Cambodia financial industry is growing strong in 2017
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Cambodia financial industry is growing strong in 2017


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[Jual] Cambodia financial industry is growing strong in 2017

Cambodia’s financial sector is set to enjoy strong growth next year as the expected total outstanding loans and deposits grew roughly 20 percent compared with last year due to good economic practices.

According to a report by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) titled “The Macro Economy Progress and 2016 Banking Sector and the Vision 2017,” outstanding loans within the banking sector hit $17.6 billion, up 18.3 percent, and deposits reached $15.4 billion, up 20.7 percent.

“The banking sector continues to grow strongly and to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive growth of economic activities,” the report said.

The banking system is healthy [with]…the high level of liquidity in both the banking and financial sector, while the non-performing loans are very low at 3.5 percent and one percent respectively

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