Is English Required?
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Is English Required?


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Is English Required?


Will you share to us, if English is required or not in your working enviroment?
What I understand now is that, most employer in Indonesia when they are looking for new employes, put English as preferable second language.

In my place offcourse is an essential, French is come as an option.

Do Share!
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Will Traveller

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Re: Is English Required?

No, because I work in a book publisher and Bahasa Indonesia is more essential there.
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Re: Is English Required?

I think English is more important especially if you want to go abroad for travelling or working in outside Indonesia, you need to speak English fluently
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Re: Is English Required?

If you are looking for brighter future, you will need both speaking and writing fluently in English.
Just make it like your native language. It is proven to let you reach higher rating from your boss, colleague, sponsor, partner, etc~
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