Lowongan Kerja Digital Marketing Assistent
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Lowongan Kerja Digital Marketing Assistent


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Lowongan Kerja Digital Marketing Assistent

Livit is an Indonesian (Bali & Bandung), Denmark and Hong Kong based tech startup ecosystem that builds amazing businesses by providing specialist resources, business knowledge, creativity and inspiring spaces to startups. Livit’s primary focus is software and online solutions where tech and entrepreneurship are at the core of our businesses. The Livit businesses include several consumer and B2B software solutions, online services as well as several edutainment games and simulations.

In accordance with our vision of creating the optimal ecosystem, Livit has created a place where sharing knowledge and ideas are the main focus of the business. This place is known as “Startup Getaway”. Startup Getaway is a space for creativity where people work together across all the different startups in order to share knowledge and create more amazing stuff. By working so closely together all our startups become a core part of the ecosystem that enables the businesses to grow – because growth is our true north! Several people work on multiple startups sharing best practices and knowledge and supporting our bigger vision.

As part of the ecosystem, Livit offers its startups a number of specialist resources to help them grow and develop. These specialists support the startups within areas of productivity and execution, PR, communications, online marketing, growth h#cking, recruiting, graphical design, programming and development and software testing. When startups experience their initial growth, they are often faced with challenges especially with regards to scarcity of knowledge and resources. By being part of the Livit Ecosystem the startups will be provided with the necessary resources to overcome these common challenges. Here they can use the Ecosystem resources to the extend they need until they have grown enough to start hiring their own specialists and grow even bigger. This gives them a unique opportunity to grow dynamically, which is an important part of our focus and supports our vision to:

Inspire and Empower Entrepreneurs to Change the World


MagLoft is a SaaS that offers their clients a complete mobile app package. We build their iOS, Android and HTML5 apps and help our clients get published in app stores. You will be learning about the digital publishing industry, marketing MagLoft and assisting our clients in their publishing process.

Customer Service
You will be in charge of all pre and post sales customer support. We are currently using Zendesk for ticket management and Zopim for online chat. It's crucial that our visitors, leads and customers receive the very best customer service possible.

Tasks include:
  • Managing our live website chat
  • Handling customer support tickets
  • Answering pre-sales questions
  • General Marketing
  • You will be responsible for building up and maintaining our social media presence on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook & Google+. This is an area where we have been fairly inactive, so you will have a lot of opportunity here. You will also be in charge of market/industry/competitor research and paid campaigns.

Tasks include:
  • Social media setup
  • Regular social media activity
  • Market and competitor research
  • Facebook and adwords campaign management
  • Sales Fulfillment
  • You will have direct contact with our paid customers in order to help them get their accounts setup and activated. This will require that you learn some technical aspects of MagLoft operations, and it's all cutting edge and very exciting technology.

Tasks include:
  • Communicating with customers and getting their design approval
  • Customizing iOS and Android apps using Xcode & Android Studio
  • Setting up accounts for push notifications and in-app purchases
  • Quality assurance on deliverables to make sure there are no bugs

  • Excellent English written and spoken skills.
  • Good social media management skills.
  • Patience and professional customer service skills.
  • Fast learner with a good memory.
  • A strong interest in the technology sector
  • Experience with the following a definite plus: Mac osX, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads
  • Most importantly:This position requires the will to work hard in a startup environment. We are building a company together and it requires much more commitment then a regular job. It also offers the best opportunities for personal and professional growth in your desired areas

- See more at: http://id.startupjobs.asia/id/job/11....SalombC2.dpuf
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