The real truth of life
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The real truth of life


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The real truth of life


What is the difference between dream and reality?
What if your life up until now is just a dream because you don’t know the truth of reality?

Imagine you're an RPG hero. RPG is abbreviation of role playing game, a game where you role as a hero who's going to save the world. You're travelling around the world.
At first you travel just to see the outside world. But in the middle of your travelling you see something that many people believe is truth, is actually a fake truth.
So you're going to find the real truth, and tell the world about it. But it's not a simple task. Many people will trying to stop you.
And no one will believe what you're saying. But you'll keep forward no matter what happen. Until you're confronting the leader of the fake truth who is called god by his believers.
You finally can kill the god whom many believe he is immortal. And tell the world about it. And peace come to this world.

What if some of the above story is not only in the game? What if it is happening in this world?
Something that you believe since you're a child is actually only a fairytale.
So people of the world, find the truth, learn the truth, and tell the world about it.

Here's some question that you must contemplating:
1. What is life? Why you're live? Why you're born?
2. Why some people born rich, some people born poor. Some people born good-looking, some people born ugly. Some people born without defect / handicap, some people born with defect / handicap.
3. More extreme is some people born rich, live rich, die rich. But some people born poor, live poor, die poor.
4. Do you know the true meaning of "I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me" that maybe even the author of that song don't know?
5. Do you know the origin of these terminology: the supreme one, the mighty, the all-seeing, the ruler, the lord of all, the maker, the creator, the chief of all, appointing place to all creature, the origin of life, the father of all that are exist and will be exist.

You can answer these question if you read the rest of this website. I will update it frequently, so stay tuned.
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Re: The real truth of life

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