Nonton Film Streaming Download Legal/Trailer A Tiger in Winter (호랑이보다 무서운 겨울손님) (2018) film romantis kisah cinta lama kembali lagi ( bukan clbk,hiks)


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Sinopsis :

On a winter day, when a tiger escapes from the zoo, Kyung-Yoo (Lee Jin-Wook) is kicked out of his girlfriend's apartment. He begins a part-time job of driving drunken people home at night. One night, he meets his ex-girlfriend Yoo-Jung (Ko Hyun-Jung). She now works as a novelist.

Pemeran :

Lee Jin-Wook - Kyung-Yoo
Ko Hyun-Jung - Yoo-Jung
Seo Hyun-Woo - Boo-Jung
Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung - Hyun-Ji
Kim Ye-Eun

Detail :

Movie: A Tiger in Winter
Revised romanization:Horangiboda Museoun Gyeoulsonnim
Hangul: 호랑이보다 무서운 겨울손님
Director: Lee Kwang-Kuk
Writer: Lee Kwang-Kuk
Producer: An Bo-Young, Lee Kwang-Kuk
Cinematographer: Kim Hyung-Ku
World Premiere: October, 2017 (Busan IFF)
Release Date: April 12, 2018
Runtime: 107 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


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