how many times you spend for internet? what you do?
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how many times you spend for internet? what you do?


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how many times you spend for internet? what you do?

for me is about 10 hours a day, and my job is surving, make discussion, search for free software, free ringtone, free walpaper, free game, free video, and free MP3, check my email, check my google adsense, for Mr. President why my adsense not appear in my thread?? how abut you guys what you do in internet?? please share with me, mostly i want you sharing about making money in internet because ineed that, i will give reputation point if your site that you advice is really pay me, but i want the site that have been pay you my friend. good luck and nice day
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blog tutorial

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i'm online from morning at 7.00 am until evening at 08.00 pm, for monday to friday. in saturday, i'm online at 07.00 am until evening at 05.00 pm, and for sunday, at 10.00 am until 05.00 pm. and it`s all FREE.
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that's great my friend, i love free, where is your campus?
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