Jenis Nyamuk : Culicidae
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[Serangga-Nyamuk] Jenis Nyamuk : Culicidae

Nyamuk Culicidae

Culicidae (Lat.). Famili nyamuk penggigit; kadang-kadang berbahaya karena menularkan penyakit. Yang jantan makan getah tumbuh-tumbuhan; yang betina menggigit dan mengisap darah manusia dan binatang. Terbagi atas: Culex, .4edes, Anopheles.
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Bls: Jenis Nyamuk : Culicidae

[lang=en]If impossible to avoid mosquito bites, it should be avoided by maintaining a healthy environment. Usually the mosquitoes will be lodged in a place flooded. Means not only clean it that we need to consider.

The place is clean but flooded by water and it doesn't flow then it can be used by mosquitoes to lay eggs and multiply. Therefore we must be wary of such places as well.[/lang]
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