*Ferrari Truck Mounted Crane Indonesia | Load Handling Solution
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*Ferrari Truck Mounted Crane Indonesia | Load Handling Solution


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[Jual] *Ferrari Truck Mounted Crane Indonesia | Load Handling Solution

PT. Netway Indonesia is the Sole Agent and responsible for sales – service – spare parts within the region of Indonesia for:

1. Flli Ferrari (Italy) – Articulated Crane, Mini Crane, & Skycrane
For 40 years, Flli Ferrari (Origin Italy) has produced over 40,000 units, 60% of which have been exported worldwide. All the design of Truck Mounted Crane designed to German normative DIN 15018 standards & quality certificate ISO 9001:2008. All Ferrari Cranes are previously tested first the shipment, as per standard procedures with an additional 10% load for dynamic test and 12% load for static test with included all relevant cranes function checks.
2. Dongyang Mechatronics (South Korea) – Telescopic Crane.
DM (1978) is a public company that specialized in Truck Mounted Cranes, Hydraulic Cylinders, and Automative Parts. DM has dominated the Telescopic Crane in Korea Market over 40%. In 2005 DM has been rated by Forbes as One of the 200 Finest Companies in Asia and Pacific Region. DM products are excellent and have a high demand, now DM has already expanded its business to USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, China, UAE, Vietnam, etc to fulfill the customers’ needs.

The stability of Crane on Truck:
A. Pickup / Van, 4 Tires, GVW below 2 Ton.
- Max. Capacity 1.1 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 2.79m: Ferrari F315A2.
- Max. Capacity 2.2 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 3.64m: Ferrari F350A2.
B. Light Duty Truck, 6 Tires, GVW 7.5 Ton

- Max. Capacity 2.5 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 7.15m: Ferrari F561A2.
C. Medium Duty Truck, 6 Tires, GVW 15 Ton.
- Max. Capacity 5 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 8.25m: Ferrari F717A2.
- Max. Capacity 6 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 11.4m: Dongyang SS1404.
D. Heavy Duty Truck, 10 Tires, GVW 26 Ton.
- Max. Capacity 7.8 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 8.25m: Ferrari F721A3.
- Max. Capacity 9 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 13.6m: Dongyang SS1924.
- Max. Capacity 9.1 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 9.93m: Ferrari F258A3.
- Max. Capacity 11.1 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 9.7m: Ferrari F732A3.
- Max. Capacity 12 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 14.5m: Dongyang SS2724.
E. Heavy Duty Truck, GVW over 36 Ton.
- Max. Capacity 15 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 25.2m: Dongyang SS3506.
- Max. Capacity 17.5 Ton // Max. Horizontal Outreach 28.5m: Dongyang SS6506.

NB: Others type from above, you can discuss with us by email sales@netwayindonesia.com

Others special function of crane:
*Dongyang – Knuckle Boom Cranes complete with Scrap Grapple/Log Lift. Lifting Capacity: 4Ton ~ 5Ton. Grapple Capacity: 0.35m3 ~ 0.4m3.
*Ferrari – Skycrane. Max Vertical Reach: 13.3m ~ 16m. Max Lifting Capacity: 1.6 ~ 2.8 Ton; Max. Capacity of Basket: 120 Kg. (Multifunction: For Crane & Manlift).
*Marine Crane/Others Condition. We are also experienced for installing the crane above the marine or for others condition.

If you have any inquiry or something to ask about our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also visit our website www.netwayindonesia.com. We’re committed to find a solution for your needs and work professionally because Your Satisfaction is Our Satisfaction. Thank you for your kindly attention.

PT Netway Indonesia
The "One Stop Solutions" Partner For Industrial and Project Needs
Andy Huang
Telp : (62 21)290-20-447 Ext 108
Mobile : 08111778386
Fax : (62 21)290-20-448
Email : andy@netwayindonesia.com
Yahoo Messenger : netwayindonesia
Website : http://www.netwayindonesia.com
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