The Stranglers - Various Live Shows
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The Stranglers - Various Live Shows


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The Stranglers - Various Live Shows

Here are just a few of the many live albums by The Stranglers, I know there are a load more out there so if you have any please upload them here for all to enjoy

The Peel Sessions 1977

1st March 1977

01 - Hanging Around
02 - I Feel Like A Wog
03 - Goodbye Toulouse
04 - Something Better Change

3oth August 1977

05 - Dead Ringer
06 - No More Heroes
07 - Burning Up Time
08 - Bring On The Nubiles

2.Choosey Suzie
3.Goodbye Toulouse
5.Mean to me
6.School mam
7.Peasent in the big shitty
8.In the shadows
9.Walk on by
10.Princess of the streets
11.Go buddy go
12.No more heroes
13.Straighten out
15.Hanging around
16.Dagenham Dave
18.Bring on the Nubiles
19.London lady

Live at the Hammersmith Odeon '81 is a live album by The Stranglers, released by EMI in 1998 as part of the BBC Archive Series. Despite its title, the recording apparently hails from a gig on February 8, 1982

This concert was recorded by the BBC radio 'In Concert' programme for broadcast but was never broadcast. It remained in the BBC archives for 16 years until it was released on CD in 1998. The CD title was originally released as 'Live At The Hammersmith Odeon '81' but this was corrected at a later date to '82. The concert was recorded on 8 February 1982 during the second part of The Stranglers' La Folie British tour.
  1. "Down in the Sewer"
  2. "Just Like Nothing on Earth"
  3. "Second Coming; Non Stop"
  4. "The Man they Love to Hate"
  5. "Who Wants the World"
  6. "Golden Brown"
  7. "How to find True Love and Happiness in the Present Day"
  8. "Duchess"
  9. "Let Me Introduce you to the Family"
  10. "Tramp"
  11. "The Raven"
  12. "Genetix"

1. Grip,
2. Bitching,
3. Go Buddy Go,
4. Get a Grip,
5. Sometimes,
6. Bitching,
7. Peasant In the Big Shitty,
8. Hanging Around,
9. Peaches,
10. Ugly,
11. Down in the Sewer,
12. Go Buddy go,
13. Wasted,
14. Strange Little Girl,
15. My Young Dreams,
16. Princess of the Streets


In the fall of 1986 The Stranglers played their first concerts for two years. By now the band were into their ninth studio album, Dreamtime, and had added a horn-section to the live presentation. The concerts from which tracks were taken span the period from April 1985 to August 1987. One interesting aspect is that the live recording of All Day and All of the Night was dropped in favour of a "live" version specially recorded in the studio -- the story goes that the true live recording was not considered to be up to the desired quality for this album.
  1. "'No More Heroes'"
  2. "'Was It You'"
  3. "'Down In The Sewer'"
  4. "'Always The Sun'"
  5. "'Golden Brown'"
  6. "'North Winds'"
  7. "'European Female'"
  8. "'Strange Little Girl'"
  9. "'Nice 'N' Sleazy'"
  10. "'Toiler On The Sea'"
  11. "'Spain'"
  12. "'London Lady'"
  13. "All Day and All of the Night"

Live (X-Cert)

Live (X Cert) is a live album by The Stranglers released in 1979. It contains tracks recorded at "The Roundhouse" in June and November 1977 and at Battersea Park in September 1978.
It captures the raw punk sound of the band prior to the more experimental music of their 4th album, the Raven. It also contains some amusing between-song audience baiting and provides a fairly accurate picture of the Stranglers' live sound during this period.
CD Reissues were augmented with extra live tracks recorded at The Nashville in 1976 and The Hope And Anchor in 1977.
The album spent 10 weeks on the UK album charts, peaking at no.7. It was the band's fourth album release and their fourth consecutive top ten album in the UK.
  1. "(Get a) Grip (on Yourself)"
  2. "Dagenham Dave"
  3. "Burning up Time"
  4. "Dead Ringer"
  5. "Hanging Around"
  6. "I Feel Like a Wog"
  7. "Straighten Out"
  8. "Curfew"
  9. "Do You Wanna?"
  10. "Death And Night And Blood (Yukio)"
  11. "5 Minutes"
  12. "Go Buddy Go"
CD Bonus Tracks:
  1. "Peasant in the Big Shitty" (originally a free 7" with the Rattus Norvegicus album)
  2. "In the Shadows" (originally included on the Don't Bring Harry EP)
  3. "Sometimes"
  4. "Mean to Me"
  5. "London Lady"
  6. "Goodbye Toulouse"
  7. "Hanging Around"

1. Something Better Change
2. No Mercy
3. London Day
4. Uptown
5. Midnight Summer Dream
6. Golden Brown
7. Nice 'n' Sleazy
8. Let Me Down Easy
9. She Was Quite Close to Me
10.Dead Ringer
11.Strange Little Girl
12.Burning Up Time
13.Punch and Judy
14.Straighten Out
15.European Female

Live At Emerald City USA (April 11, 1981) [/b]

01. Waltzinblack (intro)
02. Threatened
03. The Raven
04. Toiler on the Sea
05. Just Like Nothing On Earth / Thrown Away
06. Who Wants the World
07. Second Coming
08. Meninblack
09. Shah Shah A Go Go
10. Hallow To Our Men
11. Tank
12. Nuclear Device
13. Genetix

LAID BACK, as implied by the title, includes acoustic reworkings of many of the testosterone-fueled punk band the Stranglers' hits, including "Walk On By" and "Strange Little Girl."

Walk on By
2.Let Me Down Easy
Southern Mountains
Cruel Garden
5.European Female
6.Still Life
Always the Sun
8.Face, The
9.Strange Little Girl
10.Princess of the Streets
11.Golden Brown
Old Codger
13.Mony Mony
In the End

Back in the spring of 1980, Hugh Cornwell found himself a "guest" at Pentonville Prison (for dr#gs possession). With two gigs scheduled at the London Rainbow for 3 April and 4 April, the management decided to turn things around by approaching a number of well known artists (including John Ellis, Toyah Willcox, Peter Hammill and Hazel O'Connor, amongst others) to fill in for the absent Cornwell. The Stranglers and Friends: Live in Concert chronicles this event for posterity. In 2002, this album was re-released on the Castle Music label with new art-work and sleeve-notes.
  1. "Introduction: Jet Black"
  2. "Tank" (with Robert Fripp & Peter Hammill)
  3. "Threatened" (with Robert Fripp)
  4. "Toiler On the Sea" (with Robert Fripp & Phil Daniels)
  5. "The Raven" (with Basil Gabbidon & Peter Hammill)
  6. "Dead Loss Angeles" (with Phil Daniels & Wilko Johnson)
  7. "Nice 'N' Sleazy" (with Basil Gabbidon, Nicky Tesco & Nik Turner)
  8. "Bring on the Nubiles" (with Richard Jobson, Wilko Johnson & Toyah Willcox)
  9. "Bear Cage" (with Ian Dury, Matthieu Hartley, Wilko Johnson, Davey Payne & John Turnball)
  10. "Duchess" (with Toyah Willcox)
  11. "No More Heroes" (with Richard Jobson)
  12. "Five Minutes" (with Richard Johnson & Larry Wallis)
  13. "Something Better Change" (with Steve Hillage & Toyah Willcox

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Bls: The Stranglers - Various Live Shows

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