Gerhana Matahari Dari Satelit...
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Gerhana Matahari Dari Satelit...

Biasanya kita hanya melihat Gerhana Matahari dari Bumi, Penasaran kalau dilihat dari luar angkasa?


berikut, foto-foto Gerhana Matahari, tapi dilihat dari luar angkasa:

Solar Eclipse

Partial eclipses give way to a partly-shaded sun, during annular eclipses the moon appears smaller than the sun from the Earth and the sun shows around the edges, but in the umbra of a total eclipse the light is entirely blocked and the appearance from above is almost like a black hole in the surface of the planet.

solar eclipse
Depending upon camera angle, weather conditions, location and the type of eclipse involved the effects can be incredible – from shrouded cloud cover to diffused shading as light bounces within the atmosphere of our world.

Historical eclipses have been linked to everything from ancient great-flood myths to war-time armistices and are described in manuscripts from Greece to China dating back thousands of years and attributed to all kinds of natural and supernatural causes.

Diterjemahin sendiri sendiri ya...
Sekalian belajar bahasa ingrris gitu...
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Bls: Gerhana Matahari Dari Satelit...

wah indah nya
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Pangeran kegelapan


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