Korean: Blue Mist
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Korean: Blue Mist

  • Title: 푸른 안개 / Pureun Angae
  • Also known as: Blue Fog
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: KBS2
  • Broadcast period: 2001-Mar-24 to 2001-May-27
  • Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:50

Sung Jae, who has a beautiful wife and a teenage daughter, is going through a mid-life crisis. Shin Woo is searching for a father figure, since her father died when she was young. Sung Jae and Shin Woo meet and sparks begin.
Will Sung Jae dump his wife for Shin Woo?
Production Credits
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Saksikan.. 7 Manusia Harimau setiap hari pukul 20.15 WIB hanya di RCTI



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Bls: Korean: Blue Mist

kata teman gue ini film bagus, apa iya ya? gw belum pernah nonton.
thanks sista, walau gw kagak ngarti bahasanye
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