Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder v4.0.3
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Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder v4.0.3

Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder v4.0.3

Download and Convert Web Video and Music. The Ultimate Streaming Media Recorder and Converter! Find, Download and Convert video, music and radio from popular sites such as:
MySpace™, YouTube™, Metacafe™, Charle Rose™, Project PlayList™, Google™Video, NBC™, Lala™, Reuters™, Yahoo!™ Music, Mogulus™, Hulu™, Fancast™, XM™ Radio, Sirius™ Radio, MTV™, CMT™, VH1™, AOL™ Music, AOL™ Video, MeeVee™, Live365™, Pandora™, Blip.tv, and many others!

Why choose Jaksta as your video and music downloader?

Downloading has never been faster and simpler! Once monitoring Jaksta will detect and begin to download (and convert if required) any video, music, radio stream or Flash game or presentation that is played in your browser.

Jaksta can download from supported sites streaming via HTTP at up to 10x normal speed making it the fastest Stream Media Recorder available.

Jaksta supports the largest number of streaming protocols available in a downloader today. There is no need to even continue to play the stream in your browser. Jaksta creates its own connection where possible and leaves you to continue browsing.

Where Jaksta detects secured streams it will record the stream as it plays in your browser. This ensures you comply with any copy protection mechanisms a site has employed.

The fastest HTTP Streaming Media Recorder!

Jaksta can download from supported HTTP sites at up to 10x normal download speeds. Actual speeds acheived depend upon your network connection and the capacity of the servers streaming the media.

With only 3 minutes of HD video consuming 20 to 30 MB a fast and reliable download is required. Jaksta is both fast and reliable.

One click conversions!

Select the format you wish to convert your videos and music into from the drop downlist and immediately after a stream is downloaded it will be converted for you!

Jaksta has 20 preset conversion settings for popular makes of media players and common media container formats and includes the ability to extract or rip audio and music from videos. If you have existing media you wish to convert then you can simply select them from your file system to convert them as well.

Jaksta also gives you the ability to modify existing and to create new conversion settings. Downloading and converting couldnt be simpler!
Finding music, video and radio streams has never been easier!

With a single click search thousands of video, music and online radio sites to find the streams you are looking for and then download and convert them.
Jaksta is browser independent!

Jaksta is browser independent and does not interfere or slow down your browsing like so many other browser plugin downloaders do as they scan every page you view.

Sesuai forum rules, dilarang memasukan software yang kemungkinan ilegal seperti DILARANG KERAS, bajakan dan semacamnya. Software freeware dan shareware yang dibagikan/direview secara benar diperbolehkan

Link didelete, thread di closed dan di move ke Archive, jika anda merasa ini kesalahan mohon pm saya
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