a pit stop to look back and reflect. In Unamuno's words: "If you do not carry a mountain of thoughts in your head or a river of feelings in the heart, little will serve." For twenty years the team of "Al Filo de lo imposible" has made more than a hundred expeditions with curiosity as the root of the adventurous impulse, which has launched human beings to go beyond, farther, higher, making your home in the universe in a land of adventure.
Size: 3.72GB Length: 114 min Format: ISO FULLDVD Language: Castilian
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