Future Shock
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Future Shock


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Future Shock

Do you feel it in the past few decades? The invention of computer, electronic appliances such as LCD TV, mobil phone etc.

If we, the kind of people who are difficult in accepting changes, we will experience it: future shock!

Even DVD player and mobile phone are now adapting the feature of computer to operate it. It's operating system, adapting windows if I'm not mistaken. Old people get the definite impact, because it's hard for them to understand how to operate simple electronic tools such as mobile phone! Not to mention operating PDA. They will get frustrated, I DILARANG KERAS!

What do you think? Is it that amazing, or is it unnecessary, or is it annoying? Because we people tend to be lazy in learning new things. We feel that we are busy enough with everyday business. We feel that all those appliances & electronic tools are supposed to help us doing our daily jobs instead of making us feeling miserable, helpless & annoyed (even frustrated sometimes)! Not to mention the price. The more sophisticated the tools, the higher the price. So what's the use of buying expensive stuffs if we cannot use it...
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