Anime Festival Asia 2013 Bakal diselenggarain di Singapura
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Anime Festival Asia 2013 Bakal diselenggarain di Singapura


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Anime Festival Asia 2013 Bakal diselenggarain di Singapura

Lagi iseng searching-searching di internet, dapet info menarik nih untuk para pecinta anime. kayak nya bakal seru nih acara. nih ane langsung copas artikel nya deh:

SOZO, the organisers behind Anime Festival Asia conventions, have just announced the concert artiste line-up for AFA Singapore 2013, which will be held at the Suntec City Convention and Exhibition Centre from November 8 to 10 (Friday to Sunday).

Concerts featuring the hottest anisong acts from Japan will, once again, be held on all three AFA Singapore nights this year.

I Love Anisong concert line-ups for Friday and Saturday

On Friday and Saturday night (November 8 and 9), anisong fans will be treated to AFA’s signature I Love Anisong series of concerts on Friday and Saturday night.

Friday’s I Love Anisong concert artiste line-up will include prominent music creators LVIN, EGOIST, Hachioji P, livetune (kz), and motsu x DJ Kaya.

motsu, of course, was one half of the anisong unit m.o.v.e, who came down to Singapore for AFA last year, but was subsequently disbanded.

Meanwhile, Saturday’s line-up is a “Diva Night” of sorts, as it’s dedicated to the female superstars in the anisong scene. LiSA and May’n will return to dazzle fans with their powerful vocal chords and stunning showmanship. They are joined this year by relative newcomer Eir Aoi, who made her AFA I Love Anisong concert debut hours ago at AFA Indonesia 2013.

I Love Anisong presents: Valvrave the Liberator Night (Sunday)

Sunday night’s concert will be one dedicated exclusively to fans of Valvrave the Liberator, as the artistes who have performed the show’s opening and ending themes – T.M. Revolution X Nana Mizuki, angela and Elisa – come together for a one-night only mega (mecha?) extravanganza.

That’s right, Nana Mizuki will make her overseas concert performance debut at Anime Festival Asia Singapore. Do note, however, that Nana Mizuki is a guest performer at this concert. So unlike T.M. Revolution, angela, and Elisa, she will likely only perform songs that were recorded under the T.M. Revolution X Nana Mizuki collaboration.

Valvrave the Liberator voice actors Ryouta Ousaka (Haruto Tokishima) and Ryohei Kimura (L-Elf) will also be coming down to AFA Singapore 2013 for a special stage segment.

A mix of old and new AFA Experience Zones will also be making an appearance at this year’s convention.

Another major change to this year’s AFA Singapore is that the exhibition area will now also be open on Friday, November 8. Previously the exhibition area was only open on the Saturday and Sunday portions of the convention.

Stay tuned to SGCafe for more news on Anime Festival Asia 2013.

Also, expect to see more coverage from AFA Indonesia 2013, currently taking place from September 6 to 8 at the Jakarta Convention Centre.


Bagaimana tanggapan agan2 semua?

Oke, sekian aja deh info dari ane,... mudah2an bermanfaat. :)
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Re: Anime Festival Asia 2013 Bakal diselenggarain di Singapura

wah acara anime ya?
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Naikkan reputasi orang lain yang membantu, atau anda sukai!


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