The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread
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The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread


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The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Drum and bass for you all, I will be updating the thread from time to time so keep subscribed!

Thanks to 'Bathory' for the vinyls

Password for all is:

A thanks, rep, or 1 download as a free user would be very much appreciated as it took me hours to do this.

Enjoy and post feedback or PM me if there is any mistakes or links have gone down. Cheers.

Also, feel free to post any of my links elsewhere, it would be much appreciated (as long as they are coded!).

Now with a linklist (out of date) for the lot:


I found a guide for people new to DNB so decided to post it in here (all credit to "katana" from

Liquid funk:

This describes that light, summery side on dnb. Typically will be heavily influenced by jazz elements, hip hop elements, and perhaps infused with flavors from Jump Up and dub. Chances are if it makes you smile, or the vocals sound happy or upbeat, you'll find it here.

Liquid V
Good Looking

High Contrast
London Elektricity
Marcus Intalex
DJ Marky

Key Tracks:
Calibre - Drop It Down
DJ Marky and XRS - LK
Marcus Intalex and High Contrast - 3am

Jump up:

Makes you want to throw your arms around or start raving. Can often include cheesy vocals that are filtered with effects to lead into a drop that helps those p#ll heads go higher. Common features include a wobbling bass line, extreme build up for the drop, and in some cases a short synth. Generally defined as blatantly dancefloor friendly.

Back 2 Basics
Ram Records
Breakbeat Kaos
Full Cycle

Sub Focus
Adam F

Key Tracks:
Sub Focus - Swamp Thing
Dillinja - Twist Em Out
Ray Keith - Chopper (Shy FX remix)

Hard Step / Dark / Evil:

Open the Floodgates and wait for the hounds of hell to take your soul.... Defined by the blazing amounts of drum edits with a low heavy bassline.... Often vocals and heavy, distorted effects. The all out evil side of drum and bass.

Renegade Hardware
Tech Itch (Technical Freaks LP )
Human Imprint

Tech Itch
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch
Loxy + Ink
Evol Intent
Unknown Error

Key Tracks:
Dylan & B-Key - Slave To Life
Tech Itch - Pressure Drop
Pish Posh - Corrupt Cops (Evol Intent remix)
Limewax - 1/2 lb

Neuro Funk / Future Beat:
Deep rolling basslines with a more minimal approach to the breaks & synths. Probably the most mature sound of drum n bass. A very refined style, usually featuring a dark or deep feeling to the music, but also with an edge of funk. Typically features heavy sampling and many layered drum hits. Very technical production.

No U-Turn
Shadow Law
Lifted Music

Ed Rush & Optical
Ryme Tyme
Dom & Roland
The Upbeats
Black Sun Empire
Concord Dawn

Key Tracks:
Ed Rush & Optical - Alien Girl
Dom & Roland - Can't Punish Me
The Upbeats - Ghobi Ghost
Break - The Uprising

Tech Step:

Techstep originated with producers like Ed Rush, Optical, Matrix, and Rymetyme. It is directly credited with the outbreak of the neuro funk style. Shares many similarities with neuro, though typically techstep is more raw sounding. The techstep terminology is pretty self explanatory, as it is generally described as an infusion of techno elements into drum n bass. It can have a funky vibe to it, just as some techno does, but its focus is on a darker sound without going into the realm of hardstep.

Moving Shadow
Renegade Hardware

Ed Rush & Optical
Bad Company
Doc Scott

Key Tracks:
Bad Company - The Nine
Ed Rush & Optical - Wormhole LP
Konflict - Messiah


The precursor to what we call drum n bass (and coincidentally a term often used interchangeable with "drum n bass"). Started in 1992, it is hard to pinpoint the exact beginnings of jungle... though DJ's Fabio and Grooverider pioneered what led to the mass of jungle production. Jungle reached its peak in 1995, when some of the more melodic styles such as Jump Up and Liquid began taking form and "drum n bass" was born. Jungle typically features heavy drum edits and erratick sequencing of drum patterns, often featuring ragga vocals and stylings or just straight up dark vibes. Atmospheric drum n bass also branched off from jungle.

Full Cycle
Back 2 Basics
Moving Shadow
Big Cat
Congo Natty

Roni Size
Adam F
General Malice
DJ Hype

Key Tracks:

Goldie - Inner City Life
Adam F - Circles
Shy Fx - Original Nuttah
Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag


Drum n bass that you can sit back and just listen to. It can be groovy enough to make you wanna move, but the focus is on listening and stimulation of the ears. Pioneered by LTJ Bukem and nearly defined by the assortment of tracks available on his Good Looking label. Shares many similarities with jungle and drumfunk. Sometimes has elements of liquid and jazz, though the feeling is usually more subtle. More fitting for headphones than a dancefloor in many cases.

