My Hobby

I do enjoy read.
I read everything, books, articles, newspaper, magazines, websites, even scraps..

I do have huge collection of books, most of the novels. almost all in bahasa, few in english, dutch (i cant read this), javanese and german (my sisters').

I read Tolkien's, Paolini's, Hubbart's, Deaver's, and others.
Oh Dancing.. ic..
What kind of dance that you performed?
Traditional or Modern one?
Or just 'cheerleader' type?

Do you join a dance club (sanggar)?
Where do you performed your dance usually?
i like to listen to cool musics (such as my chemical romance).:)
i enjoy hanging around with my friends.
don't really like to read except for magazine.
i love playing computer games.
i love to try something new.
that's pretty much what my hobby is!
hobi gue sih :
utak-atik komputer dari siang, malem ampe pagi (kutu-komputer), n baca
selain dari itu sih cuma suka-suka aja
my hobby is read newspaper/magazine/book and etc, the topic are electronic n telecommunication. Another hobby: travelling, especially if free :)
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I think make a special hobby threat is good idea, cause every body can talk specific about his hobby. like now, we just mentioned our hobby and than stop it. cause Every person has different hobby. If We make specific threat, we can sharing regard our hobby, like cheat, trick and others information.
i like listening, and writing music
i like watching and making movie
i like writing and reading book
owhhhhhh music?? what kind music do you like, KURDADIA? cos, i'm a musisian (at dream). i love music, like i love my life.. hahaha.. cos music is my life (this is not bulshit words).
making money from the internet and playing video game. life is so beautifully. LOL. Not all about making money its lifestyle, you know.