Problems with my PS3, can anyone help me out?
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Problems with my PS3, can anyone help me out?


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Problems with my PS3, can anyone help me out?

[lang=en]Ive had my PS3 for about a month now and have used it for a total of about 12 hours I'd say... Today I turn it on to play some Assassin's Creed II and I can't get a signal from the HDMI port which is really strange, so I try plugging it into other HDMI ports with no luck. I have zero signal at all and I have no idea why, nothing has been damaged or anything like that.

I went online to see what I could do to fix or resolve it, and people suggested that I plug it in via component cable (audio/video cable), then hold down the power button on the PS3 for 10 seconds to reset the settings (since I wasn't getting a signal through the component side before the reset). After resetting I am able to get a signal but ONLY through the component side and it looks like CRAP. I have no signal through the HDMI side what so ever. I examined everything and nothing looks damaged or anything like that.

Can my HDMI cable be bad? Has anyone else had this issue? I think Im gonna go to best buy and return the cable but I wanted to see if maybe it's an issue with my PS3 (maybe a known issue that I don't know about). This is REALLY weak because the HDMI side looks about 50x better then the component side and I'm really frustrated at the moment!

Quick recap: I've tried every HDMI port and have tried resetting the PS3 with no luck. The audio/video plug works and I get a signal through that but it doesn't look anywhere close to the HDMI picture that I was getting before it stopped working. So in short, the HDMI doesn't work, and the component does, this happened out of the blue and nothing was ever dropped/damaged in any way shape or form. Help?[/lang]

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