bantal menyusui/ breast feeding pillow, buat MOMMY and SI KECIL sukses menyusui


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Bantal menyusui merupakan revolusi bantal multifungsi untuk Mommy dan baby. Bantal menyusui ini merupakan salah satu kunci keberhasilan program ASI, dimana dengan bantal ini dapat mendukung Mom dan si kecil dalam proses menyusui, dengan memberikan rasa nyaman disetiap aktifitas.

Breast feeding pillow is a revolutionary multi functional cushion or pillow for both Mother and her Baby.
This pillow is one of the most critical components to success in breastfeeding. It is the single biggest way to support yourself and your little one for many, many happy hours of nursing!
Strong and firm it provides good support to the baby whilst feeding and supports their back.
The nursing pillow / breast feeding pillow will also grip around your waistline comfortably offering you a feeling of security and remove the need for you to keep adjusting it for comfort during feeding.
This multi use breast feeding pillow has many functions including pre-natal back support for you, optional between knees support whilst sleeping or as a wedge to rest under your tummy when sleeping on your side.
Rest your babysafely within the curve, on the matras after feeding, prop your baby within whilst they learn to sit upright and cushion their fall if they topple over.
Older kids can lie on the pillow to watch their favourite programme.
Removable 100% cotton washable cover.

Deskripsi Produk :
- ukuran : 66 x 52 cm
- sarung bantal 100 % catton, dapat dicuci
- bagian dalam dengan bahan pelapis 100 % catton, laundry
- isi dalam 100% new polyester fibre

Terdapat beberapa pilihan model cover.
cover dapat di lepas cuci

Harga belum termasuk ongkir (kena volum 3 kg, karena besarnya, beratnya cuma +/- 1 kg )

1 set terdiri dari 1 bantal + cover

atau jual cover saja.

Contact : 082111 600 620
fb bebekidsworld shop




3 gambar pertama, cara penggunaan nya ya.
pilih cover pada deretan bawah ini




ok, ditunggu ordernya
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