Xzibit - Nobody Sound Like Me


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Nobody Sound Like Me
Intro: Xzibit, [J-Ro]



If you saw you walking on a street and a

black man were comin' torward you

what would you be feeling?

Scared man:

Just one single black man? (yeah)

I really don't fear that

You know but if it's a group I'm talking from age thirt

even thirteen even younger than

thirteen. Yes I will walk across the street.


Well let me ask you this...


"I don't want niggas soundin' like me" -Ghostface Killah on 'Shark Niggas


"I don't want niggas soundin' like me knowhatI'msayin'?" (x2)


Yo we gettiin' restless me and D.O.G.s

Never pretendin' rather we sendin' a very clear message

Either you with me or against me punk hit 'em up

Provide housin' for these shrimp from the shells we dump

I'm makin' 'em bounce other niggas fail to bump

Til we takin' advantage of inflicting irreversable damage

It's the long awaited anticipated Likwit MC

Bombin' first cause I feel it's better to give then receive

You better believe

Xzibit stays savage above the average

When niggas try to switch turn bitch for the cabbage

But see all that irrelevant it's like tryin' to turn a whore celibate

I dance with the devil for the hell of it

Burning down your lavish lanndscape on digital tape

Cause everything you rhymin' about is actually fake

So make room for the legitamate nasty inconsiderate

Thinkin' you rankin' top dollar but really counterfeit



Niggas we null and void I get swole like a keyloid

To overload your system with rhymes for millenniums

To shut down artists with beats the deep closure

Battlin' top rank for bank and exposure

So open up your door to me Cause if it's closed

I'm a brakin' in with some pantyhose

Over the mic

So you don't know who I sound like

Executing those who record and bite to sound tight

It's not permitted by the right

The Gustopo surprising these niggas like Benny Blanco

Remember me man? You thought I was a fan till I threw you in the back of a


Yo these Drop Squad delegates rhymes are delicate

I spit on the mic to get these MC's pussys wet

For those with plans to clone me thee original

It can't be done I'm digital (digital)



Yo who wanna come see the hard rock?

The non stop green block yo whole block recieve speed knot

You need not

Get brave my bullets never graze

They hit close to home seperating flesh from bone

So better get off on your own bitch

Rollin' chrome shit tryin't to own shit

I was molded, after the best that the streets had to offer

The author of my own destiny

So I suggest you stop stressin' me

I'll find out when I pull my nine out and blow your mind out

Play a deadly game with no fouls and no time outs

Inhale large amounts of dojah forever ready like a soldier

I'm lock mode and shoot from the shoulder

And burn down your lavish landscape digital tape

Cause everything you rhyme about is actually fake

So make room for the legitamate nasty inconsiderate

Thinkin' you rankin' top dollar but really counterfeit


"I don't want niggas soundin' like me. On no album"