favorite pet

I love cat! but many people know that cat can make a disease if it unkeep...
I had 2 cats, long time ago.... first, is Genki, he was 3 month old, but, one week later, he died.... huaaaaaa! I'm so sad... second, is T (read: ti), she was 1 year old (I don't really remember her age), she has a very beautiful white fur.... her tail was so cute, and she was cute of course! but, my father said that I can't kept her, so he let T went away....

oh yea, I love dog too! but, I can't keep it... it's something "haram" (cos I'm Moslem)
I think, dog is better than cat, dog very loyal to human, and dog can become a guardian in our house all day!
how do you think about wolf? can wolf become a pet? hahaha!! possible.... if we can teach them how to bite a bugler! it very useful hah?