Isa Fire - I Will Survive
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Isa Fire - I Will Survive


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Isa Fire - I Will Survive

INTRO : AM DM7 G7 C AM DM7 G7 C Fmay7 BM7 E7 AM7

If trace there was afraid I was

Dm7 G7
budget by teh thniking I could never live without you

c FMay7
by my side the I spend so many nigth thinking

how you do me wrong I was wrong and now learn

how to get the love its all your

Am DM7
faith to night just pray I just for

G7 C
give about your heaving that's a lock upon your face I just

FMay7 BM7
chase that people love I just had you make live here if I don't

E7 E7
know what words will shake in you'll be back to follow me oh, oh,

Am DM7 G7
oh just oh jet fill the door just fill a round now cos you look

C FMay7
with companion more if you find justive in heart me

intro: BM7 E7


...... I will survive... oh as long

G7 C
as I know how to love like now spilt the life I get

oh my love that live I get your

Bm7 E7 E7 AM AM
my love to girl I will sur vive I will survive hey,hey......o o o o o o
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