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Lirik :
I've been dealing with pain
With nothing to my name
It's been eleven hundred days
Since we've gone our separate ways
Am I the one to blame?
And do you feel the same?
Does it have to be this way?

I've gotta get over it
And over you
I'm starting to feel
Starting to heal
And you should too
We were kids made mistakes
Couldn't stay in one place
So we ran away
I've gotta get over it
And over you

Forget everything I said
And I will do my best
To get your voice out of my head
You're just a shoebox under my bed
The string that's binding my heart
Is slowly raveling apart
You took me for granted
I caught you red handed

I know I dragged us both through Hell
But I wish you'd forgive yourself
I think I learned a lesson too
That I'm at my worst when I'm with you

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This Wild Life

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