Good Looking

LTJ Bukem

Key Tracks:
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis
Klute - Hell Hath No Fury
High Contrast - Return of Forever


Drumfunk is a term coined by producer Paradox. Heavily focusing on the actual breakbeats in drum n bass, the key feature of drumfunk is on a blistering array of drum patterns as opposed to the synth or bass-driven focus of other styles. Drumfunk still retains a good amount of low end, but it borders on the edge of atmospheric and original jungle in that its focus is much more centralized on drum patterns and drum edits. Also referred to as "edits" and "choppage."

Paradox Music
Lightless Recordings

Paradox / Alaska
Chris InPerspective
Fracture and Neptune

Key Tracks:
Paradox - 96 Paragons
Equinox - Acid Rain (Breakage remix)
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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

10 Years Of Drum And Bass Arena Mixed By & Grooverider

Disc: 1
1. TC, `Rockstar'. Teaser Ram Trilogy,`Titan'.
2. Xample, `Low Down'. Teaser Dillinja, `Fluid'.
3. Commix, `Electric'.
4. Mr. L `Back To Your Roots' (DJ Friction & K-Tee Remix).
5. Influx UK `It's Love'.
6. Pendulum, `Axel Grinder'.
7. Dillinja, `Take Me All The Way'.
8. G Dub, `Beast City'.
9. DJ Clipz, `Rubbish'.
10. Shimon, `The Shadow Knows'.
11. Break, `Let It Happen'.
12. Apex featuring Ayah, `Space Between'.
13. Logistics, `Colourwheel'. Teaser Calibre, `Drop It Down'.
14. Nasty Habits, `Shadow Boxing'.
15. Misanthrop, `Viperfish'.
16. Break, `Surrounding'.
17. Sub Focus, `Druggy'.
18. TC, `Where's My Money'.
19. Noisia, `Facade VIP'.
20. Sub Focus, `Swamp Thing'.
21. Chase & Status, `Dumplin Riddim'.
22. Taxman, `Too Bad VIP'.
23. Cyantific, `Disconnected'.
24. Demo And Cease, `Ladies Night'.
25. Loxy & Phobia, `Bass Rhythm'.
26. Ben Westbeech and Die, `Get Closer'.
27. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce, `Alien Girl'.
Disc: 2
1. Codename John, `The Warning'.
2. DJ Red, `Enta Da Dragon'(Twisted Individual Remix).
3. Asylum, `Da Base II Dark'.
4. Cybotron Feat. Dillinja, `Threshold'.
5. Rufige Kru, VIP Riders Ghost (The Origin).
6. DJ Trace, `Mutant Revisited'.
7. Origin Unknown, `Valley Of The Shadows'
8. Omni Trio, `Renegade Snares' (Foul Play Remix).
9. Andy C, `Roll On'.
10. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce `Cutslo' (Lokuste Mix).
11. Jo, `R-Type'.
12. Ed Rush, `Killamanjaro'.
13. Synthetic, `Terminator'.
14. J Majik, `Your Sound'.
15. Roni Size, `Phizical',
16. Q Project, `Champion Sound' (Doc Scott Remix).
17. Dead Dred, `Dred Bass'.
18. Sound Of The Future, `The Lighter'.
19. Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce, `Alien Girl'.
20. Just Jungle, `Sky'.
21. Dillinja, `The Angels Fell'.
22. Blame, `Music Takes You'.
23. Splash, `Babylon' (DJ Trace Remix).
24. DJ Krome & Mr. Time `Ganja Man'.
25. DJ SS, `United' (Grooverider Remix).

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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Adam F - Colours Review
The son of Alvin Stardust, Adam F was weaned on traditional musicianship. He plays most instruments on Colours himself. The clean drum and bass breaks are accompanied by swathes of jazz trumpet, saxophone, flute and indulgent Fender guitar solos: pure jazz fusion with cheesy brass/synthesiser stabs reminiscent of 1970s TV theme/incidental music-- Pat Metheny meets Starsky & Hutch. Listeners are sharply divided--loving or loathing it, considering it either jazz genius or insipid tack, although everyone agrees the Tracey Thorn collaboration is dreadful. Stand-out tracks include Top 20 hit "Circles" ("Tick, tick, tick, tick...") and "Music In My Mind" with it's vocoder. In a brilliant darker moment, "Metropolis" creates Alfred Hitchcock suspense using a perpetual drone like a swarm of killer bees and a "Wildstyle" repetitive scratch. Meanwhile, there are more highly original sounds on "Jaxx", where a drum beat merges with smashing glass. --Sarah Champion

