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Komodo Liveaboard


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[Tempat Rekreasi] Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo LIveaboard are a very popular choice for divers visiting Indonesia and rightly so. Dive cruises will take adventurous divers to some very special dive areas in this region. The islands that make up the area of Komodo include a number of the Lesser Sunda Islands, a largely volcanic chain in the South East of Indonesia. The early significance of Komodo came from the infamous inhabitant the Komodo Dragon, which has been the subject of legends throughout the 20th Century. Komodo Liveaboard dive tours will often allow guests to take a land tour to see these amazing Jurassic creatures. Rumours of a fire breathing dragon living on these small Indonesian islands brought this area to international attention. A Dutch expedition even came to the area and captured and took specimens of the Komodos back to be examined.

Of course, the Komodo Dragons were soon discovered not to be the fire breathing monsters they were rumoured. Fortunately, though the lizards and the rich variety of flora and fauna were quickly recognised as being under threat and the islands were brought under the protection of the Komodo National Park.

The waters are also protected by the National Park due to the bounty of life on the reefs and the large pelagic fish which can be seen here. The numerous small islands that can be visited and dived give Komodo liveaboard divers here the advantage of being able to take in a hugely diverse number of sites on the different islands. These small islands are quite far flung and off the well-dived path making for some unique experiences.

There is something on offer for all kinds of diving passions on a Komodo liveaboard. Many of the sites are muck diving with so much going on macro photographers better bring as much camera memory as they can. The big fish are in attendance too with mantas being the staple pelagics, in some areas you can hope to see even three or four in one dive making a Komodo itinerary the perfect choice for critters big and small.
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The Real Komodo Adventure - West Flores


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