Alat musik tradisional Dan To Rung
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Alat musik tradisional Dan To Rung

Dan To Rung

Alat musik tradisional dari Vietnam Utara. Terdiri dari susunan tabung bambu. Merupakan alat musik jenis xylophone yang banyak persamaannya dengan angklung di Indonesia.
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Bls: Alat musik tradisional Dan To Rung

[lang=en]This instrument is similar to angklung, maybe the pronunciation is same too.
Dan t'rung, a musical instrument of the central highlands
Hai Yen performing Dan T'rung at Saigon's 300 years anniversary

T'rung is one of the popular musical instruments closely associated with the spiritual life of the Bahnar, TSedan, Giarai, Ede and other ethnic minority people in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It is made of very short bamboo tubes differing in size, with a notch at one end and a beveled edge at the other. The long big tubes give off low-pitched tones while the short small ones produce high-pitched tones. The tubes are arranged lengthwise horizontally and attached together by two strings.[/lang]
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