1. Intro
2. Seventy Three
3. Metropolis
4. Music In My Mind
5. Jaxx
6. Mother Earth
7. Trees Know Everything
8. Circles
9. Dirty Harry
10. F Jam
11. Colours
12. Aromatherapy

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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Alix Perez And Lynx Allegiance

Hi-End D'n'B styles from Soul:r's hotly tipped Alix Perez, currently one of the scenes brightest talents. Over the 4 tracks on show, The pair contribute tracks solo and in collaboration, but probably working best on their own. The double pack cuts between pressurised hardstep and liquid rollers with a very glossy sheen and will be up to the test on the most demanding D'n'B floors.

1. Inferno - Alix Perez

2. Crooklyn - Alix Perez

3. Allegiance - Lynx & Alix Perez

4. Randy - Lynx

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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Electrosoul System- ALLSORTS004 (Allsorts) 1) List

2) Colours

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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Nightlife: Mixed By Andy C

Andy C, possibly the best & biggest DJ in the world, lays down this super-phat mix of upfront & exclusive cuts from Ram Trilogy, Pendulum, Twisted Individual, Hive, Dynamite MC + Origin Unknown, Red One, Moving Fusion, Shy FX & T Power, Hold Tight, J Makik, & more. 27 tracks with a slipcase. Ram Records. 2003.

1. Skittles - Ram Trilogy
2. Vault - Pendulum
3. Enta Da Dragon (Twisted Individual Remix) - DJ Red
4. Is This Real - Leon Switch
5. Neo - Hive
6. Grunge (Dieselboy,Kaos & Karl K Remix) - Dbbc
7. Without U - Fresh
8. Basement Track - High Contrast
9. 9 2 5 - Hold Tight
10. Bandwagon Blues - Twisted Individual
11. Grudge Match - Origin Unknown
12. Electrolux - The Militia
13. The Map - Ram Trilogy
14. Hotness - Dynamite MC & Origin Unknown
15. Pitch Switch - Red One
16. Reality (remix) - Moving Fusion
17. Feelin U (Origin Unknown Remix) - Shy FX & T Power F. Kele L
18. Dirty Habits - Hold Tight
19. Capuirea - Infrared Vs Gil Felix
20. Barracuda - M I S T
21. What U Dont Know - A Sides F/ Sing Fats & Regina
22. Outer Space - M I S T
23. Free My Soul - SKC
24. Calling V I P - Technical Itch & Kemal
25. Mo Fire (Andy C & Fresh Remix) - Rawhill Cru
26. Temple Of Doom - Fresh
27. Signal - Fresh

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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Nightlife Vol.2: Mixed By Andy C

Disc: 1
1. Pack of Wolves [Pendlum Remix] - Night Breed
2. Punisher - Total Science
3. When the Sun Goes Down [Origin Unknown Remix] - DJ Fresh, Adam F
4. Now's the Time - Moving Fusion
5. Crossfire (Danger) - Drumsound
6. Jazz Freak - Kimani, Shimon
7. Together - Logistics
8. Submarines [Pendlum Remix] - DJ Fresh
9. Cold Killa
10. Scarecrow
11. Zumbar - Marcus Intalex
12. Drop It Down - Calibre, Singing Fats
13. Temperance - Marcus Intalex
14. Defcom 69 - Total Science
15. Blow Your Whistle - DJ Die
16. Evil Acid /Alien Girl [Gridlock Remix] - Ed Rush, Wink
17. Soldiers [D Bridge Remix] - MC Jakes, Technical Itch
18. Capture the Flag
19. Dreadlock
20. Lets Get Started - Crystal Clear
21. Twister
22. Headhunter - Calyx
23. Peristence of Memory - High Contrast
24. Ready She Ready [Photek Remix]
25. Modern Way
26. X-Ray - Sub Focus
27. Bacteria [Pendulum Remix] - Optical, Ed Rush
28. Ghost - Danny Wheeler
29. Age of Empires - Photek

