Komodo Island Cruiuse
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Komodo Island Cruiuse


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[Tempat Rekreasi] Komodo Island Cruiuse

Even within Indonesia, Komodo cruises offer a series of truly unique experiences, from its arid climate and landscape to its near-mythical wildlife. Unlike the lush, verdant islands of Bali and Lombok, Komodo island is dry and hilly, covered in savannah-like brush, its shores surrounded by rough, fast-flowing currents and riptides, giving it a decidedly inhospitable allure, though a perfect setting for its most famous resident: the Komodo dragon. Despite its somewhat forbidding appearance, Komodo is home to a small village of hardy fisherman and, in addition to the well-known lizards, Komodo cruises feature encounters with an enormous variety of bird species, large mammals and marine life.

Komodo is best known for its famous lizards, but it also offers a landscape that is unique among the islands of Indonesia, the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful reefs in the world and encounters with local villagers.

Komodo National Park covers over 1700 square kilometres and includes the islands of Kom0do, Rinca and Padar, in addition to dozens of other smaller islands. The area was made a national park in 1980 and, in 1991, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. With a guide, visitors can trek through the park’s dry and rugged landscape, watching for the famed Komodo dragons, the largest lizards in the world. The park is also home to large mammals, such as Timor deer, pigs and wild buffalo, as well as over 150 species of birds, including the sulfur-crested cockatoo, jungle chickens, and the white-breasted sea eagle, while its reefs are practically bursting with marine life, from clownfish and parrotfish to the occasional sea turtle and manta ray.

The Komodo Dragons are without a doubt the highlight of any sailing trip to Komodo. The largest lizards in the world, Komodo dragons can grow to three meters and over 200 pounds and can eat half their body weight in a single meal. The dragons mainly eat large mammals, such as goats, pigs and deer. Though typically seen lounging in the sun, these beasts have been known to outrun a human. Visitors on Komodo cruises including both Komodo and Rinca will have two opportunities to spot the lizards. There are currently 1700 dragons on the island of Komodo, with another 2000 on Rinca, with very few on Padar.

Pentai Merah, or “red beach”, is so named for the pinkish hue of its sands, due to the presence of red coral particles. Located on the shores of Komodo Island, Pentai Merah is a perfect spot to relax after encounters with the island’s dragons! The beach is a gateway to many of the island’s water activities, including swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. The island is also located in the midst of the so-called Coral Triangle, known as one of the hottest snorkelling spots in the world. Slip beneath the waves and you’ll encounter a magical world of coral and sea creatures, including seahorses, snake eels and manta rays.

Villages are present on the islands of Komodo and Rinca, and grant visitors on Indonesia luxury cruises the opportunity to interact with the only people in the world to live among dragons! Many of the homes in the fishing village of Kampung Komodo, on the island of Komodo, are built on stilts to keep out of reach of curious dragons. Visitors to the village can buy handmade crafts and enjoy an intimate look into the lives of the locals.
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The Real Komodo Adventure - West Flores


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