Radiohead - Black Star
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Radiohead - Black Star


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Radiohead - Black Star

Black Star

i get home from work and you're still standing in your dressing gown
well what am i to do?
i know all the things around your head and what they do to you.
what are we coming to?
what are we gonna do?

blame it on the black star
blame it on the falling sky
blame it on the satellite that beams me home.

the troubled words of a troubled mind i try to understand what is eating you.
i try to stay awake but its 58hours since that i last slept with you.
what are we coming to?
i just don't know anymore.

i get on the train and i just stand about now that i don't think of you.
i keep falling over i keep passing out when i see a face like you.
what am i coming to?
i'm gonna melt down

Released: March 1995
Found on: The Bends
For Thom, this song is special. Although he has never offered an explanation of it, throughout 1995-96, when the band played it live, he did introduce it in various ways - declaring, for instance, that the song is about "Sex in the morning. Which is the best time to have it. As long as you've cleaned your teeth beforehand". The lyrics probe the destruction of a relationship and touch on sex with a third party.
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