Disc: 2
1. Cause 'N' Effect - Concept 2
2. Dark Stranger [Origin Unknown Remix]
3. Chase Scene - Ram Trilogy
4. Mind Killer - Andy C., Shimon
5. Body Rock - Andy C., Shimon
6. No Reality - Ram Trilogy
7. Warhead [Ram Trilogy Remix] - Krust
8. Mind Games - Desired States
9. Stand Clear [Origin Unknown Remix] - Adam F, , M.O.P.
10. Valley of the Shadows - Origin Unknown
11. Dread Bass [Origin Unknown Remix] - Dead Dred
12. Roll On - Andy C.
13. Pacman [Ram Trilogy Remix] - Ed Rush
14. Titan - Ram Trilogy

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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Andy C Nightlife Vol. 3

# Audio CD (April 10, 2006)
# Original Release Date: March 21, 2006
# Number of Discs: 1

1. Turn Down the Lights - Benny Page
2. Flamenco - Sub Focus
3. In Love - Chase & Status, Jenna G.
4. Finders Keepers - Andy C.
5. Heaven & Hell - Crystal Clear, Xample
6. Too Late - Bungle
7. Aliens [Sub Focus Remix] - Dr. Octagon
8. Quest - Calyx, TeeBee
9. Robots - TC
10. Princess Warrior - Marcus Intalex
11. Babylon Rising - DJ Fresh, Pendulum
12. Fly Away Home - Concord Dawn
13. Siren [Hive Remix] - The Spirit
14. Black River - Mampi Swift
15. Love & Happiness - TC
16. Airplane - Sub Focus
17. Black Hawk Down - Moving Fusion, Eddy Woo
18. Swamp Thing - Sub Focus
19. Fa├žade - Noisia
20. Druids - Chase & Status
21. Shadow Knows - Shimon
22. Blackout - Logistics
23. Closer [Total Science Remix] - DJ Marky
24. Standing Room Only - D Bridge Break, Hive & Gridlock, Silent Witness
25. Beginning [Hive & Keaton Remix] - Moving Fusion
26. Nervous - DJ Fresh
27. Truth - The Break
28. Say Your Words - Concord Dawn

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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Andy C Nightlife Vol. 4

1. Hive - Neo (rmx)
2. Apex - Same Old Blues
3. G Dub Forever (Original Sin VIP)
4. Absolute Zero & Sub Ponicks - Code (SKC remix)
5. Break - Destiny Comes Ringing
6. Culture Shock - Machine
7. L Plus - Middle East >> Ant Miles & Bone Shaker 'Hustler
8. System - Near Miss
9. Chase & Status - Judgement
10. Xample feat. Crystal Clear - Heaven & Hell (Xample VIP)
11. Proxima & Nymfo - Headless Housefly
12. Culture Shock - Kronix
13. Hive & Keaton - Plague (VIP)
14. Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix)
15. DJ Hazard - Killaz Don't Die
16. Break - Splash Step
17. Chase & Status - Streetlife
18. Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix VIP)
19. Culture Shock - Imax >> Calibre Sokitume
20. Clipz (feat. Shiv) - Loud & Dirty
21. Zen - Hovercraft
22. DC Breaks - Taken
23. Spor - Stop It
24. Jem One - Kane & Able
25. Lomax - Artisan VIP
26. Sub Focus - Follow the Light, >> The Brookes Brothers v. Futurebound 'Dawn Treader'
27. Chase & Status - Take Me Away
28. A Sides - Tokiado
29. Commix - Be True, >> Shimon & Andy C 'Recharge'
30. Heist - Impala
31. Sub Focus - Join the Dots >> Ram Trilogy `Screamer VIP'
32. DJ Hazard - Machete
33. Sub Focus - Timewarp

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Re: The New and Improved Drum And Bass Megathread

Aphrodite - Urban Jungle

Urban junglist runs the gamut with massive tunes from Peshay and High Contrast, Beverley Knight, Frou Frou and more. 20 tracks. Spun-Records. 2003.

1. You Got Me Burning - Peshay
2. Slice of Pie
3. Your Love - DJ Phantasy
4. Flava for Rava
5. Global Love - High Contrast
6. Barcelona
7. Whatever's Clever [Aphrodite Remix] - Beverley Knight
8. How It Is!!! - DJ Phantasy
9. Slate
10. Twilight
11. Double Trouble
12. Telling Me - Illfingas & Slide
13. Crater
14. Go [Mulder Mix]
15. Rip Up
16. Original Nuttah - Shy FX
17. Arsonist 2000 Aphro Dub Mix - Urban Shakedown
18. Down Boy [Aphrodite Remix]
19. Breathe It [Aphrodite Remix] - Frou Frou
20. Say Goodbye - Potential Bad Boy

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