The Debate Over Marijuana Legalization
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The Debate Over Marijuana Legalization


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The Debate Over Marijuana Legalization

There are a variety of contents that are abused by all classes of people in the world today, sometimes to the point where the user needs assistance from an addiction centerto get their life back on track. Far too many people can relate harrowing tales of the results of substance abuse, if not from their own life, than from the lives of family members or friends. Whether dealing with illegal dr#g or prescription dr#g abuse, it can take years to overcome the damage; the struggle to stay clean is often a lifelong battle.

Because of this, dr#gs are a very touchy subject for many people. And that has one of the reasons why the arguments over whether or not to legalize marijuana continue to rage on. Some feel that legalization would result in more people getting hooked and eventually needing to check into an addiction treatment program. Others feel that it is a much less dangerous substance than many others that are legal and regulated, and that taxation could provide much needed money to fund state and federal programs.

There are also those who wish to see the substance simply decriminalized instead of being legalized, suggesting that a great deal of money would be saved if users weren't prosecuted and jailed as they currently are. Some argue that money would simply be used for dr#g rehab programs. Like many hot button issues, there is no real clear cut answer.

Regrettably, it's hard to predict the actual results of either decriminalization or legalization due to limited real world examples. Alcohol addiction is often brought up as a comparison, but there are medical experts who say that marijuana is actually a less addictive substance. The "coffee houses" of the Netherlands must be looked at in the context of differing social and cultural standards.

In the end, whatever decision is made, addiction will remain a problem that needs to be confronted on the personal level, regardless of where the national debate stands. Each user is unique and each of them will have to choose to seek dr#g or alcohol rehabilitation as required.
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Bls: The Debate Over Marijuana Legalization

thank's for the article :)

yups, this abuse is not entirely user error,should be reviewed to the root
and I agree if the users and dealers should be punished and rehabilitated
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