My Hobby hobbies are listening my favorite songs while playing any games (i.e. msheart, solitaire, etc) :p , i like playing guitar, despite repeating the same song :D (i'm not a master in guitar playing, just making a good time). sometimes, i like reading as well.
Realy wont to know? the means of Qtela's child R
ANAK SINGKONG!! it means KAMPUNGAN from indonesian language :p
hobi gue sih :
utak-atik komputer dari siang, malem ampe pagi (kutu-komputer), n baca
selain dari itu sih cuma suka-suka aja

Roxygens,can you speaking english please!!
i think you propose to write "everything" superman not "evgerithing"
hahahah :D wrong type in a hurry time is'nt it ?

my hobby is playing a video game, watching Cinema, looking for a beauty chick around me and a the last but not least BLOGGING.

i can write every day about my self in my Own Blog
u can visiting me in

thx ya'll guys!