Poems - Tulisan tidak bersambung!
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Poems - Tulisan tidak bersambung!


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Surgical Slaughter

The hand is reaching towards 8,
Nothing to do but sit
And listen to the half-hushed
Beats of a radio mix dance
Hustle you're not allowed to dance too
While you wait for the Nurse to come and tell you
They are ready to cut you
Open now.
A surgical slaughter much like battle.
Except there's all the anxiety.
And none of the swiftness.
Dread and Patience.
How Droll.
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My Darkest Fears

Here I lie in bed awake,
waiting till the daylight break.
Nightmares force me up at night,
sweating, screaming, and full of fright.

Staring into darkness black,
the shadows move, they will attack.
Standing over, they watch me breathe,
hovering above, they never leave.

Why oh why can't I scream?
Wake me from this awful dream!
I pull the sheets up over my head,
praying I won't end up dead.

When, I ask, will the morning come,
to wash away the evils done?
I will not rise until I know,
the shadows have ceased their horror show.
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Grim, the Reaper

He does not eat he does not sleep for this he has been wrought
To go about the earth each day to claim those that are sought
He plows his sickle through the earth and with one tearing sweep
He rids the earth of those whose time has come for him to meet

The carnage and the havoc that he does leave in his wake
And if your name is on his list for you there's no escape
His realm is all lands high and low the waters and the sea
And when he passes all that's left is grief and misery

You don't know when he comes or goes for no one can forsee
And when there is a lapse in time with no great tragedy
You can be sure that he's not far, be it, you or me
And while consumed still in this write, a movement next to me

As I look up from where I sit a shrouded shadow stands
His sickle gleasoning in the dark a slaughter is at hand
And as I try to run away I hear a thunderous slash
And as a twig is snapped in two so are my bones now bashed

My body buckles to the floor, my life now fleeing me
And as the blackness now enfolds me I can faintly see
He places now a parchment paper next to my dazed head
The seal is broken, it's a deed, Title Holder of the Dead.
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The Guest

There are some things upon the earth that cannot be explained
And if I tell you they be true you might think me insane
To speak of such things in my youth was than a great taboo
But things that go bump in the night I can say this is true.

It started when my nephew came to visit me one day
I sensed that there was urgency in what he had to say
And as he spoke to me of it it sounded quite surreal
And told me it would come at night this thing he'd come to fear.

One night in desperation he confronted it and said
I'm not afraid of you, begone, you phantom of the dead
At this, he said, it lerched at him and held him to the bed
And from his cloak removed a knife and place it to his head
And with a low gut-wrenching sound he uttered thus to him
How then will you escape this night of pain and of mayhem.

My nephew said he then awoke but felt the dream was true
He told me of it now, because, he knew what he must do
And came to ask me if I'd move and keep mom company.
And since he was now running late he had to take his leave.

So I agreed that I would move so she'd not be alone
And so I packed my things and soon I found myself at home.
When I moved in it took a while for me to settle in
But soon I'd start to hear voices as if two men speaking.

I would get up to look around there, every now and then
I'd find no one, so now at night began to use a fan
So this routine to use a fan it seemed to work for me
To drown out sounds of voices of which I could never see.

I did not even think of it, until one night it came
This creature that my nephew saw is here, one and the same
A dwarf-sized, hunched-back entity, and wears as if a cape
And in the dark it just hunched there and with a dreadful gape.

It turned its deformed silouette and starts to sniff around
And now its eyes are fixed on me as if at last its found
But then it stopped just short of me and with a hedious frown
Its jaw agape it starts to speak with a ferocious

Where is the one I've been assigned to search out and to spite
I could not even speak a word on this filled horror night
And as this grotesque entity still keeps me here at bay
I find myself now terrorized and praying for the day.

It's morning now I'm still in shock what horror I
did see
I told my mom of the ordeal and of the entity
She said my nephew also spoke of seeing such a being
But she assured him all it was, was just a real bad dream.

I told her I'd be moving out to the garage to
It sits apart from the main house some fifty yards away
And since that day that I moved out I've yet not seen a thing
I still hear sounds of voices though as if two men speaking.

And then one day my nephew came to visit mom and me
To tell us that he bought a house for his new family
He told me that one day this week he'd take me to his home
But no one ever mentioned things that took place in that room.

The day is here when he has come to show me his new home
Before we left he'd get some things he'd left back in his room
And now we're off, it's quite a drive, we reached the house by noon
The house was really big throughout and with an extra room
And mentioned if I stayed the night, I'd stay in the guest room.

It was a white two story house, garage also apart
And so we toured the house at leisure, then out to the yard
It's nestled in the country so the area's filled with trees
And sinced we travelled out somewhat now, I could barely see.

But when I turned to view the house, I'd swear that I had seen
Something looking down at us from the guestroom where we'd been
I asked him if his wife and kids had they just now arrived
He said that she had call to say that they'd be home by five
We're back inside the house again where we can better talk
I could not clear my mind of what I saw during our walk
But then decided, it was far and could not really see
And asked him since the drive was long to call me a taxi.

And as we drank and chatted there his wife and kids arrived
We had a little visit there but soon the cab arrived
I told them that perhaps someday I'd come and stay the night
But for today that I must leave and bid them all goodnight.

And as we left I turned around and did now plainly see
The shadow of that terror night it now waves bye to me.
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Midnight Snack

Stumbling about this misty bone yard,
My situation is grave indeed:
Wrongly inhumed,
Most certainly doomed,
I frantically dug until freed.

These tattered digits are strangely numb,
Why doesn’t my life blood flow?
The worms in my head
Inform me I’m dead,
As I bask in the moon’s spectral glow.

Cursed to exist, at least for the nonce
In these shambling putrid remains—
I hungrily grunt
While lidless orbs hunt
For deliciously fresh human brains.
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Hmm this is ok, bukan tulisan bersambung jadi tidak di hapus/gabung
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ya.. nie puisi. kalo digabung kagak lucu, boz.. ga enak bacanya.. seumpama puisi cinta.. ya.. gimana.. kan beda genre.. sorry, i'm no use english. cos you too.. ^_^
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Re: Poems - Tulisan tidak bersambung!

May I contribute my own poems in this thread?
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