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About Grammy Award


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About Grammy Award

The idea to create a Recording Academy began in early 1957 when the Hollywood Beautification Committee summoned five top Los Angeles record executives and asked them to suggest performers that deserved stars on the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard. From that meeting, the five-man nucleus consisting of Paul Weston of Columbia, Lloyd Dunn of Capitol, Sonny Burke of Decca, Jesse Kaye of MGM and Dennis Farnon of RCA Victor, began to explore the idea of creating an association for recording professionals that would reward artistic creativity, foster better relationships among members of the industry and obtain world recognition.

On May 28, 1957, after several discussions, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc. was born at a meeting at Hollywood's legendary Brown Derby Restaurant. Joining this initial group were a number of Los Angeles-based music executives, including Dennis Farnon of RCA and Jim Conkling, former president of Columbia. The first membership meeting was held almost a month later at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

In the beginning The Recording Academy owed its survival to members who donated long hours to the emerging professional association. A labor of love, the young Academy may not have prevailed had it not been for the dedication of its charter members.

Observers found it quite remarkable that competitors during daylight hours would get together in the evening to work toward the common goal of establishing a Recording Academy. According to co-founder Sonny Burke, "The music industry has never been known to be one of fraternal instincts - the competition is too keen; there's no such thing as secrecy. And those first meetings were all in the age of the cover record."
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