Jadis - Fanatic
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Jadis - Fanatic


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Jadis - Fanatic

I listened to this album with great interest and with enjoyment. JADIS is another one of those great bands that has seemed to slip through the cracks in the immense pool of talent worldwide (at least for me), until now. With a fresh new start on the best progressive rock label on the globe and a new album called "Fanatic", new listeners will come to know this fine group very soon. I must say that they have earned my respective ear.

I was immediately pleased from the opening track “The Great Outside,” then from there it just got better. The similarities to GENESIS (when Phil Collins took over after Peter GABRIEL went off on his solo career) occurred to me around the middle of the recording session, some of you may recognize it a lot sooner, particularly after you read this review then buy the CD!

An interesting cover encases this CD. Some kind of a reptilian-like creature or being is peering out through a porthole of a ship or through a peephole from another dimension or world. I do know that the imagery below this opening creates the illusion of blissfulness whilst being watched by someone or something. I would not spend too much time thinking about all of that though, you may get a different perception of what you are going to hear on this recording. My first thoughts were that this is not progressive rock; it is more rock-pop than anything, but after another listen I found that assessment was very untrue. The post GABRIEL GENESIS influences that I detected brought about those thoughts.

Primarily this is a great rock band featuring some of the most melodic rock guitar and standout vocals (Gary Chandler) that you could possibly imagine; then again, the progressive leanings are there but not predominant. It is more of a sprinkling of the progressive edges, if you will, that has them teetering back and forth from one to side to other that may confuse some listeners. In retrospect, after listening twice, it all became quite clear and very pleasing after I stopped trying to figure out what kind of music it was and decided to enjoy it all for what it was worth. This is not an easy task for a prog-head or jazz fusion freak (like me). If it is not complex, let us complicate or intellectualize it, right? Well, it is not necessary to strain your brain this way. There are enough elements of rock and prog to please both sides of the fence; and although hardliner prog-rock lovers may want to blow this one off, I would encourage them to give it a fair chance. This is a great album worth a few good listens before casting any judgments upon it, based on this writer’s opinion, of course. If you had not heard of the group and do not know what to expect (like me) then you have nothing to be disappointed about and everything to look forward to.

Track Listings

1. The Great Outside (6:34)
2. Into Temptation (6:38)
3. Each & Everyday (6:09)
4. I Never Noticed (5:24)
5. Fanatic (4:04)
6. Yourself Alone (6:56)
7. Take These Words (4:16)
8. What Kind of Reason (8:17)
9. Who Can We Be Sure Of (4:51)

Quality 320

Password highqualitymp3.com

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Bls: Jadis - Fanatic

thanks sudah share disini
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